another updateXO

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i updated my site and my intro. i just found out that theres a guestbook signing thing again. it wasnt there before. they just keep putting new things on otaku!! and i also found out that you can sign your own guesbook. sorry for being slow but i just found out bout this a few moments!

well anyways im just bored and stuff. im doinhw that makes me wat to take a nap and stuff. i happen to fall asleep everytime i do my pre cal hwXD i sleep for like 3 hours long pre cal hw is not just hard but so boring. so boring that it puts me to!! well its alrady half way into school=O the year just went by so fast. well actually my whole high shcool years have gone by so fast. im already a junior and ill be a senior next yearO_o im gettin old=( lol! its almost testing again. right now eery wednesdays our homeroom is an hour long cuz were practicing for the star testing. its so boring and makes me want to go to sleep. but the good ting is that i get to do this with a partner^^

i guess this is enough talking for one day im gonna read mangas right now and chat with my friends so till next time my fellow otaku friends^^