I was rejected?!

Fufuu~ I submit a wallpaper in such a long time...and it gets deleted ;A;
Apparently it was because I used a fanart from Pixiv for the background.

First time something of mine was deleted so I was kinda shocked at first xD
But I'm good now...I submitted it on deviantart if anyone wants to go see ^^

Ooh~ and MikuBerry is thinking of putting this wall on her feature world so a big thank you to her!

Also! I have reached 100 subscribers!! Gosh, and I remember when I only had 5 xD
Thank you to my latest two subs, reichiinya and mewnicole, for bringing it up to 100 ^^

I wanted to draw a picture for when I reached 100 subs so I'll maybe do one in the middle of my hectic life~

~Ciao ♥