I guess I'll start off my first post by telling you how totally INFATUATED I am with Vocaloids XD

If you don't know what that is (no it's not an anime...), here's a snippet of information from Wikipedia:

- Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application software developed by the
Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and melody.

There are English ones and Japanese ones but I'll just focus on the Japanese ones. The first product was called Vocaloid and then they made another series called Vocaloid 2 (yes, very original ^^)

Kaito and Meiko was part of the first one, while Miku, Rin and Len, Luka, Gumi, and Gakupo is the second one. Here's pictures of them:

External Image

Aqua-haired: Miku (16 years)
Brown-haired: Meiko (16 years)
Blue-haired: Kaito (20 years)
Yellow-haired boy: Len (14 years)
Yellow-haired girl: Rin (14 years)

Len and Rin are not twins (although fans including myself like to think so). The creators made them mirror images of each other. It's just easier to think of them as twins =D

External Image

External Image

here's Gakupo...

External Image

...and Gumi...

External Image

...and finally, Luka

NOW, just to inform you my list of favorites goes as follows:



Technically though, I like Gumi, Rin, and Miku at the same level (I had the hardest time putting them into order) so Luka would be second.

Ignore the ensuing fan-girl rant: OMIGOSH len is sooo adorable even though he acts out of character for SPICE (which I oddly think is a cute song) he sings so well. I really like the songs he sings high (but SOMEONE who knows who they are only likes his low songs like Gray). *squees loudly*

ahem, anyway now go look up Vocaloid songs on Youtube (it has to be Youtube because then you can watch the videos that go along and you'll actually understand the songs). I also have to warn you that Rin/Len songs usually come in a series of stories with different Point of Views. I'll get you started with some:

1. Megu Megu Fire (Endless Night) - Gumi
2a. Prisoner - Len
b. (this means it's a series) Paper Planes - Rin
3a. Daughter of Evil - Rin
b. Servant of Evil - Len
c. Regret Message - Rin
d. Re_Birthday - Len
4. Spica - Miku
5. Fire Flower - Len
6. New Millenium - Len
7. Meltdown - Rin
8. Cantarella - Kaito
9. Honey - All of them
10. Levan Polkka - Miku
11. Disappearance of Hatsune Miku - Miku
12. Fear Garden - Rin
13. Psychotic Len's Love Song - Len
14. Spice - Len
15. Cendrillon - Kaito/Miku
16. Miracle Gumiracle - Gumi
17. Little Mermaid - Luka/Len
18. Pygmalion - Luka/Len
19. Go Google It - Luka/Gakupo
20. Just Be Friends - Luka

Hmm...that was more than some...oh well! Enjoy ^^