Dattebayo, everyone! My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I will be Hokag-

Sorry, but this isn't the world you are about to stay on. If you want adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, leave now. But if you like funky demons, music bands, mating, cool ninjustu, and awesome stories, then stay here...

Now back to the Intro...

Helllllllloooooooo Otaku! The name's Shukaku Ichibi.

Anyway, you have seen Gaara's past, present, and future. But that's not even the true story. Let me tell you what I've been through. No kistune-teme or demonhaters allowed! Have fun!!!

Kyuubi is here too. So he's gonna post here as well. T_T Why me? We run a biju club together. I hope you love both of us as we play and fight on the comic, club, and now, this world! My biju friends made their worlds as well...

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~Shukaku the Sand Spirit

Shukaku is Disconnected

For those of you who think Shukaku is on, he is not...

My name is Jessica and I am the REAL SandLover13. To learn all about me, go look in my Jess's Blog or read my stories at Untold Naruto FairyTales... I go celebrate Thanksgiving with my family for 2 days and Shukaku takes over my computer and annoys Gaara...-_-'

I'm so sorry Gaara for the way Shukaku has been treating you, so I locked him up somewhere that will torture him all week. Forgive me... *bows to Gaara*

Thanks for reading...


What Really Happened!

Before you go jugding me, Gaara. Please let me show you what happened:

As you can see in this detailed drawing that I drew, I was waiting for Gaara outside the gate (By the way, I rather wanted to go inside the village to talk, dang you!), when Kankuro went to change the main entrance sign. So Gaara ended up in the back of the gates while I didn't know where he was and I tried to stop Kankuro. But he's gone *pats my stomach* AS you can see, I killed him and at him. Now Gaara is angry because I left him stranded cold and I'm going to be sealed in a cat!!! Those of you who think I'm innocent, comment or message me below. Thank you!


Driving Me Nuts!

Okay... everybody is driving me nuts...

1.) My wife Yuri the Bobcat finally gave birth to Triplets (I'm so happy!)
2.) The Otaku Host Club scares me... (One time, I saw some guy named Inuyasha O_o)
3.) I'm bored... -_-'
4.) Teme (Kyuubi) is mad at me; thinking that I would raise my kids badly...

So today, I'm going to visit Gaara.... WITHOUT rampaging his Sand Village... dang it... >.< I'm sitting next to the Village Gates outside... since I'm really big. Don't get me wrong, I know it's not my thing, but I guess I kind of missed that little red-head and I wanted to say to him... that I'm.... *forces out the word* sorry! Gaara, if you are reading this, I want to tell you I'm sorry for making you have a miserable childhood, for using you to kill people and eat them, for making you sleep sometimes (XD I kind of missed eating your personality while you slept and me destroying everything), etc. etc.

To Naruto, yes the demons are on the internet so BEWARE! And I look like you for some reason...

And Kyuubi.... you are a teme, you know that... but I like you.

Anyway, until I get caught by Sand Village ANBU, See ya...

~Shukaku the Sand Spirit

I Found Gaara!

Yup... My ex-demon container Gaara is now Kazekage and is now on the Otaku...

Here's the link:

Kage of Sand

Please feel free to make him at home, subscribe or whatever... He's cool once you get to know him... Bye...


My Big Date

Hey people. Yuri and I had an awesome date.XD It went like this (in script format):

Me:*laying down on the ground, no shirt on*

Yuri:*holding a strawberry up to my mouth, wearing a lingerie nightgown, her pregnant body showing* Nya...you hungry, handsome?

Me:*eats the strawberry*

Yuri: Hee hee!^^*seductive giggle*

Me: Okay then.*wraps arms around Yuri* Now it's my turn to feed you.

Yuri: O//////O Shu-koi...you shouldn't have...^/////^

Me:*picks up phone* Hello, I would like 10,000 pizzas to go...Yeah, put it on Teme's credit card. Thanks!*hangs up and turns to Yuri* Now where were we?>:}

[insert major sexual pervertedness here]

Me: Look, the pizzas are here!^^*holds up pizzas* Half for you, half for me.*gives 5,000 for Yuri*

Yuri: Thanks Shu-koi!*licks cheek*

[5 hours of eating together]

Yuri: There's the last slice.

Me: Let's share.

Yuri and I:*takes one end and eats it until their lips touch and they kiss*

*both groan at the same time*

Yuri:*looks at her stomach* Man, I feel bloated. Too much pizza.

Me: Yeah me too.*pats stomach, then grabs Yuri* Here, sleep on me...it'll make my stomach ache go away.

Yuri:*lies down on me* Good night, Shu-Koi!

Me: Good night, my mate.



And that's what happened. Teme didn't care for his credit card cuz' he's was too busy with Suki, if you know what I mean. As for Yuri and I, we keep having this kind of dates. Which means we'll be feeding each other more often.>:)*pats stomach* Well, that's all for today.