Oh, how I've missed you!! + Wallpaper Collab

My exams are...
...finally DONE!!

*falls down exhausted*

Sorry I haven't been commenting/hugging/faving or submitting anything really for the past two-some weeks but studying has been horrible...I had three exams that would basically decide my future all in one day *shudders*

But I think I actually did okay! Well, except that one stupid mistake I did on maths that I realized AFTER I handed in the test -_-

I've tried coming on here at least once a day though, just to glance through submissions and stuff but now I'm free to do practically anything I want for another month or so until I get a job!!

But jobs are still better than studying right?? Right...

Anyway, yeah just wanted to let you know that ^^
Oh and I'll be submitting two cards in a minute or so too!

Wallpaper Collab

I know Hana-chan and Karisan have been waiting for me to do my part of the collab so if you two are reading this, know that I'll be working on it soon!! I'll try to have it done by Monday at least *hopeful*

Yup, and that's it x3

~Ciao, ciao ♥