dA + fun link + song

deviantArt a.k.a dA

Sooo, item wanted me to make a dA account and I finally made now! I didn't want to before because it's such a bigger community than Otaku is and the website looks complicated (so many categories >_<) but I gave in to peer pressure!!

ahaha x3 so my name on there is noirinnocence (same as this world) since belletoile was taken =(

now a question for all deviants: how do you make friends?!
haven't figured that out yet...

Also, tried out something called dA muro which is a basic paint online thing that has the coolest brushes =D I made this as my first not-a-proper submission!

Fun Link

Anybody have a tumblr? Well here's an app that allows you to draw and paint!
I call it the FunDraw!

Well self explanatory once you click the link! It's actually quite addicting ^^

~ Color changes the color of the pen
~ Line changes the size of the pen
~ Page changes the color of the whole page
~ Cursor switches the pen from a marker to a normal mouse cursor
~ Print lets you...print xD
~ Sign lets you add a signature
~ Clear wipes out anything you've drawn
~ Redo/Undo
~ Play (my favourite tool ^^) plays back everything you've drawn!

Go try it!


Have been OBSESSED with this song and I've downloaded it and listened to it on replay since...the day before yesterday I think?...and I'm still in love with it!

It's called "Besos" which means "Kisses" in Spanish ^^

It's a song by this band from Spain El Canto Del Loco and apparently they're really popular in Europe!

Listennn!! It's catchy ^^

well that's it!

~toodlie ♥