Muhahahhahahahaha! *chokes on chip* *cough,cough*

Heeeelllooo people! I haven't died or anything and I is back on theO. My computer is hateful, angry at the world, and other bad things so I hardly get online anymore I'll try to get on more often though.

Not much hs been going on aside from making cosplay stuff, getting a new kitty, the kitty growing up, the kitty having kitties. You know the usual. I'll probably start posting and visiting pages again soon, not that anyone cares but yeah! Gotta go for now! Much love!

Yaoi time!


Geez people I'm really sorry I haven't been coming to your sites/posting anything here. I'm still trying to cut down my online time and I've been busy (my sister had her baby so everyone here has been hyped up lately). I haven't been doing much else online either aside from uploading cosplay stuff. Hopefully I'll start getting on here at least once a day just for a quick check up on everyone. Hope all is well and take care!

So little to see and s much time...scratch that, reverse it!

Hehehe I watched Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory the other night (the 1991 version), ah good laughs. Anyway I'm sorry I haven't been running around peoples' sites, I've been busy with sewing, trying to escape writers block, and oh yes...graduating! *does the happy I'm no longer in school dance* ^^

Okay now in regards to the title-I was mentioning the fact that I still have things to get done before thrusday since I'm heading to San Jose for Fanime! I'm uber excited but it won't be pretty if I don't get stuff done. Oh well I shall do my best.

I hope you all have a safe night, I gotta go work. See ya around!

Rest In Peace Rio

Rio, I just want you to know that you will always be apart of this family and that when you died we were only happy because you would no longer be in pain. We love you so much and pray you had good life because we tried to give that to you. I love you my sweet little ferret!

Rest In Peace.

Weird And Great

This might fall under my other WORLD but oh well! It has more to do with my life rather than cosplay.

Ok so yesterday was Chibifest 2008. It's a one day anime convention with a couple venders, rocking musicians, and a few raffles/contests. Well I was planning to go months in advance but after I got my badge the day before the actual convention, I started feeling weird. I felt a little sick and for some reason I couldn't sleep peacefully.

Yesterday morning I woke up really early and couldn't get back to sleep and since I was planning on heading over to the library (where it was being held) in the afternoon, I had to stay up. Still feeling sick, I dressed up in my Hazuki costume and went around 1:00.

After arriving I was thinking about going to see a concert or going to the latest panel when I was approched by a girl dressed from Lucky Star/The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya, she asked me if I was signing up for masquerade since I was all dressed up. I said no and explained how I would've signed up but the rules were that you had to have music and I didn't know how to get any on an MP3 file or CD. She then said that I should sign up anyway since there wasn't that many contestants and she had Neko Mimi Mode (the theme song to Moon Phase) on her computer already. I agreed after that to join for the fun of it.

Well time passed by quickly and before I knew it, it was 5:00 (masquerade time). I watched the Death Note group that was before me (they were great btw) and then I did by thing. I danced around, sang, and asked for slaves. It was great fun, I even got two slaves after my performance! The remaining acts went on, all uber good, and the judges wandered off to decide what award went to who.

Tick-tock,tick-tock, and the judges were back saying that there were five awards and five acts so everyone would get something. Yayz!...I must say I was stunned when they gave me the award for Best Costume. I worked hard on the outfit but wow that's my first convention win! I'm so grateful to the judges, I hope they know that I can't thank them enough. I'm still uber happy about it *jumps around room*! I went from sick, to dressing up, to being skeptical, to winning an awesome award. Weird and great!

I thought I'd share some good news, have an awesome night people!