{OOFB} Chapter 1 & Proluge

~In a Park~

The sound of laughter and small feet filled the area. I sat at the edge of the sand box in anticipation, wishing for once I could play with them. They never ask me to play because Akito is always around me, but today I sneaked out to play by myself. I sat and watched them for a few minutes now. One of the boys noticed that I was watching them. He looked at my surroundings and walked up to me.

“You want to play tag with us?”
I smiled so wide I was practically crying.

“Hey, my name is David. What’s yours?”
“I like your name. Want to come play with us everyday?”
I nodded my head up and down so fast; it felt like it was going to come off.

David announced that I was it. I pocked another kid and now he was it. I was having the time of my life until – the David put he pushed his whole hand on my back and yelled out.

“You’re it”
Then a girl beside him screamed at the top of her lungs.

All of the kids stepped back except for David. He picked up a stick and murmured

I closed my eyes as he wacked my tail with the stick. Then I heard a familiar voice

When I opened my eyes I saw a kid with a bloody nose on the floor and Akito over him huffing air. After that I fainted. That is my earliest childhood memory.

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Name: Haruka Sohma
Age: 16-17ish
Height: 159
Weight: 45kg
Blood type: AB
Sign: Dragon
Animal: "Dragon"
Occupation: Student/Pet Keeper
Description: Haruka lived in a temple up in the shrine with Akito her whole childhood. One day, Haruka was about 9 years old and she ran away from the shrine. She becomes a traveler and she would usually live in farms since there was a job there, too. In Haruka’s free time she worked as an animal keeper in the town animal shelter.

A year ago, Haruka’s friend found Haruka’s mom over the internet on a chat room and she set them up to meet. Her mom was already planning on moving when she met her. So they moved in together and that’s when Haruka finished her travels.
Personality wise, Haruka is a tomboy that never cries. She always gets into arguments and fights with people, but she knows what is important in her heart. Haruka gets along with girls very well, but she always argues with boys.
Haruka is a fantastic cook, but she’s horrible in school. She very outgoing though, makes friends easily. Haruka is great at taking care of pets considering how much time she spends in the animal shelter.

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Akito: LOLZ, I'm not telling. Hehehehehehehehehehehehhhedhehehehheheehhehehehehehehhehehehehhehehhheheh

External ImageKyo: Has a really token a liking to her, but he won't admit to himself. Half the time he doesn't know whether he's frustrated because she’s just as good as him at sports or because he likes her so much. Haruka is not like any other girl that he's known; she’s tough, but she’s also sweet and friendly.

External ImageYuki: Has a great time with Haruka. Haruka is like best friends really. He really loves how Haruka is into sports and action, because the two of them go out into the garden and just get into practice. He finds Haruka hilariously funny and knows that she can handle yourself, but at the same time, he does think she can get a little out of control sometimes.

Shigure: Thinks Hikaru a little rough and often has his emotional moments where he wishes she was a little cuter. But nonetheless, he thinks it's good that there's a girl for both Yuki and Kyo to mix with in a sporty way. He thinks she’s good for them, but is slightly worried that she is going to get into a fight with someone in or out of school and get in big trouble.

Kagura: Haruka loves Kagura very much but she doesn’t like the fact that she is in love with Kyo her arch rival. She thinks Kagura deserves better.

Momimiji: Is scared of her! Just like he is with Kyo. Although she’s not mean to him like Kyo is, he still stands clear of her. Through all of that, he's glad to have such a tough girl on his side.

Hatori: When Haruka and Hatori talk to each other it’s very peaceful. Haruka goes to Hatori for advice and information.

Hatsuharu: Arguments.

Ayame: Often finds himself sighing and whining with Shigure over the fact that Hikaru is not very feminine. They can see how beautiful she is under all those sports hats and baggy sweaters, and they just wish she would come over to the flowery side. But all in all, Ayame knows Hikaru can handle herself, and that's just as good as anything.

Kisa: The cute little sister that she never had.

Hiro: Likes to challenge her. Of course, she’s not going to fight against a kid, so she just lets him charge at her and tire himself out. He gets so damn angry that she can out move him like that, and tells himself that he hates her. But really, he just envies her strength. He appreciates how she tells him that he'll be just as good, one day.

Ritsu: Haruka is freaked out by Ritsu. Even as a child she hid behind Akito when she was encountered by Ritsu.

Isuzu: Haruka is mad at Isuzu, therefore she never talks to her.

Kureno: Has always been a mom in Haruka’s eyes.

~At Our New House~

We finally set up our new apartment up.

“So do you like our new home?”

It was a small apartment with a kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom. I and my mom shared a bunk bed, but we didn’t really need it though since she was never home.

“I would like it better if you could sleep at home”


She works as a prostitute because she needs to afford GHB and she needs to support me now. She gets cranky easily, but I know she has a hard life.

“I’m sorry, you’re right. I’m going to go outside for a walk and look around”

Hmm… This place is really familiar, but I can’t place my finger on it.