Heya ^^

Hey everyone!! And belated Merry Christmas!!! I had a really fun Christmas with my parents and my dog of course lol

It was great, I got Hinowa ga Crush and One Punch Man vol 24 manga, a new nice chair it was great ^^

Oh and we ate some good turkey this year and planning on getting some ham for New Years :)

Ahh..so how was everyone's Christmas? ^^

Hey it's been awhile!!

Wow it's been so long!! (Do people still come on here?) Anyways, I've been doing good just keeping myself busy with reading, watching anime (I'm back into Yu-Gi-Oh!! Woo!!) and other things ^^

Sadly, I haven't really been into drawing lately but it's okay So how has everyone been doing lately? ^^

2021 Secret Santa Wishlist

I mostly want either: Soi Fon Yoruichi Both on a wallpaper or separate or Uryu ^^ Oh Sir Nighteye and Bakugou Katsuki too~:) ...

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Marriage huh...

When it comes to marriage, I usually think nothing of it and all, until... I got married to Ryuken!!!!!!! :D ...

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Bleach Manga One Shot

It was...GREAT!!!!!!!! And also a new arc coming?!!?!?! Hell yes!!!! ^^ I am so excited~!!!!!! ...

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