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Helllllllloooooooo Otaku! The name's Shukaku Ichibi.

Anyway, you have seen Gaara's past, present, and future. But that's not even the true story. Let me tell you what I've been through. No kistune-teme or demonhaters allowed! Have fun!!!

Kyuubi is here too. So he's gonna post here as well. T_T Why me? We run a biju club together. I hope you love both of us as we play and fight on the comic, club, and now, this world! My biju friends made their worlds as well...

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~Shukaku the Sand Spirit

Mysticals~Ragtime CowBoy Joe

Okay, I'm a little mad right now...Must check on my students...

Kyuubi:Can I come with you?


Kyuubi:Come now. I'll behave. Look. I'm gonna transform into a horse.*transforms into horse*

*sigh*If you wanna know why am I angry, see Teh Biju Club...Right now, when I think of my students, The Mysticals, I think of the Mysticals. We are all going to the dude ranch. Are you ready Saphira?

Saphira:Yeah..Let's get this over with...


Elise:Sure. Let's go!

Are you ready Jessy? Jessy, Jessy, JESSY!!!!!!

Jess:I'm here.

Okay. We are doing a Cowboy song, so go sit in Teme's saddle.

Kyuubi:You have got to be kidding me!

Here's the video, lyrics, and other stuff:

Jess as Alvin
Elise as Theodore
Saphira as Simon
Shukaku as Dave
Hachi as the Director
Kai as the director's assisstant
Kyuubi as the Camara-Hogging Horse

Mysticals:Oh how he sings
Raggy Music To His Cattle
As He Swings
Back and Forth
In His Saddle On a Horse

Jess:What a horse!

Mysticals:That is syncopated
What a Funny Metre
To the roar of his repeator
How They Run
When they hear the fellow's gun
Because the Westren folks
All Know
He's a hyper-flutton

Elise:Rootin' Tootin'

Mysticals:Son of a gun from Arizona
He's Some Cowboy
Talk about your cowboy
Ragtime CowBoy Joe

~Mad Drunk Shukaku

Midsummer Biju's Dream (Act I, Part II)

Naara and his group were going to put on a play for some of Teh Biju Club if they would be able to attend. He knew some ninja would show up, but he hoped some of the demons in the club would come too. “Okay, everyone here?” Naara asked.

“You sure you made the right choices for the parts of the play?” Isonade asked, standing against the wall.

Naara ignored the three tailed and showed him a scroll. “This is a scroll that tells the parts of each character; their personalities and multiple other things. I am going to choose each role to help you out.”

Isonade was going in and out of the conversation, but got the idea. “So, can you tell us who we are going to play?”

Naara ignored Isonade once more. “I like how this play is. It’s sad, yet a comedy at the same time; the cruel death of Pyramus and Thisbe.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, can we just get on to the parts already?!” Isonade said impatiently.

“Wait until I call you Isonade, the trickster, perverted drunk,” Naara said coldly.

“Come on! I’m ready for any part you give me!” Isonade said, getting in Naara’s face.

Naara was getting really vexed at Isonade and decided to give him a role part where he died. “Isonade, you are Pyramus.”

“Who’s Pyramus? Is he a hero or a villain?”

“He’s a hero/lover that kills himself,” Naara said, smiling.

“Forget that! I wanna play a tyrant. Although ladies can’t resist me, I’m better with villains. You should know since you and I are with Akatsuki every day. Besides, I don’t wanna die,” Isonade said, folding his arms.

Naara ignored Isonade. “Hachi,” Naara called.

“Yesss, What isss my part Naara?” Hachi asked curiously.

Naara looked over the list. “Okay, you are going to be Thisbe”

“Who’ss Thisssbe? A wandering night? An adventurer?” Hachi asked, interested.

“No, the lady Pyramus has to love,” Naara said, striking a name off the list.

“Sssscrew that! I’m not going to play a lover to that asssssshole!” Hachi said angrily.

“Relax, Hachimata, you’re going to be wearing a mask the entire time. All you have to do is speak in a soft voice,” Naara said, looking up from the scroll.

“That doessssn’t make me feel any better,” Hachi sighed.

“I’ll do it! I’ll play Thisbe too! I’ll speak her in a monstrous voice. 'Thisne, Thisne;' 'Ah, Pyramus, lover dear! thy Thisbe dear, and lady dear!'” Isonade taunted.

“No, Isonade, you are Pyramus and Hachi’s Thisbe,” Naara said.

Hachi was not happy about being that ass’s lover. Isonade was fine with it though, because he could rub it in Hachimata’s face later on. “Okay, who else is in the play?” Isonade asked.

“Takahara,” Naara called.

“Yes?” Taki asked.

“You are going to play Thisbe’s mother,” Naara said, “Eka? You here?”

“Yep, what part am I getting Naara?” Eka asked.

“You are going to be Pyramus’s mother and I’ll be his father,” Naara said, “Okay, that leaves you Kai. You are going to be the lion.”

“Is the lion’s part written?” Kai asked, “Cuz I’m a little slow on where I come in.”

“Don’t worry Kai,” Naara said, rubbing the wolf demon’s head, “All you have to do is improvise and roar when we cue you.”

“Could I play the lion too? I’m awesome with my sweet acting skillz,” Isonade said, trying to act cool.

“You do your roars terribly and if we do that and the Biju King shows up, we’ll all be hung,” Naara said.

“And we would be the ones that hang you first, Isonade,” Everyone said, gathering around the three tailed.

Isonade gulped, but said, “Relax guys, the group won’t hang us. The ladies love Isonade. I’ll just roar gently. How about that, Naara?”

Naara was seriously getting frustrated at Isonade’s complaints. “No, you’re just playing Pyramus and that’s it. No one else! If you’d stop being a complaining asshole, I would not want to kick you out of the play right now!” Naara snapped.

“Sheesh! Don’t have to be rude.”

“No wonder Hachi and Kyuubi hate you so!” Naara said holding onto his head.

“Anyway, about the dressing room…”

“You deal with what we get!” Naara snapped, “We are going to practice in the woods at midnight; that way we can hopefully get things right. You better not fail Isonade.”

Isonade sighed and got off the wall and put his arm on Naara’s sholder. “Chill Naara, we’ll nail this play without a hitch.”

Naara shoved Isonade’s arm off. “Look, just cuz you are a part of the legendary 9 doesn’t mean you can get what you want. Deal with this or I’ll call Akatsuki to pick you up.”

Naara walked over to the others, but that didn’t stop Isonade from singing to them and getting them really annoyed.

Well hello let's go
Everybody must know
There's love in my heart like a bomb
It's blowing a song inside I'm singing
Sunshine that your bringing now and it makes me happy

“Isonade, I’m not in the mood now!” Naara sighed.
Isonade ignored the Akatsuki member though and kept singing.

Listen to the radio playin back in stereo
Sounds like my favorite song
I'm humming along my head is ringing
And I just can't stop singing now cause it makes me happy

At this point, Naara’s really wanting to kill Isonade. Naara’s chasing Isonade around while he’s singing, but just can’t seem to get a hold of him.

You're everything I need, handed from above
I can't get enough of your love
Cause it makes me happy

Living in a day-dream
I'll show you what it all means
Spending some more time in the sun
Let's get up and run it's just beginning
And I just can't stop singing now
Cause it makes me happy

Like a fantasy that you never find
Right in front of me all the time
And it makes me happy

I want it all but not too much I wanna feel the way you touch me
I'm the kind of guy who's always there to come and find you
Save the raining days for another time
I'm just here to say read between the lines
I'm so glad that your mine
Cause you make me happy

You make me wanna sing
Do do dodododo
Do do do do
Do do dodododo
Do do do do
Do do dodododo
Do do do do
Do do dodododo
Do do do do
Do do dodododo
Do do do do

Finally, Naara captured Isonade at the end of the song, and started beating the living day-lights out of him. “Idiot,” Naara said, walking away from the three tailed as he suffered in pain.

Unknowing to them though, and the others, the Akatsuki were planning something sinister…

Midsummer Biju's Dream (Act I, Part I)

Sokou, Yurikami, and Tobe were inside Sokou’s home. Tobe was unhappy with her job of attending to Sokou and Yuri-san, but she had to do it. The blue dog demon carried on to her work as she listened to Sokou and Yurikami speak to one another. “Now, Yurikami, our nuptial hour drawsss closer; four happy daysss bring in another moon, but think, this old moon wanesss ssslow! It’s really making me anxiousss; you know, like to a puppy being born or waiting for tessst resultsss.”

Tobe really didn’t understand most of what Sokou was even saying, but went on with her business. “The four days will quickly come easily just calm down. These nights will come quickly after dreaming and the moon will still be up in the sky, so relax.”

“Tobe,” Sokou called, “I need you to cheer up the villagersss and ninjasss. We cannot do anything with the deathsss of othersss though. They have to mourn.”

Tobe looked at Sokou as if he was strange, but she didn’t question and left. ‘Really, isss thisss right? I really can’t tell. How will Ssshukaku take thissss issss my quessstion?’ Sokou thought, apparently wondering if he should date Yurikami at all.

While he was pondering, Raijuu, Nekomata, Houkou, and Kaku were let in by Tobe before she left. “Yo, Sokou, how goes it?” Raijuu asked, giving Sokou a high five.

“I’m doing fine for now Raijuu, thankssss,” Sokou replied, “Why are you here? Do you have any news?”

Raijuu looked as if he was dreading the news he was going to tell Sokou, but then just came out with it. “I’m really upset. Nekomata is causing serious trouble with me,” Raijuu said.

He brought Kaku, the seven tailed, up to Sokou. “Personally, I don’t like Nekomata to date anyone other than Kaku due to his kind and caring nature, but Houkou is trying to coax her into dating himself.”

Houkou was really nervous about being there at all, but he decided to make a comeback. “What are you saying Raijuu? We’re all friends here. Adding to that, I really don’t think you are Neka’s father.”

Raijuu was getting very vexed with Houkou. Raijuu told Sokou, in hopes he’d help out with his predicament, about what Houkou had been doing. “Houkou has sung for her along with his band and gave her a bell choker. He walks her home, takes her out for dinner, and I’m feeling he could just be using poor Nekomata. This especially because the two tailed inside her killed his parents. So please, can you help me out? Can you convince Neka otherwise, Sokou?”

Sokou heard Raijuu’s pleas, but could not fully convince Nekomata to like another. “Nekomata, you know Raijuu could be correct about ssssusssspicionsss. You were one of the newessst in the town when Houkou brought you into the group. He could be trying to kill you to get back for the demon that killed hisss family. Kaku isss a ssssweet demon, you ssshould give him a chance,” Sokou told her.

“Houkou deserves a chance too. I’ve known him a lot longer than Kaku,” Neka tried to say without offending Kaku.

“Yesss, I realize that, but Raijuu isss known for trusssst. He tellsss you that it could be possssssible you are in danger. After all, he’sss looking out for you.”

“Not to be offensive, but if Raijuu was me, he’d know to trust Houkou.”

“Yesss, but you ssshould have Raijuu’sss judgment. Houkou isss more of a friend towardsss Kyuubi and Ssshukaku, ssso we are not ssssure about what he may do.”

Nekomata had a sorry look on her face. “I’m sorry if I’m being rude to you Sokou, but I don’t care about what’ll happen to me! Please, I just don’t want to date Kaku,” Neka begged.

“You know you could have bad conssssssequencesss. Like a flower, they live long enough to ssspread their sssporessss and then they die. Are you sure about your choice?”

“I am Nekomata, the two tailed cat. I am a demon that doubts any of the Legendary nine or Teh Biju Club will die soon or afterward. Can you trust me on this?”

“Pleassse Neka, take the time to think. Your two tailed cat killed Houkou’s family, Kyuubi and Shukaku both know more about him that us. If they told us we could trust him, we would, but we are unsure.”

Kaku snuck away with Houkou and Nekomata to explain. “Neka, I really don’t like you,” Kaku whispered.

“Why’d you say you did?” Neka asked.

“Truthfully, I just wanted Shukaku’s sister Misa to notice. I thought if she found out I was dating one of her friends, she’d notice me more,” Kaku said looking down.

“You could’ve told us that in the first place,” Houkou said, “We could help you out if you want.”

“I’d appreciated that, for what I’ve done to both of you, I really owe you,” Kaku told them.

“Friends help friends,” Neka simply said, “Now, come on; we have to get back to the others.”

The three snuck back without Sokou or Raijuu noticing; when Raijuu started ranting about Houkou. “I don’t trust this dog demon. He could be blinded by anger towards Neka and leading her into a trap. Kaku, however, wouldn’t do that to anyone.”

Kaku looked down again and looked ashamed. Houkou was used to it from Sokou and Raijuu though since he was never around them, so he never really built a friendship with them. “Please Sokou and Raijuu, I know we haven’t been friends, but can you trust me? Neka and I are friends and if Kyuubi and Shukaku were here, they’d vouch for me.”

“I’ve heard a lot of rantingsss and complaints, but if it’ssss all right. Can I dissscusssss with Kaku and Raijuu? Yurikami, I need you to come along too,” Sokou said walking away.

Kaku, Raijuu, and Yuri-san followed Sokou, while Houkou and Neka went to discuss their plan about getting Misa and Kaku together. “Misa is Shukaku’s younger sister and she likes Kaku, but she’s more interested in Kyuubi,” Houkou said, thinking.

“I know. I think this may be a little hard due to her persistence,” Neka said, pondering as well.

“It would be really different if Misa liked Kaku as well.”

“Yes, but she likes Kyuubi, even if he pushes her away.”

“He has no love for Misa, yet he can’t get her away.”

“Man, this is going to be tough to get them together.”

“Maybe not.”

“What do you mean, Houkou?” Neka asked.

“Misa likes Kaku, but not as much as Kaku likes her.”

“So if Kaku can woo Misa, there’s a chance she could forget about Kyuubi?”

“The chance is slim at best, but it’s the only chance we have,” Houkou said shrugging.

“But we still have a good chance of this working. We just need an excuse to get Kaku and Misa at the same place at the same time,” Neka declared.

“Shh, keep it down, Misa’s coming,” Houkou said, looking at the door.

“Hi Misa, how are you doing today?” Nekomata asked the blind tanuki.

“I’ve been better. Kyu-kun left me alone again today and left without telling me where he was going,” Misa said.

“Kyuubi can be harsh at times, but you need to find someone who likes you. I really don’t think Kyuubi is that person.”

“Not yet Neka, but I know he’ll come around,” Misa said like hearts were surrounding her.

“He curses to you, yet you still like him? I sure wouldn’t like anyone after that,” Neka said, trying to coax Misa to give up loving Kyuubi.

“That’s cuz you don’t even like him,” Misa said, making a comeback, trying to defend the demon she loved.

“He hates you, he wanted you to go away, the more you love him, the more he’ll hate you,” Neka snapped.

“That just makes me love him more,” Misa said.

Houkou knew both of them were going at it and really didn’t want to be involved. Boy, did he wish Shukaku was here to stop the feud. “Can you just get a clue!” Neka snapped back.

“Kyu-kun’s bound to come around, I became blind and he kissed me on the cheek,” Misa said blushing.

“He only did that because he owed your brother! If he owed your brother nothing, he wouldn’t have done that! Tell her Houkou!”

Houkou knew this was coming and was dreading what Misa would do to him if he said the wrong thing. Adding to that, he wasn’t sure if Neka would attack him either. “Misa, I know you love Kyuubi, but it doesn’t appear as if he could love anyone other than his sister,” Houkou said, hiding behind a statue.

“Give up Kyuubi, you should go and try to date someone else. Maybe Kaku for example,” Neka said, trying to be gentle.

Houkou then had a brilliant plan to trick Misa to get Kaku and them together. “Neka and I will be in the woods close to midnight waiting for a meeting with Kyuubi. You could come along with us if you wish.”

Misa couldn’t jump on it quicker. “Kyu-kun will be there?! I definitely want to come along!”

“Awesome, remember, meet us there at midnight, no later,” Houkou said, walking away with Nekomata.

The two left and Misa was left by herself. She knew Chiyoko was one of her friends, but did she truthfully want her Kyuubi in his sister’s hands? When she first met Chiyoko, she wasn’t too worried about Kyuubi not paying much attention to her, but now, Misa wasn’t positive. She then decided to sing to make her decision, as her brother Shukaku often did. Either way, she was still going to the woods with Houkou and Nekomata.

Ooh yeah
You and me
We had a pretty good thing
We were making plans
We were planning our dreams

Then you had to go and let her in
Boy you ought know that’s where the trouble began
She don’t love you, she’s just pulling your chain
Don’t you know you’re like her puppet on a string

Now she walking around talk of the town
She just can’t shut up
Oh she’s out there and she’s having her fun
Spending her time wasting mine proving that she has you
Well the truth is she don’t have to
She can’t have you

She’s the kind of girl that’s
Good for nothing
Leaves a path of destruction everywhere that she goes
What you see in her well I’ll never know
She’s the kind of trash you find beside of the road

She don’t love you, she’s just messing with your mind
And you? right back to her
Every time

Now she walking around talk of the town
She just can’t shut up
Oh she’s out there and she’s having her fun
Spending her time wasting mine proving that she has you
Well the truth is she don’t have to
She can’t have you

Oooh you had to scratch that itch
You deserve what you get
Yeah, you and that
Walking around talk of the town
She just can’t shut up
Oh she’s out there and she’s having her fun
Spending her time wasting mine
Proving that she has you
Well the truth is she don’t have to
She can’t have you
The truth is she don’t have to
She can’t have you
The truth is she don’t have to
She can’t have you

“Achoo!” Kyuubi sneezed.

“Bless you Oni-san,” Chiyoko responded.

Brawl Taunts(trying to do a Naruto/Biju version)

I keep watching these vids called Brawl Taunts and Tis so funny that I wanna dp a naruto/biju version of it, but in script format. So here's the vid.


Help Matt Dawson

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