Name: Laura
Nickname: don't have one...
Age: 13
Where I live: Mars. Duh.
Likes: Rabbits, cats, anime, manga, video games and rags
Dislikes: Spiders, athletic carnivals, annoying people and Melvin. (HE KILLED BAKURA FOR GAWDS SAKE!!!! AAAAAAH!!!!)


I was watching Ben 10 Not sure why XD

and it was the christmas episode... and konohamaru and his gang were in it. XD just goes to show that the ben 10 animators are fans of naruto.

OMG! Larri evolved!



I was watching TAYG (Talkin' bout you generation) and before it went to an ad the had this mini "quiz" thing and it asked what the mitsubishi logo was made up of: hearts, diamonds, or spades. I already knew the answer (Diamonds) but it especially helped those in need, when it showed tat it was sponsored by Mitsubishi and showed the logo. Hm.


Sniffle... In maths the other day, my pokeball was taken off me. It's not like I MEANT to hit the window. It's not like it smashed or anything. Siiiigh.... what happened was I had a pokeball in my pencilcase because it was a gacha one that stickers in it, and so, we tried to capture the oh-so-very-rare CHADASAURUS, our science teacher. So I threw it at him, but it missed. So the math teacher took the pokeball for the rest of lesson. And then for the rest of the day, I was throwing at all my friends. :D


Guess what? I'm going to the Tim Burton exhibition in Melbourne on Wednesday!
See, nagging really does pay off! XD!