The Deed Is Done

*falls down exhausted*

ahhh so you know how I've been GONE from theO since this past Monday and how I have more than a hundred updates in my subscription box 8D awesome, ain't it??

even if you don't, that's okay but basically I've had no time to comment, hug/fave, or even look at all the art you've put up (gosh, you guys update fast =3) why??

well because of ANNIE!! Annie is the musical that my school's drama club took on to perform this spring and for my last year of high school, I thought I would join the musical orchestra and play my violin!! Well, the last week before the performance is appropriately named "Hell week" because everyone involved, including sound and light technicians, actors/actresses, and orchestra stay at school practising...until about 10 p.m at night!!

how do we do homework, you ask?? well, the other kids basically did it in between songs or when they didn't play for a song or during dinner break and maybe the rest at home afterwards...I on the other hand did as much as I could at school in study hall, during classes, and during lunch ^^

*sigh* so it's over now...the three performances were this Friday, Saturday and Sunday ^^ it was a whole lot of fun, I might add (the complaining up there is really just because I'm a tad overwhelmed and tired but it was truly loads of fun) and the comments that I heard were all great!!

but it's kinda depressing how it's over...I mean there are no more hell weeks or activities or's OVER!! and since this is my senior year, eveything's ENDING T_T I hate endings and I was really sad today after the curtain closed and everyone was clapping -_- meh...kinda dejected...

well, anyway, the real point of this post is to bore you about my life say that I really have no time or patience to sit and go through every single submission that you've posted (I'm really sorry!) so if you have ANYTHING that you want me to see, something that you're proud of, or something new you've done, or maybe you changed the way you colored the skin, anything at all, just comment here and link me to you art/world post and I'll go take a look and comment ^^ don't be proud of what you've created (did that sound cheesy?)

well, anyway, here's a song that I found called "Anna ni Issho Datta no ni" from the anime Gundam Seed. I've never watched the anime, but the song is so darn pretty and just just makes you feel so ALIVE XD I don't know, it just fits my mood I guess ^^

PS: so, I've changed the design of my world (I don't know why I didn't put Len on here as soon as I could ^^) and I wanted to know if it's hard to read or hurts your eyes with the yellow and black...just let me know if it does and I'll change it =3