back to drawing again :D

Hey long its been a while since i actually posted something on here, not that anyone really reads what i post xD So... the title says it all lol! my drawing funk has temporarily gone away but will come back when i cant find anything else to draw xD sucks how i can only draw when i feel like it and that never really comes by often. i guess i have to be really bored or find something like cute pokemon to draw. so yea ive been finding cute pokemon to draw for the past two days and the weirdest thing is that ive been drawing with tracing paper. i know it may look like im gonna start tracing the things im drawing and cheat but thats not the case at all...x3

::brief explanation::

so im in my art class with my computer on reading fanfiction. i usually dont ave much to do while waiting for class to start so when in doubt read fanfiction lol! anyways tues/thurs are days when theres a drawing class in art class next door. i was tempted to do some charcoal drawings but had no charcoal stuff with me so i did pencil drawings instead. then i realized that i only had a notebook and tracing paper. since i didnt have any other kind of paper to draw on i opt to using tracing paper. its actually pretty good for drawing when ur not tracing anything lol!!

::end of explanation::

so there you have it, my somewhat brief explanation for using tracing paper to draw on :D so since i was in a drawing mood i drew three pokemon sketches. each took about 30-45 mins. drawing 1: umbreon/mew drawing 2: vulpix/eevvee drawing 3: petilil/lilligant <-- i dont really know who these two pokemon are. im guessing theyre from the new generation of pokemon xD as of now im trying to find something new to draw and cant seem to find something that catches my eye. i guess ill be looking around for cute pokemon again hehe! afterall pokemon is what got me into drawing in the first place :D

thats all i ave to say for today!~ im going to get back to drawing or start finishing my home that my teachers gave me to do over spring break :sigh: oh well bye for now!!!