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Belletoile (belle-too-ahl) means "beautiful star" in French and comes from the words belle (beautiful) and étoile (star).

Noirinnocence (noir-inno-sonce) means "black innocence" in French and it really has nothing to do with the content of the world ^^

Favourite Manga: Fruits Basket, Gakuen Alice, Kiniro no Corda, Pandora Hearts, Hetalia

Favourite Anime: Fruits Basket, H2O Footprints in the Sand, Shugo Chara, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Gakuen Alice, Tokyo Mew Mew, Kiniro no Corda (La Corda D'oro), Romeo X Juliet, Ouran High School Host Club, Clannad, Matantei Loki Ragnarok, DN Angel, Tales of the Abyss, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Chronicle, Code Geass, Pandora Hearts, Hetalia

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Enjoy my world ^^

100 themes challenge!

This is my entry for the 100 themes challenge!!

These are the words I'm going to draw and when I finish drawing it, I'll provide you a link to the Fan Art! Enjoy ^^

1. Introduction
2. Peach
3. Smile
4. Symphony

I might add more but for now, this is it ^^


Tagged by Felcie!!

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, mp3 player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 15 friends
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

If someone says "is this okay" you say?
'smooooch'- I have no idea

What do you like in a guy/girl?
'Servant of evil' - Len Kagamine

so not true ^^

How do you feel today ?
'Around the world' - ATC

What is your life's purpose ?
'Trick and Treat' - Len and Rin Kagamine

What is your motto ?
'You' - Kaito

What do your friends think of you ?
'Over You' - Chris Daughtry

awww why T_T

What do you think of your parents ?
'Minna Daisuki' - Buono (I think?)

I think that means "I love everyone" in Japanese

What do you think about very often ?
'Benzene' - Len Kagamine

Benzene is a chemical compound XD

What do you think of your best friend ?
'In my arms' - Plumb

Definitely not O_o

What do you think of the person you like ?
'Far Away' - Nickelback

Wow that was perfect =3

What is your life story ?
'Dream A Dream' - Don't know...

That's true too!

What do you want to be when you grow up ?
'Hanging by a Moment' - Lifehouse

That's not good...

What do you think whan you see the person you like ?
'Beethoven Virus' - Don't know...

That's true too...I know it doesn't make sense to you though ^^

What do your parents think of you ?
'Memories' - Within Temptation

Yeah, they're going to be thinking that once I go away to college

What will you dance to at your wedding ?
'Wonderful Life' - I forgot

aww that's a sweet song...

What will they play at your funeral ?
'Lacie' - don't know but listen to it here!!

What is your hobby/interest ?
'Crush on You' - ??

Not true ^^

What do you think of your friends ?
'Myself' - ?? it's from Full Moon wo Sagashite

does that mean I think they're just like me??

What's the worst thing that could happen ?
'Forsaken' - Within Temptation

yeah, that's true...maybe not the worst thing but definitely bad

How will you die ?
'Melt' - Miku Hatsune

I'm melting, I'm MELTING!! that's a weird way to die...

What is the one thing you regret ?
'My Mistake' - Stereopony

well that makes sense =D

What makes you laugh?
'Megu Megu Fire, Endless Night' - Gumi

What makes you cry?
'Caramelldansen' - ??

definitely does not make me cry

Will you ever get married ?
'Object of my desire' - ??

that's good to least it'll be a happy marriage XD

What scares you the most ?
'A thousand miles' - Vanessa carlton

If I have to run those 1000 miles, yeah I'm scared...

Does anyone like you ?
'Tore My Heart' - Oona

guess not =(

If you could go back in time, what would you change ?
'Honey Punch' - ??

What hurts right now ?
'Parallel Hearts' - FictionJunction

My heart? not true...

What will you post this as ?
'Paradichlorobenzene' - Len Kagamine (XD)

I tag everyone who's reading this (unless you've done this already...)

I'm Spoiled...?

Stole this from Blue Latte! What do you have: [X] Mother [X] Father [] Step-Father [] Step-Mother [] Step Sister [] Step Brother [] Brother [] Brother In Law [] Sister [] Sister In...

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Roulements de tambours!!

French means "DRUMROLL!!"

Here's another gifty from Felcie...the twins from Vocaloid this time (although I'm really only paying attention to Len X3)

External Image

ahhh...all ready for the weekend right now...I have no homework except an essay for English =3


totally slipped my mind...

Happy Birthday to me! Well not my real was my one year anniversary on the Otaku yesterday! And I just realized this today -_-

At least I submitted two things yesterday...I was going to draw for it but too late now =

Hmmm, let's the one year I've been here, I've:

- gained the title of Otakuite++
- had 40 signatures written on my guestbook
- made 1 world
- written 423 comments
- received 14 gifts
- have 1 silver trophy and 3 bronze ones
- have 21 participation medals
- have 30 subscriptions and 29 subscribers
- drew 25 fan art
- made 10 wallpapers
- 1 (unfinished) fancomic
- 8 cards
- acquired 363 hugs

hmmm, I've had a pretty good year XD let's see how the next one goes!