Domanique "Dommy" Phillips. Deep like cow shit, smells like Number 6. Bring me a bag of Cheddar Potato chips and I'll consider you worthy of friendship.

I'm not interested in much, not you or you mom at least.
I draw sometimes, or doodle, whatever you want to call it. I'm not much of an artist, but consider myself average compared to most people. Why I decided to make an art account on here? No clue, I'm not really into Anime, or any other art form for that matter. I like writing, but don’t do it much as it makes me seem more like a flamer.


Why isn't anyone hugging my Zombie? BAWWWWWW.
He's too good for you, I know, but it'd be God's fucking blessing if you acknowledged his great presents over you!
Really, I just need someone to befriend. ›:D

Little things

Like this carrot, make everything better.