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The Girl From Phantasia Review

A quick crappy anime from the earliest days of ADVFilms.

Akihiro finds an interesting rug on his walkabouts which he decides to take home in the hopes of impressing class mate Miyuki. Mistaking a back handed comment as benevolence, a pink haired girl emerges from the rug called Malon and immediately declares undying love for the hapless twerp as in a space of a few minutes manages to ruin Akihiro's date with Miyuki, magically convince Akihiro's mother that she is his cousin and get kicked out of the house for using magic to manipulate everything in her favour.
Malon is from Phantasia, a place we never see as the budget only allowed us to stare at Japan, an exile named Roll chases after Malon to eliminate her but Malon refuses to fight back as she has no free will of her own to ignore Akihiro's comments, it takes two of Malon's friends to get Akihiro to take back his comments to save Malon's life and what will start as a relationship if the series was actually picked up, it obviously wasn't since this is a sad rip off of Urusei Yatsura but instead of the lead being the godmother of tsunderes, she is a pathetic naive door mat to an ass hole who will dump her for a better model; I'm with Roll on this one, probably would've ended better if he burned the rug.
I don't even want to think about this being a dub.
Final Verdict: A clone of a better anime with no redeeming qualities.

Banished From The Hero's Party Review

The full title is Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside, but I'm not writing that in the title.

In a world where divine blessings decide your path in life, the heroes party is formed to eliminate the Demon Lord, but the sage of the group banishes Gideon for being a liability despite his sister Ruti being the hero.
Changing his name to Red and settling down in the countryside opening an apothecary and later being joined by Princess Rizlet "Rit" in a very believable loving romance, but among the quiet is a drug problem threatening to disrupt Red's new found peace.
I don't think an overarching plot of drugs and backstabbing is really necessary, I'm here for the romance between Red and Rit, probably the most adorable couple in all of anime and proof that romance in anime isn't dead.
I can quite easily ignore the more serious elements just to watch Red and Rit buy a bed together, it's very much a bare bones budget fantasy anime otherwise.
Dub is serviceable at least, Ruti especially is unexpectedly hilarious when she bitch slaps Ares in a very bloody manner.
Final Verdict: A stale fantasy series with a beautiful romance within the tired plot of fantasy tropes.

April Updates

There are some more reviews due with Sakura Wars, Dr Stone and Fire Force to name some highlights to look out for.
WTF am I playing returns with new games
Victory Script is on a temporary hiatus
Fantasy Zone will feature a Toriyama special and a mystery article
Not much else to mention we'll have to see.

Anime Review Quick Guide

To keep up with everything I've ever reviewed since the beginning I've produced a quick guide saying which Anime and Cartoons I've reviewed, a one line synopsis and now one line of good and bad. Debutante Detective Corps Five stupidly...

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Goblin Slayer Review

This series deserves way more praise.

In a world of fantasy, adventurers gather to defeat monsters, a young priestess takes her first job slaying Goblins, however the quest goes horribly wrong when her companions get murdered and violated by the goblin hordes, before she ends up dead herself, a man clad in iron armour with minimal weapons and specific strategic items slays every last goblin with extreme prejudice, he is the Goblin Slayer, driven by a past event that's haunted him, Goblin Slayer kills all goblins no matter the situation. Joined by Priestess, High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest, the objective remains clear. Slay Goblins.
Right from episode 1 you realise very quickly that this is going to be brutal to watch, they make it very clear that Goblins have no moral compass and treats them as the ultimate evil despite the fact that on a grander scale they are starter monsters, having that black and white morality makes it easier to support the heroes in their quests especially when they have to really show how horrendous the crimes the goblins commit are, there is no grey and that simplicity makes this show compelling to watch.
Goblin Slayer actually feels like a proper dark fantasy on the level not seen since Berserk, and like Berserk it pulls no punches when it comes to harsh realities, the dub equally backs up this sentiment.
Final Verdict: Goblin Slayer is one of the best examples of dark fantasy and very simple to pick up and watch, very close to being a top ten anime.