Hi everyone, Welcome to my world of my life. Here you can read about what interesting things happened in my life.


Hi guys,
My friend told me this very funny comedy or video on youtube called Smosh (if you ever heard about Smosh before keep reading). Smosh is more funnier than MyChonny (no offense to MyChonny fans). MyChonny is also funny but not as funny as Smosh.
The funniest I watch yesterday was "The Legend of Zelda Rap song". It was so funny. There is another funny video that Smosh uploaded was "Real Life Pokemon". If your interested in watching Smosh just type in "Smosh" in google and go to youtube.

See Ya hope you like watching Smosh.^_^

Another Day

Another day of school and it's very boring. All we do is work, work, work in class. But the good thing is that you can hang out with friends.


I can't believe that it's nearly the school holidays here in Australia. A year past sooooooooooooooooooo quick! I'm in year 9 now and it's nearly the end of term 1!


The website bypasslimits.com got blocked a few weeks ago. It must have happen beause maybe too much people were using it to watch youtube and they didn't delete their history. Bypass limits is a site that allows you to go on your favorite sites that is blocked. Usually on school computers. And I can't believe its being BLOCKED!!!

I'm so sad.-_-

The Most embarrassing moment of my life

The most embarrassing moment of my life is when I got to school in mufti when it's not mufti day. I thought it was mifti day when its actually Harmony Day! All of my friends started to laugh and make fun of me. But luckily I didn't get detention for wearing the wrong uniform.