summer vacation so far^_^

current anime watching:

well so far my summer has been fun^_^ i went to a b-day party and played glow and the dark mini golf. but goin out of a dark place make the outside more brighterXD i also went to monterey. it was so nice over there the weather was nice too. it was barely hot over there and someparts were foggy. but wat the heck at least it was pretty cold there=D oh on fourth of july i went to watch fire works in carmel it was so pretty^_^ i also went to the beach in carmel also the water was so coldXD it made my feet! we took alot of pictures while we were in monterey. well that was my vacation for that weekendXD

now back to the rest of summer break^_^ like always its usually boring until i do something fun. im not goin camping this year cuz of allthe fires thats been happening here in CA. i guess ill just enjoy reading allthe mangas on the internet and watch special a and shugo chara. its such a cute anime to watch.

well thats all i have to say for this week nothing really special is happening anywaysXD so talk to you guys later! oh ad ill put some of my artwork up if i have sometime too^_^ well see ya around theO!