Edo - Shima - Bowl

Got back from Otakon, like two weeks ago or something. It was really fun and there were so many people. I don't think I even went to half of the places the convention spanned but I still had a lot of fun. There were so many nice people and even though the lines were long I think I did the most stuff ever at a con. Saturday was the real highlight. My friend and I went to a YGO meetup, a "Worst Anime" panel, and the abridged panel as well. Plus a bunch of running around. Still debating whether I should go next year since it's pretty far away, but my friend already has a room so I guess he's going.

Watching the quiz show and not knowing a lot of the anime made me want to watch some more. I feel like I watched so many last year, but none this summer so I decided to watch a few. The only things I had watched so far were Legend of Korra (not really an anime but whatever) and I finished Katte ni Kaizou (ending was a bit of a let down).

However, I finally watched Black Rock Shooter just a few days ago and it was pretty good. I feel like they didn't explain a few things in the end so it wasn't as awsome as it could have been, but it was still very good.

I also just finished tsuritama this morning and it was excellent. It was very cute in the beginning and then suddenly got intense and suspenseful and luckily had a happy ending. I kinda want to do a Haru cosplay but my skin's more close to Akira's shade. Ah, I'll think of something I guess.