this is...a place. it's an experiment. I'll say random things. all that good stuff. So don't be suprised if I say something like "My doctor told me that I have been confirmed to be insane and the army will shortly be taking me away to see if they can turn me into a skilled assassin" (He did tell me this once, but I already am a skilled assassin, so I don't need experiments done)Anyway, try and have a good time!(P.S.  I am not responsible for any injuries recieved while you aredoing anything here.) What did you expect to find?


this is a good one from Linkin Park


I LOVE this song! It's one of AC/DC's better ones, in my opinion

A music video

IYou might not think it, but I really like Linkin Park. The song in itself is pretty good, but I put up the video because it caught my attention. Why? Because they're next to a serial killers lair, that's why.

My second favorite song

Even though it's kind of old news, AC/DC has a relatively new album. My favorite song from it is posted above, though these ones are my second