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Hi! Thank you for coming to PurpleCove

This will be a page dedicated to all the favorite characters and casts from different anime and manga that I have stumbled upon. Since my favorite color is purple(actually any shade related to purple), most of the characters have purple in them.

This page will mostly be rave and ramble and just personal craziness towards them, so I'd like to warn you at this moment that you will see a lot of mauve things here(If you hate purple, I suggest you keep out or your eyes will bleed XD).

Anyways. Happy reading!

Mango Jelly!

I don't have classes today and I am all alone at home. So what better way to enjoy my solitude is by making something to eat!

Found some green gulaman(jelly) powder in the fridge, some mangoes left, theres milk and cream in the pantry... Yay! perfect for Mango jelly!

Now to actually get some work done! K bye..! :3


His spiked silver hair, the teal eyes that is full of cheerfulness but can turn emotionless in an eye's blink, the baggy violet clothes that match his shoes, and those sharp finger nails that can cut through your heart... those are the things that attracted mi to Killua Zoldyck.

The Hunter X Hunter main character has been part of my sticker and now figure collection for years now.

Who wouldn't love him? He is such an awesome friend to Gon, he eats a ton but never gets fat, he even has a fantastic mysterious job as an assassin and he has a one hell of a weird family.

Although knowing that he can kill someone with no remorse is freaky, but I like freaky! ^^ I just wish I could also generate electricity with my own hands, I wouldn't have to worry about electric bills... :3

I hope they make a new anime series from the manga soon... *fingers crossed*