this is...a place. it's an experiment. I'll say random things. all that good stuff. So don't be suprised if I say something like "My doctor told me that I have been confirmed to be insane and the army will shortly be taking me away to see if they can turn me into a skilled assassin" (He did tell me this once, but I already am a skilled assassin, so I don't need experiments done)Anyway, try and have a good time!(P.S.  I am not responsible for any injuries recieved while you aredoing anything here.) What did you expect to find?


This is a personal favorite of mine from 3 Doors Down

Fly like an eagle

This is a song I hope you've heard from the Steve Miller band. Whether you have or not, take a listen!

Blitzkrieg Bop

A really great song from the Ramones.

Who are you

Ah yes, the classic CSI theme song from the who, except this one wasn't scrapped to about thirty seconds. If you stop thinking about murder cases and listen, it's a pretty good song.

The Unforgiven 3

Here's a good one from Metallica's newest album