He's a wonderfull artist

Hey Guys and welcome to the world of Optical Illustions..This world is for fun and will update regulary..Hope you all will love this world..They say not everyone can see 3 or 4 dimensional..The brain only focus on what you see everyday but when you Focus on a certain thing the brain works harder on a specific object allowing you to see 3 or 4 dimensional..

Here will be pics added dayly of optical illustion pictures...Some are hard to figure out..If you are good at concentration you will find this world alot of fun..

Lets See what else I can find hehe

Focus on the black shodows on the eyes... are they open or closed? You decide ;)


Another one

You all need to try and find the picture within the picyure... I hope you can spot them all hehe ^_^

I can hehe. Goodluck and have fun teehee ^_^


Jesus Illusion

Ok so

Look at the four black dots in the middle of the picture for 30-60 seconds
Once the seconds are up close your eyes and look at something bright and see who you will find within a circle of black within the bright light of a window or light... this one is crazy but fun lol XD

Good luck everyone XD


Another awesome one

Look at the yellow dot for a few seconds and after a while the blue ones will dissapear..hehe this is so amazing!!! EEeeeee!! *Looking at it with big shinny eyes while drooling over my keyboard*

This is cool

This one is awesome...Keep staring at the black dot..What happens? can you see it..?