Lots of Laugh

Just dropped by to post this fun link where you can fill in your own madlibs! What are they? They're a game. You basically get to fill in parts of a story. You're given prompts on what to fill like "adjective, noun, verb, color, country...etc" and then you pick an adjective, verb and so on. The words are then filled into a pre-made story - like fill in the blanks. The funny part is that you don't know the story before hand so the words you picked almost never go with the context so you always get this mixed up tale that gives you lots of laughs!

And if this description is too confusing, then go try it out! They're really addicting ^^

Here's one I did from that site called "Adventures Abroad" The underlined words are the ones I filled in:

One of the most interesting places in the world to visit is England. This place has everything! There are salty mountains for coloring, and lakes that are perfect for singing.

Just 2 years ago, tissues were discovered in England. Since then, people have been traveling from all over the world to see them. And no trip to England would be complete without a daytrip to see the great butter in the country's largest forest.

The best time to travel to England is spring. At this time of the year, many people have seen batteries and books in the countryside. The weather is usually doubtful, so it is the perfect time to choke. Just remember to pack barbies. You wouldn't want to be high in the mountains without them!

The people of England are very loopy and enjoy showing tourists their local headphones. Remember to bring your barbies, and you'll have a great time in England. You might even bring the local tradition of pooping back home with you!

See how fun this is xD

Oh and speaking of 'lots of laugh', here's a song by Miku called LOL:

~hugs ♥