Secret Santa Wishlist 2022

Hey-hey! I'm so excited to see what you, Mr./Mrs. Secret Santa, do with my wishlist! You can draw just one thing, or combine items into one picture, too. Artistic license, y'all!

I've tried to make the list fairly fandom-diverse, so you're (hopefully) not stuck drawing a character you don't know anything about.

~Avatar: The Last Airbender~
Prince Zuko
Uncle Iroh
Toph Beifong being her beautiful sassy self

~Fire Emblem~
Rajaion (with or without other Goldoans) (he and Soren would also be super cute probably) (Path of Radiance, aka FE9)
Tibarn, Janaff, Ulki, and Reyson being bros (from FE9 and also Radiant Dawn, aka FE10)
Any one of, or any combination of, the Heron Laguz from FE9 and FE10 (Sephiran counts!)
Naesala (can be x Leanne but can also be standalone because Naesala is glorious) (FE9 & FE10)

~Legend of Zelda~
Link (All Links are fun, but Twilight Princess Link is my fave. )
Imp Midna (Twilight Princess)
Link x Midna (either form)
Ghirahim being his fabulous self (Skyward Sword)

~Lord of the Rings~
Tom Bombadil and Goldberry (Aww.)
Treebeard interacting with his forest

- Literally anything from my original story, Silen Fah, will make me squeal in delight! (There are lots of characters I've posted on here; just look up "silen fah" under fanart.)
- The seven main playables from Xenoblade Chronicles doing something fun or cool together
- Aisling and Pangur from Secret of Kells
- Characters from Harvest Moon 64, Rune Factory: Frontier or Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny doing slice-of-life type stuff (farming, celebrating Christmas, fishing, playing with their animals or kids, whatever)
- Silliness involving characters or situations from the computer game FTL: Faster Than Light
- For anybody who doesn't mind supreme levels of AU weirdness, Waluigi from the Super Mario series, x Edelgard from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They are betrothed and Waluigi is slated to be the new ruler of both the Black Eagles AND the Blue Lions (being, naturally, Dimitri's older brother). It's basically a convoluted inside joke that has never been put on paper (or screen), and might be a funny project to do!

~Super Mario~

...Okay, better not get carried away. Happy drawing!