im back!!

well as you can see i havent been on theO for a while. i guess i was busy having a life xD unfortunately i had to deal with school and the tedious hw i had to endure during the year. can you believe that ill be a third year in college and im still in community college >w< lol! just so you know that im working hard to ge tall my transfer credits done even if it means i have to take summer class instead of having a fun summer. in a way i guess its a good thing=) and that is exactly what im doing this summer...taking a required public speaking class ugh...not my favorite class at all...have speaking in front of people especially in public xD but if it has to be done then it has to be done. better to get it over with during the summer than to take it during the fall(much longer in the fall)

so enough of my rambling about school...after these last two weeks of summer school i am finally going to enjoy the rest of my summer=) this summer im going to try and upload some of the drawings i did this past year that i havent been able to upload because of the evil place called school >.< dun dun dun! ive been drawing here and there nothing as amazing as some of the artwork ive seen on other sites but just as good as other people who likes to draw for fun. soooo how is every ones summer going so far? you already know what ive been doing all summer since it has for me but it will be over soon!! hopefully my friends havent already made plans because i guarantee them i will be hanging out with every single one of them once i finish my summer class!!

so aside from school and more school ive been reading fanfiction...this stuff is so addicting that i read them everyday...this is another reason why i havent been on theO in so long. but i assure you that i check in once in a while and look at the awesome fan art and stuff that have been uploaded =)

well thats all i have to say for today...oh wait im getting a hair cut to day im in need of a good hair cut its been 5 months since i got my hair cut x3 i think i covered what my life has been like these past few months and ill just end it here! till next time!!