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Jesus Crist!!

OMG, my assignment is nearly due and I haven't started yet. Two weeks is so fast I received my assignment in Tuesday and it's due next Tuesday. OMG!!!!! So FAST!!!!!

WTF???? Internet Connection Problems???

Hey guys,
Whenever I use my school laptop at home the internet won't display it's webpage. But at school it always display it's webpage. I try fixing it by going to Internet Options. But it didn't work at all. It's really bulls**t when you can't use your internet in your school laptop at home. Especially when I got my wi fi connected to my school laptop. I even try with a cable and it still didn't work. I'm so pissed!!!! I have to use my mom's laptop to do my homework and stuff. But I had to go on it with permission. This is the worst part of my life. Can't even connect to the internet with the cable plugged in. BULLSH*T!!!!!

Sorry for swearing but I'm really angry at the moment. PLZ can anyone help me with this problem about the internet won't displaying it's webpage.

TheOtaku Blocked from School Computer!?

This is seriously bull sh*t the O is blocked on school computers here in Australia NSW. I'm so angry and sad at the same time. I won't be posting very much now since I got other things to do on my home computer and theO is blocked on NSW school computers.

Term 1 nearly over

Yeah Term 1 is nearly and I can go back playing games again!!!
But after the holidays I had to go tutoring :C

Assignment Due

Hi everybody,
This week all my assignments are dued and most of them are dued on Tuesday. I'm so nervous.