These are untold stories of OC's and Fairy tales created by mostly me and if I need help, Cate(DeidaraNarutoClan). If you have an idea for a story, PM or Comment me. Not all ideas are bad.

Disclaimers:I do not own The catergories used in these stories. I only own the OC's and human concepts of famous characters.

Writing Staff~
SandLover13~Head Writer
KoInu kyan~Writer/Editor

All Around Main Hero: Jess (Universal)
All Around Main Villian: Concerto Mayhem (Universal)


  • Jessica of the Sand
  • Shukaku Ichibi
  • Misa Ichibi
  • Dark Shukaku
  • Naara Uzumaki
  • Komiki Hyuuga
  • Sarinda
  • Sudon Sobachi
  • Majanji Tigress
  • Cody Ichibi
  • Typhoon
  • Tsuki Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Yumi Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Yuki Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Katsu
  • Julie and Jojo
  • Kusa Tokubetsu
  • Karura of the Sand
  • Hotaru Chikumo (Jess' and Taro's son)

Plain Crossover

  • Prison (Vampire Demon) -Naruto and Original Anima/Manga
  • Bonejangles -Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride
  • Roulette -Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Kaa -The Jungle Book and Naruto


  • Shouji Koruai (Human)
  • Coda (Pafumon-> Kyaromon-> Kudamon-> Reppamon-> Qilinmon-> Sleipmon)

Little Shop Of Horrors

Crossover Shippuden (Only realted to Naturo Anime or Jess)

  • Kevin Skellington(Naruto/Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Jennifer(Naruto/Kingdom Hearts)
  • Flash the Hedgehog(Naruto/Sonic)

Original Anime/Manga

  • Vane(Vampire)
  • Rascal(Werewolf)
  • Sokaye(Alien)
  • Zida (Alien)
  • Hella(Wandering Spirit)
  • Angelo(Human)

Tokyo Mew Mew

  • Kikitora Mijiho (Mew Chocolate)
  • Riishu (Alien)
  • Sherii Sushi (Mew Cherry


  • Eliza/ElizaGirl (EggPlant)

Brutal Legend

  • Sal Valiant

Fiddler on the Roof

  • Kitri Weaver


  • Yin San

Kingdom Hearts

  • Akane
  • Jiji
  • Floyde
  • Gamex
  • Kita (Swordsman)
  • Takix (Kita's Nobody; SledgeHammer)
  • Maru (Ax-Man)
  • Rumax (Maru's Nobody; Swordsman)

Oliver & Company

  • Ro (Akita)

Wallace & Gromit

  • Kaffy Jacobson (Were-Rabbit)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Widow(Sorceress)
  • Negria (Giant Black Widow)
  • Bayou (Giant Deadly Viper)
  • Worm
  • Louie
  • Chicago
  • Poker
  • Spits
  • Sam
  • Willow(Skeletal Bat)
  • LongLegs(Spider)
  • Noose
  • Shadow
  • Illusion
  • Darkness(The Raven from Edgar Allan Poe)
  • Loe(Edgar Allan Poe's Cat)
  • Moogie Boogie
  • Marinda Heartloch(Witch)
  • Catastrophe (Wilt, Coffin, and Scratch's mom)
  • Unknown (The Headless Horsemen)
  • Jack-O-Lantern (A punpkin headed man)
  • Mary Skellington (Skeleton Pumpkin Queen)
  • Othello Boogie (Oogie's Grandfather)
  • Gabriel (Elf/Joker)
  • Charlie (Charlie)
  • Jess (Halloween Town Form)
  • Chida (Girl from Hanukah Town)
  • Comet (Reindeer from Christmas Town)
  • Cent (Death Crawler)

Interstella 5555

  • Julia
  • Ken
  • Hank
  • Issac



  • Cassie
  • Cleo

Beauty and The Beast

  • Jacque "Jack"(Gargoyle)
  • Cori(Coat Rack)
  • Peter(Palanquin)


Alice in Wonderland

  • Bongo
  • Smokes (The caterpillar's son)
  • Cheshire Cat

Pokemon Gijinka

  • Maggie (Mismagius)
  • Chu (Pikachu)
  • Hipoe (Hippapotos)
  • May (Mawhile)
  • Greg and Gina (Gallade and Gardevoir)
  • Layla (Latias)

Corpse Bride

  • Raoul


  • LoveStar

Michael Jackson's City

PetShop of Horrors

  • Mike the Black Leopard
  • Dangerous, Diana, and Death (Cerberus)
  • Alla Mapone

Little Rose Of Massacure (A prequel to the play Little Shop Of Horrors)

  • Kerrie Krelborn
  • Sony Philips
  • Freddy Philips
  • Richard Fulquard
  • Annie Morgarn
  • Arnie Scrivello
  • Micheal Mushnick
  • Mr. Bixby
  • Al Capone Jr.
  • Ronnie, Chif, and Bill


  • Reggie (Twoey's son)
  • Hotaru (Jess/Taro's son)
  • Yuki, Tsuki, Yumi (Ichibi Triplets)
  • Meko Kazekana
  • Echo Kazekana
  • Jane Yamanaka
  • Shamoji
  • Sensu
  • Ume
  • Chai Young
  • Arachnea Chikumo

Thir13en Ghosts

  • Gail Cyrus "The Tormenter (Ghost Hunter)
  • Mange (Beige Bandit)
  • Sage (Red Bandit)
  • Joe (Orange Bandit)
  • Seymour Krelborn II (Purple Bandit)
  • Lu-lu (Black Bandit)
  • Bebot (Blue Bandit)
  • Owen (Brown Bandit)
  • Sunny (Yellow Bandit)
  • Serene (Clear Bandit)
  • Cloud (White Bandit)
  • Gard (Green Bandit)

ReWritten OC Stories (With OC Cast):

  • Little Shop of Horrors [In Progress]
  • Alice in Wonderland [Cast Needed]
  • Flowers for Algernon [In Progress]
  • Romeo and Juliet [In Progress]
  • RENT [Cast Needed]
  • Matilda [Cast Needed]
  • The Breakfast Club [Cast Needed]
  • Amélie [Cast Needed]


LSoH Anime/Manga (Act One Complete)

This is an alternative, different plot line that I've been working on based on the BroadWay Musical; Little Shop of Horrors. I got the idea to do this while watching some highschool productions on Yo...

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Little Shop of Horrors Trailer

It all began in this Little Shop on the outskirts of Japan…

“Where the hell is Seymour?”

“Coming, Mr. Mushnik!”

… Where something strange and interesting suddenly came into our boring lives…

“You’re an overnight sensation, Seymour!”

“Who would have believed it?”

It’s just an ordinary story. It’s all about a boy…

"Who cares if I was on the anemic side these past few weeks?”

… A girl…

“You don’t meet nice boys in the Hidden Shinobi Villages…”

… A Florist…

“Between you and me, neither is the Audrey One!”

… A Dentist…

“Hello ladies. Which is the way to 1313 Skid Row?”

Yes, it’s just an ordinary plot-


Wait, who said that?

“Me! Look down here, you baka!”

Oh, yes… I’m sorry! Did I forget to mention

Feed me, Seymo’

A plant…?

Feed me all night long“How am I supposed to keep on feeding you, kill people?”

Untold Naruto Fairytales

Little shop, little shoppa horrors.
Little shop, little shoppa terror.

Little Shop of Horrors!

Witness a musical that will change your life forever. Experience the laughter…

“Let me guess… you got all tied up!”

“No… Just handcuffed a little…”

… The suspense…

“… And when they did, they found a Mushnik’s Skid Row Florist shop bag in his office!”

“What does that supposed to mean?”

… The romance…

“Relax and go with it, doll. Do me a favor, will you Sweetheart?”
“A favor?”
“I need me some water in the worse way…”

… The drama…

“When I die- which will be very shortly- give me to the plant! That way it’ll grow and give you all the wonderful things you deserve!”

“Audrey, you don’t know what you’re saying.”

… And The HORROR!

“The Sequel!? What about the Sequel!?!”
“…” *record scratches*

“Who do you think you are; Rick Moranis?”

Based on the Hit Musical
Howard Ashman & Alan Menken

Arachnea Chikumo
Jane Yamanaka
Echo Kazekana
Sex the Humonculous

Featuring the Married Couple
Jessica of the Sand & Taro Chikumo

“Feed me, Krelborn! Feed me now!”

One of the first ever plants on stage to sing for its supper!

“Don’t you see, Seymo’? We’re partners… partners in crime!”

“… I was afraid you’d say that…”

Coming in March
Ready to eat The Otaku

“So… go… GIT IT!!!”

March 18, 2010


Seymour's Nightmare: "I'm Eating You Up Alive!"

A Little Shop of Horrors OneShot I wrote for

I do not own Little Shop of Horrors. If I did, Audrey II would take over the world. The only thing I own in this story is the new song I created called "I'm Eating You Up Alive". It is sung by the Audrey II. Rated T for Twoey's cursing.

A/N: I don't want to argue about Twoey's gender even though my friends and I agree that Twoey's a male. So in this story, Audrey II is genderless to make it fair.


Italics= Dream Sequence

Bold= Audrey II singing


"Feed me!" A deep, demonic voice called out as the thunder crashed and lightning flashed, "Food! Food!" Seymour Krelborn scratched his head in annoyance.

"Lay off, Twoey. Can't you see I'm busy?" He said. The deep voice belonged to a giant fly trap. It was starting to wilt and was dragging on the floor.

"Tough…" Twoey muttered. Its nerdy owner heard that.

"Twoey, Watch your language!"

"Grub!!!" The 12-foot tall flytrap groaned in hunger. It was very hungry and it couldn't wait another second for its supper.

"I need some peace and quiet, Audrey II," Seymour retorted, "I have to write a speech for a lecturing tour. It's all about YOU! So you better be quiet, or I tell everyone the truth!" Audrey II pointed a vine and poked Seymour's chest.

"Don't get cute with me, boy! I made ya and I can break ya!"

"Go ahead and break me! You think it's EASY living with the guilt?" The dark-haired human argued with the green vegetable.

"Aw, cut the crap and bring on the meat!" Twoey almost sobbed.

"If you would only EAT meat!" Seymour put down his clipboard, "You could've eaten a little mouse or a little fly but NO! YOU had to be soooo particular…" Audrey II tried to convince Seymour to feed it by doing the old puppy-face gag.

"Come on, Krelborn, feed me! I hadn't eaten since Mushnik and THAT was a week ago!!!" The plant complained.

"I just need one more day, that's all I ask," The nerd hero said quietly, "Tomorrow, Life Magazine will take our pictures…"

"-and then you will find me somebody?" Audrey II perked up.

"Then you'll never go hungry again, I promise." He sighed. The plant got excited and started to torment the confused boy even more.

"CHOWTIME, KRELBORN! Food, food, bring me food!" Twoey repeated until Seymour yelled at its pod.

"Shut up! Shut up, you damned avocado! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Seymour wailed before he was knocked out from confusion and yelling.

~Seymour's Dream~

Seymour kept his promise with Audrey II… well almost. Sure, he fed Twoey a LOT, but Audrey II wanted more. Seymour noticed that as his plant grew, so did its appetite. Before long, the plant had to be chained up to a dark alley next to Mushnik & Son's Flower Shop.

"Is this necessary, Seymo'?" Twoey asked in a low whisper. It had to because if it talked normally, its voice would be too loud for Seymour Krelborn.

"Of course. We don't want the customers to be hurt, don't we?" He asked.

"Guess not…" Twoey then noticed Seymour having a tuxedo and a tie on, "Why are you all dressed up like that?"

"I'm going to a meeting uptown." He started to leave, "I'll come back soon. Maybe I'll rob a blood bank." Seymour laughed and left the shop. What he said was WAY far from the truth! Krelborn decided to leave the plant, let it starve to death, marry Audrey Fulquard, and make a hit-and-run to the Suburbs. Twoey didn't realize this until three days AFTER Seymour married Audrey. It was angry and decided to escape. It began to sing.

Look at that, folks
Seymo' looks like a tasty snack
Get outta my way,
I'm ready to ATTACK!

At the word "attack", Audrey II broke its chains in half. It then try to "stand" up. Twoey was exactly 100 feet tall. It didn't need Seymour to go kill for its supper. It started to rampage on Skid Row.

Hey boy!
You shouldn't have taken the dive
Better watch out!
I'm eatin' you up alive!

Ya gonna get it baby
There's no way you're gonna jive
Don't struggle, little man
I'll eat you up alive!

After a long search and some rest stops to eat a few humans along the way, Audrey II finally managed to find the suburbs, where the Krelborn's lived. Meanwhile, Seymour never felt so happier in his life at this moment. He was glad that the plant was assumed to be dead and his beautiful flower, Audrey, would be with him forever. Everything changed when Audrey asked him a question. Actually multiple questions.

"Seymour, what happened to Mr. Mushnik and Orin? Where's the plant? How come you have been acting funny?" The blonde girl asked. Before Seymour could answer, something ripped off the roof of the house. It was Audrey II.

"Hello, Seymo'!" Twoey said very loudly. It was very HUGE. Audrey couldn't believe that the plant talked. Audrey II seemed to read Audrey's thoughts as it smiled down at the married couple.

"Believe it, baby… it talks…"

"Am I dreaming this?"

"Naw and you ain't in Kansas neither!" It showed Audrey a lot of its sharp, long teeth. Audrey fainted at the sight of it. Seymour first instinct was to run away, but he wanted to protect her against this homicidal flower. Twoey began to wrap its vines on Seymour.

"Don't struggle boy, it's SUPPERTIME!" Seymour grew to hate that flytrap's words. Audrey II lifted up our tiny hero and seemed to glare at the human who abandoned it.

Oh don't you see baby,
Seymo', ooh Seymo'

"Bye, bye, Seymo!" Twoey chuckled menacingly before it shoved Seymour in its "throat", swallowed him whole with a sickening slurp, and then burping up a shoe and Seymour's glasses… Looks like Audrey might not see Seymour when she goes "Somewhere that's Green".

~End of Seymour's Dream~

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Seymour yelled and stayed awake from that terrible nightmare.

"Leave me alone, leave me alone!" He screamed. His girlfriend, Audrey, came into the room.

"Seymour, what's the matta' with ya?" She asked.

"No, IT'S the matter with me!" Seymour glared at Twoey. He then started to babble about the plant being hungry or something like that until Audrey slapped Seymour's face.

"Seymour! You're getting hysterical! What's the matter with just a little plant food anyway?" She asked. Seymour saw that Audrey II was trying not to laugh evilly at the question. He fainted again.

The End?


Inside Taro :3

A Jess X Taro FanFiction Jess watched her sleeping husband with affection as he was dreaming about her. She had a plan to surprise Taro during the morning. The purple haired girl tiptoed quietly in Taro's kitchen ...

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Deiara in Wonderland

The 2nd edition to the "Rewritten OC Series". Next story is: Alice in Wonderland^^


Alice~ Deiara (Cate' OC)
White Rabbit~ ???
Bongo~ As Himself
Dodo Bird~ ???
Twiddle Dee~ ???
Twiddle Dum~ ???
Walrus~ Shukaku
Carpenter~ Kyuubi (Cate's OC)
Oysters~ ???
Bill the Lizard~ ???
Flowers~ ???
Caterpillar~ ???
Duchess~ ???
Baby~ ???
Frog Servant~
Fish Servant~
Cheshire Cat~ Jess
Mad Hatter~ Twoey
March Hare~ Naara
DorMouse~ Spits
Queen of Hearts~ Shippuden Deiara (Cate' OC)
Cards~ ???
King of Hearts~ ???

If you have any OC's who want to be in the story, PM or comment here please. Once we have all characters, we could begin. Thank you