Hadou Shou Ryu Ken

Hello everyone, My name is Jason. Im a friend of xaos, and a fellow fan of Street Fighter and everything Martial Arts ^^ Ive never guest posted on someone elses page so im somewhat nervous, hopefully this post will be enjoyed from one Street Fighter Fan to another all over the world ^_^

For this post I thought id express my opinions and likes about the anime series "Street Fighter 2 V". I first got my taste of this series a couple years ago while browsing channels and i stumbled upon a STARZ related channel that is a part of my cable package which happened to be showing an episode. I decided to give it a chance and i sat and watched the episode 9 i believe it was episode 2 : King of the Air Force) and to my surprise, i really really enjoyed it and i found myself recording all of the episodes and eventually buying the box set lol. I personally believe that i liked the series more because it portrayed Ken and Ryu as equals rather than one really being one up on the other. I remember when i was younger and playing the Super Nintendo version, and id always get into it with people who claimed one was really better than the other, you know how kids can be, especially when it comes to martial arts lol and i suppose i was no different lol. All in all, the SF2V series has the best of everything that the Street Fighter universe can give -

Great fighting throught the entire series , especially the Ken & Vega battle
Staying true to the characters and their development throughout the story
The large cast of characters and how their goals intertwine as the story moves

In my opinion, this series managed to pull everything off vey well and i never found myself being bored with it, and if you ask me - thats what is important in an anime series or videogame, especially if it has to do with martial arts and/or fighting in general. Xaos and myself found each other chatting a couple days ago about how well SF2V was put together and all the little things we enjoyed about it whether it was the introduction of Nash, or how incredibly bloody the battle between Ken & Vega was. In the end, the whole experience interpreted into an awesome experience - whether you are a fan of martial Arts, videogames, anime or otherwise, you truly have to appreciate the dedication Street Fighter 2 V brings in all regards. ^^

Well, id like to thank Xaos for allowing me the chance to guest post on his awesome page and i surely hope i didnt let him down in any way ^_^

Thanks again - till next time