Ever learnt a new piece of information, and you just want to tell others?? I have. So, I (And other people) will post just the most random info you find out... can vary from anime + manga to sausages!!

Pokemon in a nutshell.

Okay, I copied this from a website coz my sister pointed it out to me... I don't know who wrote either though, but it's a psychologist's take on pokemon: Have you ever noticed that the pacing, tone and story development of Pokemon changes ...

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Something Odd about Ducks

Last night, my family had duck for dinner (except for me, but that's beside the point). So, today I was thinking about ducks, and I remembered this piece of trivia: A duck's quack does not echo.

How does someone figure that out? I mean, did someone put a duck in a tunnel and make it quack or something? Didn't they have anything better to do than make a duck quack in a tunnel and conclude that the quack didn't echo? And why didn't that quack echo? Are ducks part of an anti-echoing league or something? Think about it, people!

OK, I just realized that I have raised more questions than I should have. Sorry. I'll be quiet, now.


Have you ever wondered; what it would be like to be in your own anime?

I have, and it was weird. See, I remember the weirdest things about my early life. My cousin singing the high-pitched version of the Logical Song. His brother's really dark tanned hand with the contrast of very pale skin on the other side. I think, that if my life were an anime; it would be the most BORING anime ever. Probably because there's no giant fighting robots, love interest, or magical powers...

I wish I had magical powers. Then I'd be all, like, BAM, KAZOOM, PAP~! I'd like run around going; ZOY! at everyone I passed by. And I'd be fighting bad guys instead of writing this and looking after my little cousin... *sigh* GREEEAT. Now I wish more than EVER I had super powers; I'd be able to clean the house faster than ever; I have to do it before mum gets home...



Meh, the other day I was bored and I remembered hearing someone say somewhere that 'Pinapples don't wear bathrobes.' So I turned to my friend and said 'Did you know that pinapples don't wear bathrobes?' and she said to me 'They don't wear underwear either' O.O


When I was a kid, I was totally obsessed with dinosaurs. I'd memorize facts like crazy and then spout them out whenever I could. Unfortunately, I've forgotten most of those facts. But a month or two ago, I was having dinner with my friends when one fact came back to me.

Flashback time!

Me: Did you know that the average Tyrannosaurus Rex's teeth are the size of bananas?
Friends: O_o o_O

Boy, I'm going to have fun being a guest poster, here.