~Seireitei Communication~

Welcome to the editorial office of the Soul Society's monthly magazine.
If anyone would like to contribute to the piece I'd be more than happy to have your work published.

Sincerely, Cheif-Editor Shuuhei Hisagi.

Editor Shuuhei

Yo Hisagi here and I'm starting an online version for the Seireitei Communication here on the O. If anyone would like to do specific things let me know or if your just want to contribute stories or news, feel free too. Also I'd like to thank Ichigo for posing for this month's cover. I hope the Captain commander won't be too sore about losing his spot. *chuckles* Anyhow, I'm off; since my last work "Please Teach Me! Shuuhei Sensei!!" was poorly reviewed I'm determined to get back into writing articles.

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