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Writing Staff~
SandLover13~Head Writer
KoInu kyan~Writer/Editor

All Around Main Hero: Jess (Universal)
All Around Main Villian: Concerto Mayhem (Universal)


  • Jessica of the Sand
  • Shukaku Ichibi
  • Misa Ichibi
  • Dark Shukaku
  • Naara Uzumaki
  • Komiki Hyuuga
  • Sarinda
  • Sudon Sobachi
  • Majanji Tigress
  • Cody Ichibi
  • Typhoon
  • Tsuki Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Yumi Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Yuki Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Katsu
  • Julie and Jojo
  • Kusa Tokubetsu
  • Karura of the Sand
  • Hotaru Chikumo (Jess' and Taro's son)

Plain Crossover

  • Prison (Vampire Demon) -Naruto and Original Anima/Manga
  • Bonejangles -Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride
  • Roulette -Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Kaa -The Jungle Book and Naruto


  • Shouji Koruai (Human)
  • Coda (Pafumon-> Kyaromon-> Kudamon-> Reppamon-> Qilinmon-> Sleipmon)

Little Shop Of Horrors

Crossover Shippuden (Only realted to Naturo Anime or Jess)

  • Kevin Skellington(Naruto/Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Jennifer(Naruto/Kingdom Hearts)
  • Flash the Hedgehog(Naruto/Sonic)

Original Anime/Manga

  • Vane(Vampire)
  • Rascal(Werewolf)
  • Sokaye(Alien)
  • Zida (Alien)
  • Hella(Wandering Spirit)
  • Angelo(Human)

Tokyo Mew Mew

  • Kikitora Mijiho (Mew Chocolate)
  • Riishu (Alien)
  • Sherii Sushi (Mew Cherry


  • Eliza/ElizaGirl (EggPlant)

Brutal Legend

  • Sal Valiant

Fiddler on the Roof

  • Kitri Weaver


  • Yin San

Kingdom Hearts

  • Akane
  • Jiji
  • Floyde
  • Gamex
  • Kita (Swordsman)
  • Takix (Kita's Nobody; SledgeHammer)
  • Maru (Ax-Man)
  • Rumax (Maru's Nobody; Swordsman)

Oliver & Company

  • Ro (Akita)

Wallace & Gromit

  • Kaffy Jacobson (Were-Rabbit)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Widow(Sorceress)
  • Negria (Giant Black Widow)
  • Bayou (Giant Deadly Viper)
  • Worm
  • Louie
  • Chicago
  • Poker
  • Spits
  • Sam
  • Willow(Skeletal Bat)
  • LongLegs(Spider)
  • Noose
  • Shadow
  • Illusion
  • Darkness(The Raven from Edgar Allan Poe)
  • Loe(Edgar Allan Poe's Cat)
  • Moogie Boogie
  • Marinda Heartloch(Witch)
  • Catastrophe (Wilt, Coffin, and Scratch's mom)
  • Unknown (The Headless Horsemen)
  • Jack-O-Lantern (A punpkin headed man)
  • Mary Skellington (Skeleton Pumpkin Queen)
  • Othello Boogie (Oogie's Grandfather)
  • Gabriel (Elf/Joker)
  • Charlie (Charlie)
  • Jess (Halloween Town Form)
  • Chida (Girl from Hanukah Town)
  • Comet (Reindeer from Christmas Town)
  • Cent (Death Crawler)

Interstella 5555

  • Julia
  • Ken
  • Hank
  • Issac



  • Cassie
  • Cleo

Beauty and The Beast

  • Jacque "Jack"(Gargoyle)
  • Cori(Coat Rack)
  • Peter(Palanquin)


Alice in Wonderland

  • Bongo
  • Smokes (The caterpillar's son)
  • Cheshire Cat

Pokemon Gijinka

  • Maggie (Mismagius)
  • Chu (Pikachu)
  • Hipoe (Hippapotos)
  • May (Mawhile)
  • Greg and Gina (Gallade and Gardevoir)
  • Layla (Latias)

Corpse Bride

  • Raoul


  • LoveStar

Michael Jackson's City

PetShop of Horrors

  • Mike the Black Leopard
  • Dangerous, Diana, and Death (Cerberus)
  • Alla Mapone

Little Rose Of Massacure (A prequel to the play Little Shop Of Horrors)

  • Kerrie Krelborn
  • Sony Philips
  • Freddy Philips
  • Richard Fulquard
  • Annie Morgarn
  • Arnie Scrivello
  • Micheal Mushnick
  • Mr. Bixby
  • Al Capone Jr.
  • Ronnie, Chif, and Bill


  • Reggie (Twoey's son)
  • Hotaru (Jess/Taro's son)
  • Yuki, Tsuki, Yumi (Ichibi Triplets)
  • Meko Kazekana
  • Echo Kazekana
  • Jane Yamanaka
  • Shamoji
  • Sensu
  • Ume
  • Chai Young
  • Arachnea Chikumo

Thir13en Ghosts

  • Gail Cyrus "The Tormenter (Ghost Hunter)
  • Mange (Beige Bandit)
  • Sage (Red Bandit)
  • Joe (Orange Bandit)
  • Seymour Krelborn II (Purple Bandit)
  • Lu-lu (Black Bandit)
  • Bebot (Blue Bandit)
  • Owen (Brown Bandit)
  • Sunny (Yellow Bandit)
  • Serene (Clear Bandit)
  • Cloud (White Bandit)
  • Gard (Green Bandit)

ReWritten OC Stories (With OC Cast):

  • Little Shop of Horrors [In Progress]
  • Alice in Wonderland [Cast Needed]
  • Flowers for Algernon [In Progress]
  • Romeo and Juliet [In Progress]
  • RENT [Cast Needed]
  • Matilda [Cast Needed]
  • The Breakfast Club [Cast Needed]
  • Amélie [Cast Needed]


Telephone! :D

The hospital. To some people, it's a cruel white place... like an asylum. To others, it's like heaven. In all of our lives, we would have never thought that a hospital would be considered comical... until now.

It was just a quiet place, anticipation in people's minds whether the patients will live or die made them stressfull. Suddenly, the two main entrance doors opened wide as someone kicked them. Everyone thought they died in heaven when they saw a drenched King of Pop holding a little girl in his arms who needed medical attention. Immediatly, paramedics came in and they took Jess to the emergency room. Michael followed.

It took hours for everyone to figure out how to cure the wound. Luckily, there was a doctor who knew all about chakra and ninjas to know that Jess' main chakra are near the throat. Unless they can have a transplant for the vocal cords, Jess would die due to loss of chakra.

"But how are we going to find a donor who specializes in throat activity?" One assistant asked. They needed someone who had Jess' talent. Someone who uses voice. Someone who was a singer. Someone who was a proffesional pop icon. They all stared at Michael.

"What?" Michael was dazed, but then he refocused, "Okay, I'll do it!" He really wanted the girl to live, no matter the cost. It was long and painful but eventually, they replaced the poisoned vocal cords with a DNA copy of Michael's (no, they DID NOT rip out Michael's cords, sheesh!). Jess woke up with a start. Usually, she would scream at the sight of a hospital, but when she saw a black haired man who was very unique to her, she calmed down.

"Hi... My name is Jess. Nice to meet you. Who are you?" Jess smiled. Every doctor gasped.

"Hey, you're supposed to speak Japanese and you never knew who MJ is!?!" A nurse was screaming at Jess but was held down by other nurses.

"I'm Michael.^^ Where have you come from?"

"I don't know. Somewhere in Japan? I don't have a family and I don't know where my friends are so I dunno..." Jesse explained. Michael looked at Jess, a twinkle in his eyes. He never met a child who never even remembered of having people called "family". He decided that until one of her guardians is there to pick Jess up, he was going to have stay in his Neverland home with her.

"It's okay Jess. Welcome to America! Until we figure out where do you live in Japan, you can stay at my house."

"Okay!" Jess smiled, jumped down on the counter, and grabbed Michael's hand as Michael walked Jess back outside. Michael didn't care if fangirls came to grab him, nor did he care that the media would take photos and make more scrutiny and pain. The only thing on his mind was this purple haired, unusual child.

Louie and Worm was arguing in the car when Michael came back inside with Jess. They both stopped and returned to their sits, Michael's kids hugging them both.

Jess turned to Worm, "Worm, can you drive to wherever Michael wants ou to go?" Worm nodded. Jess then turned to Louie.

"Louie, you know where Meru's cave is right?" Louie nodded, "Can you please tell Meru and Taro where I am?"

"Okay... I should've thought of that earlier!" The yellow bat exclaimed as he flew out the window and made the long flight to Meru's cave. Michael was stunned about the maturity of Jess.

"How old are you?" He asked.

"9 years old..." Jess held up 9 fingers.

"Okay, once we get into my house, I'll show you around. Anything you need?" He asked.

"Umm, can you call my friend Deiara? I know she must be at school now, but she's lonely too, her family's gone. So maybe she can come here?" Jess asked. Michael nodded and he dialed the Leaf Village Ninja Academy's phone number that Jess gave him with the limo's phone

~Halloween Town~


Sam was really confused this time. This happy prep girl knows bad luck from the future. Has he gone insane?

"Where have you come from?" Sam asked.

"I don't know. My sister and I were killed by two big men who were mad that we were bad "experiments". It was so awful!" Destiny cried on Sam's straw leg. Sam felt sorry for her.

"It's okay. Don't cry. I know! Let's go to my brother's house. His name's Jack and he might help you." He suggested. Destiny hugged him.

"Oh thank you, Mr. Scarecrow! You're the best." She kissed Sam's pumpkin-headed cheek. He blushed.

"We have to hurry back here though, because a giant crow is going to destroy the pumpkin patch!" Destiny said. Suddenly, she saw a grey tail that ran across a brick wall. That tail belongs to Wilt the cat. Destiny likes cats and since she is like 5-6 years old, she followed the tail to play with it.

"Come back!" Sam yelled and followed Destiny. This wasn't his day.


"So, you and your sister are oracle twins?" Hybrid asked. Eternity nodded.

"Yup...." Then, a noise from a closed room was heard.

"DANG IT! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DID... WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME LAUGH TOO MUCH!!!" A southern, yet now high-pitched voice echoed the room. An unfamiliar voice answered.

"Sorry O.B. I didn't know I was THAT funny!" The new voice argued. Everyone stood still. For the first time in her life, Eternity smiled.

"Right on cue! Looks like Oogie's old time friend has arrived... And he's pretty funny once you get to know him." She had a big smile. Chicago then randomly yelled out.

"HEY! How come the writers of this story always make henchmen for the Boss so much!?! We need a mansion to fill all of us in." Chicago pointed at the narrator of the story. I explained to him that my mind controls all and you just have to deal with it. Chicago then argued about his abuse and craziness when Hybrid stopped it all.

"SHUT UP, BOTH OF YOU!!" Hybrid yelled, then opened the doors to a shocking sight. Oogie laughed so much that his sack form ripped apart, his bugs now disappeared and all that was left of him was his real form, a small green cockroach. But who was holding the cockroach was really disturbing. It was a black, tall man with a big yellow beak, a waist coat, and more crow features. He had a golden pocket watch in his hand and he just looked down at Hybrid.

"Uh.... hi?" The crow-man said, rubbing his head.

"Oogie, who is this?" Hybrid went his attention to Oogie, resisting the urge to eat him.

"Oh this guy? That's my old pal, Charlie. Back when I was just a little bug, he was my only human friend. He taught me much about jazz, card games, and the south. He died after seeing a scarecrow and landed in some train tracks when the train ran him over..."

"Oohhh..." Everyone shook their head at the mention of the railroad death.

"Now that I brung him here and back to Halloween Town life... HE AND ALL OF YA GUYS ARE GONNA HELP PUT ME TOGETHER AGAIN!!!" Oogie glared at Charlie for breaking him up. Everyone groaned. Charlie shrugged.

"Okay, Okay... While you guys go find the material and everything, I'm going to a pumpkin patch to get some bugs. Be right back!" Charlie put Oogie down and flew to the Pumpkin Patch.

(Pumpkin Patch)

Scream and Mirror. Two ravens who always annoy Sam. They were eating corn in the corn fields when Scream saw something big.

"Mirror, you see that?" Scream turned to Mirror.

"See that? See that?" Mirror said.

"That's the biggest crow I ever seen!" Scream exclaimed as he saw Charlie picking up corn, bugs, and other harvesting food items.

"Big crow! Big crow!" Mirror jumped up and down.

"Hey, let's go talk to that crow-man! Maybe he can scare Sam so much, he'll never even think about protecting the crops again!" Scream and Mirror laughed and flew up to Charlie.

Charlie's Profile

Name: Charles "Charlie" Katzson
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Crow
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Brown with orange pupil
Personality: friendly, annoying, prankster, day-dreamer
Likes: jazz, annoying people, stand-up comedy, stories
Dislikes: Cats, scarecrows, trains, water, and vanilla
Attack Types: Song, skeletons, magic, and electricity
Family: N/A
Relationship: None
Friends: Oogie, Hybrid, Scream, Mirror, Jess, Nightmare, Elate, Malady, and Bonejangles
Weapons: Trombone and golden pocket watch
Fav Song: None
Sayings: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up! Easy on the rage there!!!"
Looks: tall human with skeletal chest, beak, black skin, crow's feet, black feathers and tail
Clothing: Red and yellow ripped up jacket, dark blue shorts, and straw hat with yellow ribbon
History: Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and Charlie were best of friends. Charlie always wanted to soar high. He once met a cockroach who was his only friend. His landlord for his apartment was his mother and she needed the rent. So she foreclosured him. After running away and meeting his cockroach friend, who was now green, he sent off to find a home when he got lost in a cornfield and got into train tracks where he got killed by a train. Years later, Oogie (who was once the cockroach) brings Charlie back to life using electricity and Charlie is now his henchmen.


ShukakuXNaruto~ Wasn't Simply Meant To Be...

For Naruto, this would've been the most embarrasing night of his life. He had attempted to get a date with Sakura since he had one month to train for the Chunin exams, but failed. He went to his house and tried to use the transformation jutsu to t...

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The Flip-side

:D the Michael Jackson story part will be continued by Jess... ._.' it's kinda because it's her story part and I'd probably only be able to write a few sentences at most sadly >>' so... yeah. :D Enjoy Halloween


~With Destiny~

Once Destiny landed, smoke seemed to blow up everywhere. Sam looked over in that direction and covered his eyes over the situation while Mirror and Scream were able to make their escape, taunting Sam and saying they'd be back. Sam growled but turned his attention to the hole that was now in the ground. He approached it slowly and then saw a girl that crawled up onto ground. She had wings and didn't even look like she was hurt in the fall.

"Are you all right?" Sam asked her.

She smiled back, "Yeah, I'm fine... but you on the other hand are going to be tormented for the rest of your afterlife by two ravens. ^^"

Sam looked at her surprised, "Say what?!"

"By the way ^^ my name's Destiny... and one of the ravens is going to poop on your shoe right about..."

Then Scream came back and did just as Destiny said he would do. Then Scream laughed and flew off. "now..."


"Ugh..." Destiny rubbed her head, "that gave me a huge headache... Wait! Where am I?"

She looked around confused. "This isn't Heaven... and where's my sister?... and what am I sitting on?"

She looked down and Akane growled, "Get off..."

Destiny got off of Akane and she dusted herself off. "What's the big deal about landing on me?!" Akane snapped.

"Sorry..." she replied to Akane, "here's the good news, later on in life you're going to like someone that likes you..."

Akane smiled at that then Destiny turned to the rest of them as she pointed, "You'll marry someone you love (pointing at Spits) Err... I'm not sure about you... (Chicago XD) The one you like returns your feelings... (Hybrid) and yeah... I think that's about it..."

They all blinked and then looked at her. While Poker really didn't care too much and was in his room looking up gay porn. She looked after him too, "Oh yeah... he'll be able to rape someone he likes if he plays his cards right"

Darkness, Diana, and Death Profile

Name: (in order) Dangerous, Diana, and Death (Yeah, I used Michael Jackson puns, don't laugh...)
Age: Unknown
Gender: All Female
Species: Cerberus (Doberman)
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Eye Color: Dark Red
Personality: (Dangerous)- calculating, hungry, stubborn, and seductive (Diana)- Agressive, Tough, Rude (Death)- Quiet, Calm, emo, and submissive
Likes: (Dangerous)- Eating, being loved, kids (Diana)- Her Owner, chasing cats, chocolate (Death)- Ghosts, Halloween, Shiloh
Dislikes: (All of them)- Being in touble, having stomach aches, Mike the Leopard, and getting locked in cages
Attack Types: Sound, earth quakes, howling, darkness, and calling the undead
Family: Each other and their owner Alla Mapone.
Relationships: Dangerous likes Reo, Death likes Shiloh, and Diana has a crush on her owner
Friends: Jess, Alla, Reo, Shiloh, Malady, Lexanis's Cerberus, Michael Nights, Akane, Thorn, etc.
Weapons: Their claws if they are considered a weapon
Favorite Song: None
Sayings: *All of them* "Let's get that cat!!!"
Looks: (human) A hot, giant sexy girl with three heads, Dog ears, 1 dog tail, claws
Clothing: A Bright Red Dress and a wide, diamond studded collar
History: Count D had this dog for sale but couldn't sell because 1) They are too agressive and 2) They were born really big, but beautiful. This cerberus would be appeared as a sexy giant always destroying towns. She was first introduced to the POH club when they chased Mike and ate Jess. After D gave Dangerous (the middle head) chocolate and she spit Jess out, she needed an owner. Then the Count bailed Alla Mapone, a gangster, and let him sign a contract with rules. The rules are; 1.) Don't give her chocolate 2.) Don't let a feline touch her 3.) Always kiss her. If this Cerberus breaks thse rules, bad things could happen. She will be bloating and won't stop eating, she would chase the cat and destroy the city, she might feel unloved and will bite you. Even though this dog is deadly, she is very loyal and nice to her friends.