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Ghost Talkers Daydream Review

Taking a step out of this month's theme to review a rare title that few know was even licensed in the west. This is Ghost Talkers Daydream.

Saiki Misaki has always been able to see ghosts, so naturally to pay the bills, she takes jobs as a spirit medium alongside her normal job as an S&M mistress at a hostess club. (As you do)
After solving a mystery behind a killing of a mother and child, she's joined by a school girl named Ai, however the less than thrilled Misaki already works for a pervy employer and a photo enthusiast who always seems to get the most embarrassing shots of her.
This one has a bizarre combination to it of being no where near hentai enough and yet being a little too bizarre for it's heavy themes around suicide and child murder. What it does well is setting a mindset into what these spirits see before their horrific demise but then you get the type of shtick you find in your average ecchi anime often showcased by Misaki herself who couldn't care less half the time.
So where do I sit on this anime?
I feel invested and Misaki is quite the fun character but it definitely couldn't last much more than 13 episodes at best and this only had four.
Dub isn't that bad although one actor appeared to do all the male characters which is a little distracting.
Final Verdict: if you can find it, I'd give it a watch. It's certainly worth finding if you don't feel too emotionally weighed down by the themes or distracted by the fact that Misaki is basically Bayonetta's spirit medium cousin. (Yeah that magic whip of hers is hair, see where it comes from and work it out)

Baoh Review

Back to our creator special and next on the creation list is Hirohiko Araki and the anime Baoh.

Ikurou was a normal boy until he was abducted by evil scientists and injected with a parasite named Baoh that gives the host super powers but after a chance encounter with a psychic girl, Ikurou escapes.
The scientists led by Dr Kasuminome must destroy Baoh in order not to reveal to the world that they created a super soldier.
Baoh is ultra violent, the type that works alongside the likes of Fist of the North Star of which Baoh is heavily inspired by. So don't expect anything intelligent as all you'll get is good old cheesy violent action but perhaps what this anime is better known for is it's laughably terrible dub, which consists mostly of stating the bloody obvious all the time mixed with some god awful voicework, it's definitely on the so bad, it's good scale.
So who is Hirohiko Araki? You may know him as the creator of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, although that work has been his continuous work for three decades you can definitely see inspirations for some of the Stand designs later seen in Stardust Crusaders in Baoh.
Final Verdict: So bad, it's good if only for it's infamously horrible dub, without it, it just looks like an incompetent action show with over the top violence.

Twinkle Heart Review

Finding creators who have done a range of work that includes their best and least known works is harder than you might think so to give me more research time I decided to look into two mini ovas, the first one is Twinkle Heart.

God is after the legendary lost treasure of Heaven which he has tasked his two daughters along with their Guardian to search for, much to his own reluctance to do so.
The trio are as follows.
Cherry - A feisty red head with an Annie haircut and a short temper.
Berry - A dreamer who keeps forgetting to do her job.
Lemon - An easily distracted romantic who chases after boys.
Today's mission is on a mysterious planet of killer stuffed toys brought to life by the life essence created by the appropriately named Geppetto but it gets used for nefarious purposes so the girls have to stop a notorious bounty hunter from seizing the life essence.
It's simple dumb fun, it has potential but I'm less keen on some of the design choices along with the fact that the series seems to think that we know all these characters already which is fine in Japan, but not in the west on YouTube.
Also while we find out later that Winkies is basically Mcdonalds. Without any context to tell us, it just comes off as dirty innuendo.
Final Verdict: it's okay, it's at least watchable.

Top 10 Worst Female Anime Characters

Okay, I don't remember if I ever did this kind of list but it's been long over due, so time for worst female anime characters, yes there is a male characters list it's just ten times longer and harder to shorten into a top ten.
Updated with new dishonourable mention.

Dishonourable Mentions
Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill La Kill
It bothers me that she believes that the plot is entirely her convoluted idea to overthrow her mother using her sister which derails a good anime because she constantly implies that every twist is something she predicted but avoids the list due to at least being entertaining.

Tatsumaki from One Punch Man
She's irritating but at least at some point Saitama will likely put her in her place.

Mizuki Takase from Comic Party
Anyone who knows my works knows how much I hate Comic Party and it's because of this character. But she's almost never talked about and I actually rate the top ten worst.

10. Zazie Rainyday from Negima
She did absolutely nothing for 90% of the franchise and when she does do something it's not clear that it's even her, she speaks less lines than a monster of the week on Sailor Moon and finally, her role could've been done by a better character. What a waste.

9. Reccoa Londe from Zeta Gundam
She joined the Titans by choice, who does that? Then she gassed and killed an entire colony. Then she dies blaming men for her bad choices. You are making worst Gundam characters look noble.

8. Yasuna Oribe from Kill Me Baby
She's that irritating friend who keeps annoying you to the point of snapping, the only reason she's not higher is because she gets what she deserves whenever her friend Sonya does snap.

7. Charlotte LinLin from One Piece
Big Mom is a terrible villain, in a series where the biggest villains can change the world in one battle, Big Mom is just a glorified psychopath with practically no respect for her ridiculous family and were supposed to judge her on the same level as Whitebeard.

6. Louise from Familiar of Zero
Worst tsundere ever, it's bad enough she smacks around Saito for the littlest hiccup but justifies it by using her nobility status saying that Saito is less than human to her, the only reason she's not higher is because Saito is dumb enough to still fall for her.

5. Kaede Sakura from Kampfer
She drove the entire plot of Kampfer by turning Natsuru into a girl, yet thinks boy Natsuru loves girl Natsuru. Lets not forget her horrible taste in stuffed animals and the fact that her villain reveal just destroys any dignity the show had.

4. Ringo Oginome from Mawara Penguindrum
Falls in love with her older sister's former lover who is also her teacher in an insane plot that thinks that by doing this her family will come back together going as far as drugging and attempting to rape him and all she can say is crap about Destiny!

3. Malty Melromarc from Rising of the Shield Hero
My inspiration for this list, in the first episode she robs the main character of everything and gets him falsely accused of rape and still spends more of the series continuously tormenting him and yet this is considered a point of controversy in the anime community because of the whole funimation case. Saying that her comeuppance is so satisfying, spoilers she gets stripped of her name and title for her crimes and gets renamed Bitch.

2. Akito Sohma from Fruits Basket
Yes she counts despite the first anime ending before the reveal of this fact. I get that Mental Health is a complex emotion that can hurt people unintentionally but Akito's is so extreme that the line between unintentional and outright bitch gets crossed, the other characters did nothing to warrant her aggression, it made that part of the manga really hard to read, worst thing about it is some fans actually like her. Why?
The anime doesn't do her any favours as there is no talk of her backstory so she just comes off as a villain without a cause, which is even worst.

1. Ume Shiraume from Ben-To
But this is by far the worst female character ever. She beats up main character Sato for no reason not even for comedy, she abducts other women to be her dress up doll and play thing and the anime gives her a full episode that is 50 Shades uncomfortable where she seduces comedy relief Hana Oshiroi against her will in the most cringy yuri scene in anime history. I had a hard time returning to ecchi anime after this. Worst thing about it, she gets away with it; everyone else at least gets punished.

Top 10 Worst Male Anime Characters

From females to males, it took a while to narrow down but were finally ready to go.
Update: New dishonourable mention

Dishonourable Mentions
Shou Tucker from Full Metal Alchemist
A little too easy to put this one down, yes he's the worst human alive but he was written as such and served that purpose, nothing about him was written poorly.

Kirito from Sword Art Online
The anime is more to blame for his writing than the character himself, if better written he would be a better character.

Negi Springfield from UQHolder
After what I found out, he's now a dishonourable mention, I'll spare his Negima persona but not his UQHolder one.

10. Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion
It's obvious why he's here and he gets progressively worst every year, a whiny, cowardly, selfish kid with some sickening fetishes.

9. Mokuba Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh
His role in the franchise was to be scrappy doo and to give Kaiba motivation he didn't really need. He can't even play a children's card game.

8. Seiji Noumi from Accel World
A bully who's sole purpose is to be obnoxious to the point of being punchable, yet he's not even threatening, anyone a foot taller could easily smash his face in.

7. Kamille Bidan from Gundam Zeta
All he had to do was not lose his temper and we could've had Char as a lead character, no were stuck with Mr Self Righteous emo kid who deserves all the slaps from Bright Noa and pretty much the rest of the cast.

6. Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto
I don't get him. He's the most poorly written shonen character in history, why couldn't he just be Mr Revenge, but no we can't have nice things and his character has been dragged through the most convoluted plots of the franchise, not to mention his popularity ruined a generation of anime fans, at least in Boruto he's grounded back in reality.

5. Makoto Itou from School Days
The whole point of Makoto was to not let dating sims be reality because all you do is play with people's hearts and trample them when it doesn't satisfy you and Makoto was the perfect person to portray that but it did more damage to the harem genre than his contemporaries ever did.

4. Ramunes IV from Knights of Ramunes OVA
An ego maniac who abuses women on a regular basis, what's worst is that he's meant to be a hero, not to mention there's no explanation in why he became such a deplorable human being to begin with.

3. Chris Thorndyke from Sonic X
When we finally have a proper Sonic anime and you come along and ruined it by just existing, comes to something when every other cartoon and even the ova is better than what this series produced.

2. Alois Trancy from Black Butler
This ass hole ruined Black Butler, nothing more than a fanfiction writers miserable attempt at Ciel Phantomhive. He's an abusive, emotional black mailing little piss stain that didn't deserve to exist.

1. Koran Mori from Flame of Recca
Let's list all his terrible traits.
Kills people for giggles no matter what side.
Boring greedy corrupt business man.
Most hideous anime design in history.
He has no impact on the story until the end and even then the real final boss is arguably the one in control.
More than likely a rapist.
In an anime reliant on action he can't do squat.
Worst of all, he's the least interesting character from the series and is so forgettable that you'd forget he exists and he's meant to be the main villain, so he's not only the worst male character but easily the worst villain in anime.