Hetalia Inspired Purchase + In my Pants


Waah Hetalia inspired purchase that was also inspired by wuzzle-chan!!

Although her coat looks different, I thought this one looked more like Italia's coat and the price of it was ridiculously lowered than the original price...so now I just have to wear some blue pants and black shirt and tie, and I'm on my way to an Italy cosplay x3

In my pants meme that everyone's doing ^^ Click on the links to Youtube videos of the songs!

Take your music playlist and shuffle it! Then add "in my pants" after the song titles.

1. Eh tu in my pants (means "and you" in spanish)
2. Beethoven Virus in my pants
3. Dragon Rider in my pants
4. Clash of Empires in my pants
5. My Mistake in my pants
6. Your Love Will Surely Skyrocket in my pants (oh gosh xD)
7. Madre Terra in my pants ("Mother Earth" in Italian O_o)
8. You Know in my pants
9. Marshmallow in my pants (well at least they're soft xP)
10. Besos in my pants ("kisses" in spanish...my fave song right now ♥ but the phrase sounds...wrong -_-)
11. 1000 ships of the underworld in my pants (well that must hurt)
12. Mia in my pants (...hmm wonder who she is...and why she has my pants)
13. Smooooch in my pants
14. Am I Not Human in my pants
15. Clair Voyant in my pants
16. Heart of Courage in my pants
17. Garden in my pants
18. Sons of War in my pants
19. Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman in my pants (OMIGEEE!! I was really hoping to get a hetalia song but I was not expecting this one xDDD)
20. Merchant Prince in my pants (waah lovely song, awkward phrase)