On the deep end

Ok here is a story Ive had planned out well sort of and Id like to unleash it (ugghh lol) becuz its October and it has to do with ghost :D and Ive never done this so I hope it goes ok :D

The air was filled with a heavy sadness and the sky was gloomy.The tears the people cried turned into the sky's own tears of rain. Monotone was the only color of greys, whites and blacks. People held eachother and sobbed at a teribble tragic event that happened over the past month.

"We are gathered here today for the passing of sweet Rory Ava Othello (or Otello??? uggh forgot which it was :p)"

"Blah! Blah blah!! Im right here!!! You people are the worst!" said Rory.

"....are deepest sorrows bring us together on this day......"[speaker continues]

"Face it sweet cheeks! Your beyond there senses! I mean,huh, your dead!"

"Ugghh!! I though I had lost the both of you clowns!!" Rory said to the ghost.

"Nope!!", said another ghost.

"What do yall want from me?! Yall have been following me for the past month!! since I died!!! Who would have KNOWN that there'd be pests even after death?!"

"Bo and I like just happened to find you wondering around confused by the lake and knew you were new in town. We figured we'd welcome a sweet thing like you! N't that right Bo?" said the ghost

" Haha it sure was Jakens!! hahah"

"oh! here comes the fun part!!" Jakens said as he pointed over to Rory's Coffin.

The coffin was a dark brownish red color which was being slowly lowered down into the Earth. Rory, Jakens and Bo all stood around the hole in which was her eternal resting place and watched it being placed with in a concrete case. Her mother yelling and crying was on the edge with her arms reaching out to her sweet daughter. "RORY!!!! My Sweet Rory!!! WHY?!!!" she cired. Her mother was not dealing with this well at all.
Rory couldnt stand to look at her mother. It chilled her. As they sealed the coffin with the solid concrete lid Rory could feel as if it was being put upon her own chest.
The men started to shovle the dirt upon her coffin, their faces hard and dark. They'd seen and buried the dead many times that it hardened their soul. The rain came down harder now, turning the soil into mud. It just made things worse, worse for everyone.

"I cant watch this anymore", Rory said as she walked between Jakens and Bo.

"Hey now dont be upset", Jakens said.

"And why not?! I didnt ask for this!! Im dead and I dont even know why!"

"Mommy said she loved me....." Bo randomly said [ Bo's mom was crazy and she killed him. Hence every now and then he says random things about his mother's love......]

" Mabey not knowing is a good thing. Heck! at least they found your body!! I was suppose to be married to the most beutiful women on Earth!! When her and my twin brother killed me on the day we were suppose to be getting married to her."