He's a wonderfull artist

Hey Guys and welcome to the world of Optical Illustions..This world is for fun and will update regulary..Hope you all will love this world..They say not everyone can see 3 or 4 dimensional..The brain only focus on what you see everyday but when you Focus on a certain thing the brain works harder on a specific object allowing you to see 3 or 4 dimensional..

Here will be pics added dayly of optical illustion pictures...Some are hard to figure out..If you are good at concentration you will find this world alot of fun..

Face Of Hands

How Many Hands Can You count?

External Image


Saxophone player or lady?

Can you them both? ;D


Can you see the face? :D


This one is a lot more obvious than some of the others, but I still think it's pretty! ^W^

A wifey for the old man

Can you see two people in this drawing? an old lady and a young girl ^^