Request + Updates + Card

Hi Hi!! I haven’t posted in the LONGEST time…sorry ^^’ but I do plan on spamming your backroom posting here more often from now on


Saw this on Felcie’s world and thought everybody should know:

Staying Safe on the Internet

SunFallE posted this on the Moderation World so go there and read it!!


First of all, I am abroad as of now…in India visiting my family (usually live in the US). I’m going to be gone until Nov. 24th!

Unfortunately, there is NO good internet connection here plus the annoying fact that they have a different socket hole here and also different voltage settings so we had to get all these technical gizmos to get the computer started…very complicated stuff -_-

Also, since I have an ANTIQUE laptop with Mac 10.4, I can’t get Google Chrome (requires Mac 10.5 +)…so the comment system here isn’t working for me...sorry for not commenting a lot!! But I have been noticing everyone’s beautiful submissions and hugging and faving =3

Oh and since I can’t comment, I’ll just shout out a thank you to itemilicious for featuring ‘the ocean belongs to me’ in her world xD *hugs*

I don’t have GIMP or SAI at the moment T_T so I won’t be submitting anything but I’m drawing a lot (Hetalia of course xD) and I also drew my first SKETCHDUMP!!! Woo, so all of those are going to be submitted when I come back…


I forgot I even had this card in my flash drive...I had this done about 3 weeks ago ^^

I totally need to learn new techniques and stuff -_- if anyone knows how to combine images in one wallpaper/card please teach me...or at least point me in the right direction...pretty please? =3

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