Welcome to the fan fiction called Ouran Meets America. The two authors featured here are LovelyRisa and Anny Blossom.

This is a story about our twin OCs going from America to Japan and attending Ouran Private Academy. Of course, love and adventure ensue. This is all at your fingertips, so please read and enjoy!

Please critique us if you would like, we hope these are published as FanWords someday!

Note: We each write seperate parts of the stories. (Risa writes Rika's part; Anny writes Anya's part)

The Realization

Yay! New chapter! Enjoy! “Well, what are you standing out there for? Come in, come in!” I laughed lightly, trying to recover what damage I could. I could tell he was trying to ignore the messy hotel room as he walked across...

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The Return of the Twins

(This is the 3rd chapter! REPOSTED. I hope you all like it! I proofread it a few times and may do it again, but please enjoy!) I had to report to the host club for training with Tamaki-san that afterno...

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You CAN'T be Serious

I'm sorry this had so many errors in my first posting. I've fixed, so enjoy! Anya was a mess club because of her missing phone full of pictures of Mori-senpai. The customers loved it because her flustered clumsiness was mixed with a mode...

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Hurt. Inside and Out.

Thank you for reading my last post! It got to be a fanword! I hope this one will be too! Please enjoy! The next day was my first at Ouran Academy. Anya was disappointed...

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Rika's First Day At Ouran

This is my first official fan fiction. Please enjoy! The sky was completely clear the morning I set off to register at Ouran Private Academy. I had been invited over by my cousin, Rengae, to attend. She said it would help my e...

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