Dattebayo, everyone! My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I will be Hokag-

Sorry, but this isn't the world you are about to stay on. If you want adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, leave now. But if you like funky demons, music bands, mating, cool ninjustu, and awesome stories, then stay here...

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Helllllllloooooooo Otaku! The name's Shukaku Ichibi.

Anyway, you have seen Gaara's past, present, and future. But that's not even the true story. Let me tell you what I've been through. No kistune-teme or demonhaters allowed! Have fun!!!

Kyuubi is here too. So he's gonna post here as well. T_T Why me? We run a biju club together. I hope you love both of us as we play and fight on the comic, club, and now, this world! My biju friends made their worlds as well...

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~Shukaku the Sand Spirit

Biju club

Me:There's a biju club including Kyuubi and I, so please join! ^.^ Wow, this pist is short.


King Shukaku Part 5

Underlined=Tenten or Neji

Warning:Most of the things in the song are false.

Sasuke ran away from the choking sensation. He had a good idea to make him famous. He hired Naruto and Sakura to hold the throne for Jessie. Meanwhile, Cate invisably went beside Jessica.

Make way for Great Jessie
Say hey! It's Great Jessie

Hey! Clear the way in the old town square
Hey you!
Let us through!
It's a bright new star!
Oh Come!
Be the first on your block to meet her eye!
Make way!
Here she comes!
Ring bells! Bang the drums!
Oh you’re gonna love this gal!

Sasuke then hugs Jessica. Gaara, who was forgotten, clenched his teeth, then headed back to his human throne.

Great Jessie! Fabulous she!
Jessie the Graceful

Genuflect, show some respect
Down on one knee!
Now, try your best to stay calm
With her you don’t want a qualm!
Then come and meet her manager, Sasuke!

Cate rolled her eyes as Sasuke flexes his arms. Jessica was blushing as guys shook her hand.

Great Jessie!
Mighty is she!
Jessie the graceful
Strong as ten regular men, definitely!

The Akatsuki frowned as Sasuke said their name. Now their first target is the lying Uchiha.

She faced Akatsuki hordes
A hundred bandits with swords
Who sent those goons to their lords?
Why, Great Jessie!

The Suna villagers watched the actors go to King/Kazekage Gaara's hut.

She's won seventy-five fierce-some battles
Doesn’t she look cool Neji?
Sound Shinobi, she's killed fifty-three
Fablulous Tenten, love the sneakers.

When it comes to exotic-type ninjas
Is she strong enough?
I'm telling you, she’s a world-class fighting machine

Naruto wanted to kill Sasuke for carrying Jessica but then Sasuke went up to the boys. One of them was Kankuro. The boys chattered and muttered away.

Great Jessie! Beautiful is she, Jessie the graceful!
That physique! How can I speak!
Weak at the knee
Well, get on out in that square
Adjust your hair and prepare
To gawk and grovel and stare at Great Jessie!

To everyone's suprise, Misa and her demon gang came out and dance.

She's got ninety-five types of rouge demons
She's got the demons, let's see the demons
And to view them she charges no fee
She's generous, so generous

Kazekage, who over heard Gaara and the villagers, locked the doors instantly.

She's got friends, she's got fanboys and music
Proud to work with her
Love training with her, love teasing her
They're just crazy with loyalty to Jessie! Great Jessie!

Everyone, bursted the door, sending the 4th flying.

Great Jessie!
Flamboyant she! Jessie the graceful
Heard good news all about your great king

"Grr!" Kazekage growled as he got up. Gaara and Shukaku was staring at Jessica and Sakura, drooling.

And that, good Suna, is why she got dolled up and dropped by

With sixty shinobi, demons galore
With her graceful powers,
Ninjutsu and more
With her fifty poses, her eyes, her smiles
Her tanuki that almost cried
Make way for Great Jessie!!!!!!

Gaara claps loudly. Jessica bows but falls cuz' Naruto and Sakura fainted. Sasuke was bowing also. Girls cheered. Cate kept poking Sasuke.

To be continued...

King Shukaku Part 4

Itailics=Kazekage singing
Bold=Gaara/Shukaku singing

Gaara, now halfully transfromed, looks over at th sacrfices on the boat. Flashes of purple and pink caught his eye.

"Wow! Since I'm a King, those two look like my queens." King Shukaku stated.

"You mean OUR queens?" Gaara asked, "I don't like sacrifices at all..."

"Then why don't you die?" A shadow asked. The kazekage looked at his weapon, "Without me, you wouldn't have any protection at all from the world around you." Then, he sang...

The world is cruel
The world is wicked
It's I alone whom you can trust in this whole village
I am your only friend
I who keep you, use you, feed you, kill you
I who kills and only loves myself
How can I protect you, boy, unless you
Always love yourself
Only yourself
Remember what I’ve told you, Gaara
You are a threat

I am a threat

And you are scary

And I am scary

And these are crimes
For which the world
Shows too much hatred
You have to comprehend

You are my one defender

Out there they'll revile you
As a monster

I am a monster

Out there they will fear
And scream and run

Only a monster

Why invite their loveless minds
And apprehension?
Love yourself
Be faithful to me

I'm faithful

Grateful to me

I'm grateful

Do as I say
And love

I'll love

The Kazekage left Gaara, chuckling about the new sacrifices. Gaara thinks and sighs, trying not to cry.

"I'll tell you, All of this is not my fault..." Shukaku said with sympathy. Gaara then begins to sing.

Safe behind this power and these sturdy walls of sand
Gazing at the people here around me
All my life I watch them as I hide in hate alone
Hungry for the friendliness they’d show me
All my life I only wanted kindness
Knowing that as I will never know love
All my life I wonder how it feels to pass a day
Not behind them
But part of them

And out there
Living in the sand
Give me one day out there
All I ask is one
To hold forever

Out there
Where they all love and it’s fair
What I'd give
What I'd dare
Just to live one day out there

Gaara runs down to the village center invisable. He watches as he sing and Shukaku joins him.

Out there among the children and the ninja and their wives
Through the sand and darkness We can see them
Ev'ry day they fight and train and go about their lives
Heedless of the gift it is to be them
If We were in their skin
We'd treasure ev'ry instant

Gaara then for the finale, goes into the dock, leaving footprints behind and, to be nicer, hugs the first person he sees.

Out there
Training in the sand
Taste a morning out there
Like ordinary men
Who walk with love about there
Just one day and then
I swear I'll be content
With my love
Won't destroy
Won't regret
All alone
I won't fret
I'll have spent
One day
Out there

Too bad the first person was Sasuke. The fangirl boat that followed the avenger sank. Naruto was laughing as Sasuke looked like he was choked(A/N:Remember Gaara is invisable.). Jessica was taking pictures and selling them on the internet, while Sakura was crying. Gaara saw the 2 girls. He and Shukaku both thought the same thing,

"Are these two babes the sacrifices?"

To be continued...


The comic's here! The comic's here! I finally beat Kyuubi today. Cate made me cute:

DeidaraNarutoClan's comic, Two Biju! XD

Kyuubi:I can't believe the dobe tricked me...It's the end of the world!?!

Haha, very funny....*rolls eyes* Anyway, I am now Genin in the Ninja Club.

Kyuubi:Dude, all you did was a rap!

Yo, I have mad skillz!

Kyuubi: Don't acted gangsta like Kankuro in the Ninja Idol. You'll be out voted...

I'm going to do a chatroom, another Disney or movie related story, Konoha Squares, and Who wants to be Hokage next, so stay tuned!

To be continued...


Hey guys. I have just heard from Jessica's friend that she is doing a comic about me!

Kyuubi:And me.

Oh no. Not you! My only chance of being in hollywood would be ruined.

Kyuubi:Actually, the comic is gonna be about two of us competing each other.

Like Tom and Jerry?


Also, I might need the lyrics to Poor Unfortunate Souls for King Shukaku. If any of you want a song in my movie, just ask.

Kyuubi:Did you look at the picture Cate made for the ninja club?

-looks at FanArt-Aww! I look adorable.

Misa:-glomps you Know who-But not as much as Kyu-Kun!!!

Kyuubi:Please don't put HER in the comic, PLEASE!?!

And if you want, you can borrow Misa for your pleasure. To draw her, just think of me as a girl.

Misa:You're going to be in a fan comic....without me?-cries, then has fire in eyes-WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!?!-punches Kyuubi-

Kyuubi:AAAAAHHHHHHHH!-crashes into game system-

No! That's my Xbox 360. It cost me $700!

Kyuubi:Cost you?! Last time you were free, you killed a man who owned that Xbox 360.

Misa:-lifts up Kyuubi then tosses him-YOU JERK!

Kyuubi:This is worse than that Deiara kid beat me up a long time ago.

Misa:Whose Deiara? Are you going out with another woman!?!-kicks him in the, uh, thing-

No. Deiara is Cate's OC.

Misa:Oh! Big Brother, can I wash and dry Kyu-Kun's clothes?


Misa:-grabs Kyuubi-Give me your shirt, my darling!

Kyuubi:Here...-gives shirt-

(Landry room)
Misa:Okay! How much soap for Kyu's clothes?-pours in the whole box of soap-I know!

Misa:-makes tea-Some tea for my boy!

(My bedroom)
Misa's voice:Whose my love, Kyuubi is!

Kyuubi:Make it stop, MAKE IT STOP!

Hey do you know that Jessica will be me in the ninja club?

Kyuubi:Talk to me again and I'll kill you!

-backs away slowly-Ok....

Misa's voice:Misa and Kyuubi sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a tanuki in a baby's carriage!!!

Kyuubi:THAT'S IT! I'm going to get my clothes and I'm out of here.

(Laundry room)
Misa:Maybe I can hand dry Kyu-Kun's shirt!-takes shirt and wrings it-DRY, DANG YOU!-shirt rips apart- Huh?

Kyuubi:Don't tell me what I think you just did!

Misa:-seeing Kyuubi-My love!

Kyuubi:My shirt! And it was a good shirt too.

Misa:-gives another shirt-Here's another one.

Kyuubi:But this one's soaking wet!

Misa:That's because I washed it...

Kyuubi:Is there anything you didn't wash!?!

Misa:Your pants.

Kyuubi:Why me?

This is funny! It's like Sakura with black hair toturing Sasuke. Well gotta go. See ya!

To be continued...