Appears a book in which we can read: ROBIN HOOD: THE CARTOON PARODY and the story begins.

Long ago, good King Othello of The Holiday Worlds departed for the holy land on a great crusade. During his absence, Prince Jack-O-Lantern, his greedy and treacherous brother, usurped the crown. Jess of the Sand was the people's only hope. She robbed from the rich to feed the poor. She was beloved by all the people of the OC universe. Jess and her merry men hid in Spider Forest to elude Sheriff Floyde of Halloween Town.

We now gaze to a giant figure holding a tanuki staff on top of the book, he was Shukaku Ichibi the Sand Spirit.

"You know. There've been many legends and tall tales about Robin Hood, all different too. Well, we folks of the Cartoon/Anime and Fanfiction kingdom have our own version. It's the story of what really happened in Sherwood Forest or should I say Spider Forest." Shukaku said as he began to whistle while playing his staff like a guitar until he took a seat on a giant letter O.

"Oh by the way, my name's Shukaku, a minstrel. That's an early folk singer, and my job is to tell it like it is... or was... oh whatever.…" he finished.

We now cut to a forest scene where we see a ninja wearing an black chunin jacket and a sand forehead protector walking down a road in the forest. Besides her was a man about way older than her who was overweight and basically a giant brown sack of bugs. They were Jessica of the Sand and her partner Oogie Boogie.

"Jessy and Oogie Boogie"
"Walkin through the forest"
"Laughin back and forth at what the"
"Other one has to say"

They both stopped and noticed they had to cross a log bridge to get to the other side, and Jess gives Oogie a formal bow letting him go first.

"Reminiscing this an that an having"
"Such a good time"
"Oo-de-lally, hoo-de-lally, golly"
"What a day!"

Suddenly both of them lost their balance and they both fell into the stream, but they didn't seem to mind relaxing a bit, unaware of a teenage heartless wearing the heartless crest symbol on his chesr, he was Floyde the Wight Knight heartless, watching them with a army of Neo Shadow Heartless.

"Never ever thinkin' there was"
"Danger in the water"
"They were drinking, they just"
"Guzzled it down"

"Never dreamin' that a scheming"
"Sheriff and his posse o' Heartless"
"Was a watching them and"
"Gathering around"

Suddenly Jess and Oogie ran for their lives around the forest trying to escape the heartless clutches.

"Jessy and Oogie Boogie"
"Runnin' through the forest"
"Jumpin' fences, dodging trees"
"And tryin' to get away"

Jess and Oogie were finally able to throw them off their trail by disappearing into the trees and the Heartless were confused and set off onto another part of the forest to find them.

"Contemplating' nothin' but escape"
"And finally makin' it"
"Oo-de-lally, hoo-de-lally, golly"
"What a day!"

"Oo-de-lally, hoo-de-lally, golly"
"What a day!"

While in the tree the two friends were trying to relax after that chase scene.

"Ya know somethin' Jessy, you're sure takin' too many chances." Oogie said.

"Chances?" Jess asked with a bit of laughter, "You've gotta be joking, it was just for a few laughs Oogie." The ninja said.

"Oh yeah, take a looky at that there headband of yers, that sure ain't no candle on a cake."

Jess noticed a kunai stuck to her headband, "Whoa, this one almost had my name on it didn't it? They're getting better you know, you have to give them credit, they are getting better."

"Oh yeah, the next time that snake Floyde will try to throw a rope around our necks." Oogie said pretending to strangle himself, "Ugh! Be pretty hard to laugh hanging their Jessy."

"Hah, from the way you've been packing it, Sheriff Floyde and his whole posse of Heartless wouldn't be able to lift you off the ground… En garde!" Jess shouted throwing the kunai at Oogie who ducked his head but the kunai got his top of the head.

"Whoa, watch it there gal, that's my head and Spits you're trying to hurt!" Oogie complained. His purple spider named Spits got out from Oogie's head and nodded in agreement, then fainted at the dangerous kunai attack.

"Oh chill out, you worry too much man." Jess said relaxing as she rolled her eyes at Spits.

"Hey you know somethin' Hero? I've been wonderin', are we the good guys, or really the bad guys? Even though I'm really a main villian in my hometown. You know I mean out robbing the rich to feed the poor." Oogie asked.

"ROB?" Jess was outraged, "That's a harsh word Oogie, we don't rob, we just, say borrow a few bucks for those who could afford it."

"Borrow! Boy are we in debt."

Suddenly bugle sounds could be heard and Jess climbed further up the tree to the top, and so does Oogie and they hear the sound even louder.

"Ooh, that sounds like another collection day for the poor, eh Oogie BoogieMan?" Jess asked. Oogie's snake tounge got out and hissed with evil glee.

"Yeah, sweet charity." Oogie agreed.

It's none other than the royal entourage, and Prince Jack-O-Lantern who is some human zombie with a pumpkin head is in the carriage. With him is his chief adviser, Kaa the Snake. Between the two of them they have put a heavy burden of taxes on the poor people. They are making their way through the Spider Forest on the way to Halloween Town to tax the people there.

"Taxes, beautiful lovely taxes!" Jack laughed while running gold through his hands.

"Sssssssire, you have sssuch an absssssssolute sssssskill for encouraging contributionsssssss from the poor." Kaa said.

"In Laymen's terms my dear counselor, rob the poor to free the rich, am I right?" Jack said looking at a black choker with a red heart jewel on it. "By the way, what's the next stop, Sir Kaa?"

Kaa went over to a map and studied it, "Well let me sssssssee, ooh the next sssssstop is Halloween Town, ssssssssire."

"Oh the richest plum of them all, Halloween Town." Jack said placing the Heart Breaker around his neck but it seemed crooked and tight on him while wearing it.

"A perfect fit, SSSSSSSSire. Mossssst becoming. You look regal, dignified, ssssssincere, masssssssterful, noble, chivalry." Kaa started going on and on.

"Don't overdo it Kaa." He said getting the necklace right, "There. That, I believe, does it. This item gives me a feeling of power. Power! (I always laughed at that line) Forgive me a cruel chuckle. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Power, mmm."

"And how well does King Othello's HeartBreaker necklace fit around your neck?" Kaa asked.

"Doesn't it?" Jack said but soon realized something Kaa said, "KING OTHELLO!? I TOLD YOU NEVER TO MENTION MY RIVAL'S NAME!"

"It was just a ssssslip of the tongue your majessssssty, we're in thissssss plot together, if you don't mind me sssssaying ssssso, and remember it wassssss I who persuaded him…" Kaa trailed off.

"I know, and sent him off on that crazy crusade." Jack said with another laugh.

"Much to the sorrow of the pumpkin queen?" Kaa asked.

"Mary!" he cried, "Mary always did like Othello best, which was why 'they' made me the one who had to become this immortal, pumpkin-headed freak and not him." Suddenly he began to suck his thumb, while he covered his ears. This of course mad Kaa feel sick.

"Oh come on ssssssire pleassssse don't do that, you sssssee, you have very loud thumbssssss." Suddenly his eyes began to change into multicolor. "Hypnotism can rid you of your psychosis-s-s -s-s-o-o-o-o- e-e-easily." Kaa affects seemed to be working but Jack snapped out of it.

"NO! NONE OF THAT! None of that!"

"Well I only tried to help." Kaa said.

"Heh, I wonder, silly serpent."

"Look here. One more, one more sound out of you Kaa, and you are crawling to Halloween Town."

Then Kaa went over to a desk to sit down, "Sssssnakes don't need to crawl, they can sssssslither, sssssso there." He muttered to himself.

Meanwhile back with Jess and Oogie, they were slipping into disguises and pretended to be gypsies fortunetellers, Jess used a transformation jutsu to turn herself into an older sexy version of herself with two long ponytails. They stopped at the end of the road to see the carriage.

"What bad luck, it's only a circus, the peanut operation." Oogie said in disbelief. Jess slapped her forehead.

"Peanuts, why you dunce that's the royal coach, it's prince Jack-O-Lantern himself." Jess said.

"The Prince? Wait a minute there's a law against robbing royalty, I'll catch ya later! Besides, that dude stole my grandfather's scythe." Oogie said walking away but was pulled back by Jess.

"What, and miss this chance to perform before royalty?" Jess said.

"Ah! Here we go again." Oogie gave in, "Spits, it ain't gonna be pretty..." Spits nodded and went back into his master's head for protection.

Suddenly they both jumped out in the middle of the road to get their attention.

"Oo-da-lolly, oo-da-lolly! Fortune tellers!" Female Jess cheered

"Fortunes forecast! Lucky charms!" Female Oogie cheered

"Get the dope with your horoscope!" Jess cheered.

Jack hearing this poked his head out of the coach and saw them.

"Fortune tellers, how droll, stop the coach!" he said and the coach stopped.

"But sssssire, they may be banditssssss." Kaa said cautious.

"Oh poppycock! Female bandits, what's next? Rubbish! My dear ladies, you have my permission to kiss the royal hands whichever you like, first." He said showing the two friends in disguise rings with jewels in them which caught their attention.

"Mmm. Oh how gracious! And generous..." Jess said stealing one of the rings, but noticed by Kaa.

"Sire, ssssssssire, did you sssssee what they did?" Kaa whispered into Jack's right side causing his fork-like tongue to enter his head.

"Stop whispering too close to my ear." Jack said unaware of Oogie snatching all the jewels in his mouth.

Kaa panicked and did the same thing to Jack other side and that got him angry.

"Aah! Kaa! Oh, you've spoken your last word." Then he stuffed Kaa into a basket and sat on it practically flattening him inside. "Suspicious Snake."

"Masterfully done, Your Excellency." Jess said closing the drapes causing the room to be dark. "Now close your eyes and concentrate. Close your eyes. Tight shut. No peeking, Sire. Ooh! From the mists of time, come forth, spirits. Yoo-hoo!"

Outside, Oogie was preparing the Crystal Ball, "Ok, little fireflies. Glow, babies, glow!" The fireflies, obeying their master, started to glow softly.

"We're waiting! Ahh-ohh! Look Sire. Look." Jess said pointing to a Crystal Ball floating in midair.

"Ah! Incredible! Floating spirits!" Jack said reaching for it but his hand was slapped by Jess.

"Ah. Oh naughty, naughty. You mustn't touch."

"Oh, you struck the royal hand." Jack said angrily.

"Shhh! You'll break the spell. Gaze into the crystal ball. Oo-da-lolly. Oo-da-lolly... Oh! A face appears... A necklace is around his noble neck."

It was really Jack looking at his reflection, "Oo-da-lolly, a necklace! How exciting!"

"His face is handsome, regal, majestic… lovable, a cuddly face." Jess said, but Oogie could hear him outside but was disgusted by that thought. Spits was as well. They both gagged in disgust.

"Handsome, regal, majestic, lovable. Yes, yes. Cuddly. Ha ha ha. That's me to a T, clearly is." Jack said and then Jess tried to grab a bag of taxes, Kaa stops her. "Now what?"

"Why, uh, I see, um, your illustrious name." Jess stalled.

"I know my name! Get on with it!" Jack snapped.

"Your name will go down, down, down, in history, of course." Jess said getting the bag of taxes from Kaa and handed it to Oogie who was outside.

"Yes, I knew it! You hear that, Kaa? Oh you can't. He's in the basket. Don't forget it." He said whacking the basket so Kaa could hear.

Outside, Oogie sees that the wheels hubcaps are made of gold.

"Hmm, well what have we here? Solid Gold hubcaps." He said as he secretly steals them, but then notices a chest of gold, "Oo-da-lolly, the jackpot!"

He makes a hole in the bottom of the box and all the coins are putting inside his body since he was a burlap sack. He then creeps around the coach until one of the guards, which were all giant pumpkins, gave a wolf whistle to Oogie thinking he was a real woman, he turned around and gave him a wink until he went around the coach only to collide into Jess who was wearing Jack's Royal robes, their gold spilled out and they gathered it all back up.

Then the drapes open up and Jack was only wearing his pajamas, he noticed the two fake gypsies run right past him, and Jess chuckles at him.

"ROBBED!" he shouted noticing his robes were gone. "I"VE BEEN ROBBED, KAA, YOU'RE NEVER AROUND WHEN I NEED YOU!"

Kaa hearing this hops out of the basket and stood before Jack and noticed him not wearing his robes.

"Heh, I've been robbed." He said sheepishly.

"OF COURSE YOU'VE BEEN ROBBED, YA IDIOT!" Kaa said, slapping his forehead with his tail.

"Oo-da-lolly! Oo-da-lolly!" Jess cheered happily as her and Oogie ran for it. Oogie was carrying her as he and his bugs carried all of the gold. They followed their master all the way to the hideout

"Fortunes forecast. Lucky charms." Oogie cheered

"After them, you fools!" Jack shouted as his entourage run after them, but the wheels have been robbed also, and Prince Jack falls on the ground "No, no, no, no!" he cried.

"I knew it, I knew it! I just knew thisssss was going to happen, I tried to warn you but you wouldn't lissssten. Ah, ah, ah!" Kaa said seeing Jack holding a hand mirror above Kaa's head, "Seven yearsssss bad…" His head is smashed with the mirror, "Luck, that's what it issss. Besides, you broke your ex-girlfriend's mirror."

"Ohh, Mary!" Jack cried as he sucks his thumbs again but notices mud on them, "I've got dirty thumbs." He complained.