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New OnGoing Anime Episodes Updates This Week!

  • Blood Lad Episode 9 ~ Sin of The Eyeglasses. Braz had been captured and brought to meet the King f Demon Aprocalis, meanwhile Fuyumi had been brought to Bell's house where she learn about the relationship beetween She and Bell's mother. In other hand's, Staz who just arrived and meet Fuyumi had been thrown to another space. to learn more just watch it! at
  • Blood Lad Episode 10 ~ The Dark Hero Rises. Staz who had been thrown to another space meet with Bell's father learn about many things about Fuyumi and Her family's. Staz was made to take a pledge from Bell's father while His territory had been attack by another's boss of another's territory. in other hand's, Braz almost get captured again by Chief Goyle and had been saved by His little sister, Liz. to learn mre just watch it! at

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 9 ~ Hesitant Loosen Up!. at
Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 10 ~ Irritated Heart Race. at

  • Makai Ouji- Devils and Realist Episode 9 ~ Vice and Virginity. Heaven's is trying to force "ecstasy" upon William. By the order of ArcAngel's Michael's, They attack hell's as diversion to make sure William's butler, Kevin, Who's a Angel, force ecstasy upon Him. Is William' fall to become heaven's pawn or still as his self as the Realist and Elector of the next King of Hell's? Just keep watch! at
  • Makai Ouji- Devils and Realist Episode 10 ~ Another Battle-as Intermission. William's find herself in another battle to make the best grades and find money for his school payment at the Culture Festival at his school. He's use his intelectual minds t uttilize any resources he could find to make him get all the credit's. Is his intelectual can help him to get what he's want? Just watch it! at

Another OnGoing Anime Episodes:

  • Hakkenden- Touhou Hakken Ibun S2 Episode 9 ~ Brought Up by Tengu. Shinobu finnally meet up with Tengu who's once become his family. He finnaly able to remember what happened in the past. Meanwhile, Hazuki learn about how to made Kagetsu back by the help of Shinobu. But after a while, Hazuki decline to make that choice. What Happenned to them? Just Keep watch! at
  • Hakkenden- Touhou Hakken Ibun S2 Episode 10 ~ Twin Moons. After Shinobu received attack to protect Hazuki, the last bead show it self, all the bead's start to glowing. To protect Shinobu, Hazuki sacrifice his life. Shino who's been nearby, come to help shinobu. All the bead's has been gather, What happened next? just keep watch it! at
  • Highschool DxD New Episode 9 ~ A Junior Student, Appears!. Rias finnally released another bishop of her, Gasper Vladi, who's had the power of sacred gear to stop the time. Issei and another club member's trying to el him control his power to make it not out of control. But all the training was meaningless, just Issei who can aproach him. In other hand's, Issei was take by Akeno to meet The leader of Heaven's Michael. Is Gasper can control his power? and Why Michael wants to meet Issei? Just keep Watch! at
  • Highschool DxD New Episode 10 ~ A Three-way Deadlock, In More Ways Than One!. Issei Had been received the dragon Slayer Sword, Ascalon, from Michael to improve's his ability. After received the sword, Issei learn the truth abut Akeno's. In other Hand's Gasper had improve a little bit to control his power. But When the meeting f the three great power begun's, another new power has make their move. What happened next? Just keep watch it! at
  • Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Episode 10 ~ Time flight Like a Dog. Kazuhito, Kazu, who's been life as a dog finnally meet the culprit of all the incidents arround Natsume, Akiyama Shinobu, who's been attack lately. The culprit is His friend's of the day of his schol Hami. otherwhile, Natsume has been force to duel with Her to get Kazu. Who's gonna win and how's the fate of Kazu?? Just watch it! at
  • Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Episode 11 ~ A Dog by Chance is Preordained. Madoka who's been accepted in highschooll at Tokyo where's her brother's Kazu used to go come to Natsume, Akiyama Shinobu, mansion to make curry's for Kazu who's been alive as a Dog. Because trauma of all the curry's His Sister make, Kazu run away, but unfortunately, he's been drag to another's mess. How his life as a dog continued? just keep watch! at
  • The World God Only Knows 3 Episode 9 ~ Absent Lovers. Keima finnally make his move to find out is there's last Goddess inside Chihiro, but He find out there's no Goddess inside Chihiro. Thing's was made complicated for Keima to make his move to Ayumi who's may hold the key of the last Goddess, Mercurius, after Ayumi she what happened beetween Keima and Chihiro. How Keima make his next move? keep watching! at
  • The World God Only Knows 3 Episode 10 ~ Labirynth. When Keima finnally make his move to get closer to Ayumi to find the last Goddess, Mercurius, Vintage had been moved to get their hand's f another's Goddess. All the girl's Keima had been conquest in the past had been attack and captured by Vintage. When Keima been attack and at pinch, He have been save by Haqua, who's had been help run away from Modern Hell's Prison form Their Chief. How's Keima make His move next to help Girl's? Just Keep Watching! at

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