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~Shukaku the Sand Spirit

The Three Demonteers Part 1

The scene now changes as Misa and Ai strolled in. "Good things Jessica decided to let us stay in our usual forms." Ai said proudly.

"Yep. I stayed in my good. I don't do fancy dos." Misa giggled. Turning to the castle, Misa continued the story, "You see folks, so that our heroes Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto can make their dream come to life, they have to learn the real meaning of the ninjateer creed..."

"All for one and one for all!" the couple said at once excitedly.

"And we got a song for that." Ai said with a grin as she and Misa got out their new guitars, their previous ones got mashed by Kabuto and Zabuza earlier. The couple begins playing the song as they laughed as three Ninjateers – Subuku no Temari, Shikamaru Nara, and Kiba Inuzuka - ride in on horses grabbing them while singing along.

Ninjateers: All for one, hey!

Kiba: All for one and one for all

Ninjateers: Ninjateers sing…

Shikamaru: All for one and one for all!

Ninjateers: If you dare to,
Cross our path prepare to fall,
'cause we’ll fight you
All for one and one for all!

Soon the ninjateer goes into the courtyard that is outside the palace of Princess Jessica, the daughter of King Sasori and the ruler of Land of Wind, Japan. There, everyone is training.

The men, including those just arrived saluted their superior who is standing nearby. He is a man wearing a black uniform and has long black hair and grayish skin. He also wears a wooden leg. His name is Orochimaru, the captain of the Royal Ninjateers. Orochimaru looks on as he say, "I think I will love playing in this parody. Even if I already know that I will be defeated at the end of the story. But at least, I’m now playing as a villain instead of a fangirl of a teacher in Ninja School Musical!"

And all for one and one for all,
And all for one and all

Orochimaru rolls his eyes as he salutes back to them. It will be time before he will have no more used for these guys. The ninjateers hopped to as they practice their swords to fight in battle with.

So if you think you’d care
To kick some derriere,
You know that as a ninjateer
You’d be so fearsome.
If you believe you’re manly,
Come and join our family.
Soon we’ll make sure
You’re a ninjateer!

During the practice, three janitors are looking in from a window in the basement. They are our heroes though they have changed and outfits and ages since then.

One of them is a 13 year old boy with red hair, emerald eyes, a love kanji, black shirt, red jeans, and a gourd on his back. His name is Subuku no Gaara.

The second grown up boy is a 13 year old boy who has black spiky hair and wears a white and blue hakama. His name is Sasuke Uchiha.

The last of the boys is a 13 year old boy yellow hair and has whiskers on his face and wears a black headband, a black and orange zipper shirt and orange pants. His name is Naruto Uzumaki.

They smiled at the ninjateers as they continued practicing. Gaara said happily, "Man, isn't it great? That will be us out there someday, I know it. I can feel it."

"Yeah, I sure can't wait either." Naruto said in agreement.

"Yep!" Sasuke said in agreement as the three watched on as the ninjateers continued singing Ai and Misa's song.

All for one, hey!
Men of honor hear my call.
Ninjateers sing…

Ai: All for one and one for all!

Ninjateers: All for one, hey!
All for one and one for all!
All for one, hey!

It's time for the finale. The ninjateers crowd up and form the symbol on the famous Royal Ninjateers symbol getting them all excited.

And all for one and one for all!
And all for one and one for all!
And all for one and all……

Misa and Ai pops out and finished the song up.

Misa and Ai: All for one and…
One for all!

The song is over as the janitors look on impressed. They chuckled as they go back to work as they keep on dreaming. Gaara is shining the boots, Naruto is mopping the floors while Sasuke is at work on the pipes repairing them. The pay is lousy but at least they get to watch the ninjateers practiced.

"Man, oh man. We may be janitors today, boys. But tomorrow, we are ninjateers." Gaara said proudly. "And to think, we will end up being the greatest heroes in Japan."

A bark is heard. Gaara turns to see his pet wolf Sand grown up as well, coming over with a familiar hat. It's the same hat Shukaku gave him the day Gaara and his friends got saved by those bandits. Sand barks as he gave the hat to his owner.

"All right, my lucky ninjateer hat. Thanks, Sand." Gaara said as he patted the dog on the head happily. "Man, I can't forget the day you gave me this hat. Heck, you and your fellow ninjateers signed it too." Gaara flipped under the hat. Sure enough, Shukaku, Kyuubi, and Demon Sasuke's names are in there, the name of the ninjateers who saved the boys' lives.

"My pleasure. The least I can do is to give you my autograph."Shukaku said as he daydreams about being a star in hollywood.

"Man, I can't wait to be a great big hero." Gaara said happily as he continued working. He yelps in alarm. That's because Naruto wasn't watching what he is doing and hits him in the head via a mop. As the result, Gaara caused shoe polish to fell into a bucket which Naruto is using for the mopping. "Uzemaki!"

"Naruto, you clutz!" Kyuubi chided at the blonde ninja.

"Sorry, my bad!" Naruto said stupidly. He continues to mop, unaware that he is soaking his mop in shoe polish and soaking it onto the floor. "I can't not wait to be a ninjateer. I got a lot of good ideas. Heck, they can use something clever as me!"

Gaara and Sasuke chuckled quietly. The truth is, Naruto's I.Q. is under...well, 10. Heck, even a brick can outwit him anyway. Of course, they don't have the heart to tell it to him. Naruto kept on mopping and yelp in shock. There is brown shoe polish all over the floor he was cleaning. Concerned, Naruto did his best to clean it up but all he is doing is making some more.

"D'oh!" Naruto groaned in annoyance.

"Hey Uchiha, how about you," Gaara asked Sasuke.

"Ha! Those guys need someone brave like me!" Sasuke said proudly.

"Yep. They need someone who is brave too."

"Didn't you hear me?" Suddenly the pipes gave out a low groan from pressure. Sasuke yelps like a little girl and hides in his red toolbox. The truth be told is that Sasuke is a momma's boy, who get freaked out easily. Sasuke took a peek out, with a wrench stuck on his head. He chuckles sheepishly as he realized that it was the pipes that scared him. Gaara shook his head. He knew that he and his friends weren’t good enough yet, but who know? They could become ninjateers one day.


Meanwhile, Orochimaru enters his private bathroom about to get into his bathtub. He just had a hard day and after all that, he deserves it. "Heh heh. I am looking forward to this. Nothing like a shower to cool me off after a hot day." Orochimaru said as he gets his shower cap upon entering the shower.


Back in the basement, Naruto came out of a closet holding Gaara's gourd. He is still having trouble getting the spots he unknowingly made on the floor out. "I think we can 'sand' it out." Naruto said. Unknown to him, he dropped asome grains which landed behind Gaara. Gaara takes it, thinking it was his cloth, and cleans the boot with it. He yelps as he sees that all that was left was some bits of of sand gnawing away at the top.

"Wait a minute, this is MY sand." Gaara said.

Gaara looks at what he is using and realized it is his sand. He got to fix this and fast. Grabbing another boot, Gaara ripped the top off and placed it on the one he ruined. Gaara pounded on it hoping they will stick. Gaara held it up as it looks like it will hold. Too bad the heel fell off.

"Not good!" Gaara groaned. He looks around and spies some glue on a tall shelf nearby, "Ah ha!" Gaara then jumps on the top of the handle of a nearby water value. As he tries to reach for the glue, the handle fell causing the water to increase like mad. The water soon ended up going to the pipes that Sasuke is still working on alarming the boy as a noise was made.

"What the...?" Sasuke asked puzzled wondering what the noise was. Suddenly water came out of the pump like mad causing Sasuke to scream like a girl again as he held onto the pump that is flying him around like mad.


Back in the private bathroom, the captain was still taking his bath singing a song to himself while washing. Suddenly the water stopped. "What the...not again!" Orochimaru snapped angrily as he hits the shower thingie.


In the basement, Naruto hums while using a machine to clean up the mess. But soon he yelps as the thing ended up going out of control. Sasuke ended up fighting the out of control water pipes that is attacking him. He uses a wrench in an attempt to put the things at bay but the pipes grab them from the boy and hitting Sasuke with it. "Oh man! I hate it when stuff like this happens!" Sasuke screamed as he runs away with the pipes in pursuit. As he does, he rammed into the machine that is out of control as Naruto kept on hold for dear life.

"I think...I got it..." Gaara mumbled as he almost reaching the glue unaware of what's going on.

Suddenly the other two crashed into the wooden shelf resulting in the glue to go falling off. Naruto jumps for the jar just in the nick of time. Naruto held the thing over his head yelling in victory, "All right! Score one for Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Horray!" Gaara and Sasuke cheered.

Gaara didn't cheer for long as his friends crashed into him on the machine causing the glue to get stuck on Naruto’s head. The three cheers as they ride all over the place. And I mean all over. Soon they are going to crash into the pipes that are connected to the pipes upstairs. "Uzemaki, look out!" Gaara screamed in horror.


Upstairs, Orochimaru is still trying to figure out why his shower didn't work. Suddenly he hears a crumbling noise under him. "Oh crud..." Orochimaru groaned in realization and horror.

One crash later ands the floor collapses sending the bathtub with a screaming Orochimaru in it to the basement. Once it crashed, the tap of the shower broke off, causing it to roll towards the janitors who find themselves trapped in a bunch of water pipes. Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto look up and saw Orochimaru who opens a string of his shower curtains, smiling dazedly as he stands in his bathtub.

"Oh, Captain Orochimaru, sir!" Gaara said as he, Sasuke and Naruto salute to the captain. Orochimaru gave one stupid smile as he fell to the ground in a dead faint.


A while after Orochimaru has recovered, the ticked off captain thrown Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara into the royal laundry room to punish them for what happened. The three crashed right into the wall, with Naruto landing last crushing his two friends in the progress. "You three are the worst janitors in the history of this palace!" Orochimaru yelled furiously as the boys recovered. "You always messed things up. No matter what task I gave you, you always turn it into a disaster."

"Awww, give us a break, Orochimaru." Gaara said as he recovers. "We are just practicing our teamwork so we can be good ninjateers."

"You three?! Ninjateers," Orochimaru chuckles a bit then he laughs and snickers. Finally he laughs like mad as the three boys looked at him puzzled. The captain wipes a tear away as he recovers from the laughing he did, "Oh geez. That is rich."

"Come on! Give us a chance! We work so hard and could prove ourselves! If we do that, can you let us be ninjateers."

"Well there are three things wrong. First off...BOO!" Orochimaru yelled at Sasuke as he points at the momma's boy. Sasuke screams like a girl as he runs to hide like a coward. "You, emo boy, the one with the level 2 curse mark, are a momma's boy!" Turning to Naruto, Orochimaru continues, "Two."

Orochimaru notices that Naruto is stupidly giving a blank look. Rolling his eyes, Orochimaru puts his ear against Naruto's. Sure enough, he hears a busy telephone signal that said, 'We're sorry. The number you've reached has been disconnected permanently'.

"I thought so. You, the nine-tails brat, are an idiotic ding-dong doofus!" Orochimaru snapped at Naruto. Orochimaru then finally turned to Gaara, whom he considered his worst enemy, "And you...well, how can I say this?"

"Too popular? Too brave? Too cool for your school?" Gaara asked with a smile. "I'm too good to be a ninjateer."

Orochimaru gave a bored look before he speaks, "Okay...I'd add two more things with the third thing wrong! First off, you can't be a musketeer because you are the container of the One-Tailed Demon Shukaku and a guy that no villager and family likes cannot be a ninjateer! Second, you are TOO short and a guy who is short can’t be a ninjateer as well! And finally, more importantly..."


"I HATE YOU! You are a pesty annoying miserable kid! I can't believe I am stuck in the same parody with you! You are a freak!!"

Sasuke and Naruto gasps in shock at what Orochimaru just told him. Gaara looks stunned as his head hang downward. Even though he doesn't mind Orochimaru's insults before, one of them has finally struck home.

"No matter what, I won't have you idiots as ninjateers no matter what happened!" Orochimaru snapped as he grabs Gaara's lucky ninjateer hat. "So forget having this!" Smirking evilly, Orochimaru crumpled the hat to the point of it being a ball. With a laugh, Orochimaru tossed the now crumpled hat to Gaara as he said, "Have a ball, little brat!" Orochimaru continues laughing as he leaves the room while Gaara sadly puts the 'ball' on his head. The captain slams the door on his way out causing a lot of uniforms to fall over the three boys.

Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto peeked out of the clothes, Kakashi having a shirt hanging over his head. The 'ball' popped open turning into a hat that landed on its respected owner. The three friends sigh sadly. Who are they kidding? Orochimaru is right. They can't be ninjateers and they never will be.

To be continued...

The Three Demonteers The beginning

“Set dresser to stage!” a crew member named Naara shouted, holding a clipboard and wearing a set of headphones.

“Check lights!” another crew member named Might Guy exclaimed.

“Hey, where’s those guys and my narrators?” the director, Tsunade groaned.

A crew was setting a television set for a story-telling show as two people were sitting in some seats, reading a comic book. One was 18 years old with a long tail, black and yellow eyes, and heart tattoos all over her body. Her name is Misa. The other had a purple T-shirt, red vest, black jeans, red hair, and emerald eyes who would be in the story "The fiddler on the Sand and Leaf". Her name is Ai.

The two hummed happily as they read their comic book. “Singing, singing,” Misa began to sing quietly.

“We will be singing all day long,” Ai joined in. “When we’re singing, there is nothing wrong!”

The two began to get into the beat, and jumped on their chairs as they danced, arm hanging over each others’ shoulders and doing the can-can. “Ninjateers, HEY!!”

Suddenly they realized they were making a bit of a racket. Gulping, they sank back into their chairs…“La, la, la, la, la, la!” Misa finished quietly.

“Talent to the set, please!” another crew member named Choji Akimichi shouted.

“We’re live in sixty seconds!” another crew member named Asura said.

Misa and Ai gasped, hearing the crew. “Sixty seconds!” Misa repeated.

“Let’s get going!” Ai said. The two quickly ran to the story-tellers’ dressing room.

“Mr. Yakushi! Mr. Momochi!” Misa called, rapping her fist on the room’s door.

“Fellows, it’s time!” Ai added. Suddenly the door swung wide open, slamming the two comic-readers into the wall behind it. The narrators, Kabuto Yakushi and Zabuza Momochi stepped out of their dressing room casually with storybooks, totally ignoring the moans coming from Misa and Ai.

“Um…sirs, pardon us,” Ai said to Kabuto and Zabuza nervously as she and Misa followed the story-tellers.

Kabuto turns around. “What? What do you want?” he demanded impatiently.

“Today is the day, right?” Misa asked. “You guys promised we can sing our songs, right?”

Then misa and Ai both pulled out their guitars. The two started to play their instruments. “All for one…” Kabuto and Zabuza immediately snatched the two’s guitars and Kabuto and Zabuza then bonked Misa and Ai over their heads with their own guitars, and then left the poor gals heartbroken.

“Aw…but you promised…” Misa whined pitifully. But Kabuto and Zabuza don’t care and walked away from her and Ai.

“Guess we won’t make our big debuts,” Ai sighed.

Misa despairingly looked toward the narrators. “Ah…uh, sirs! Sirs! No, no, no! Kabuto! Zabuza!” She tried to warn them, but too late.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” Both Kabuto and Zabuza yelled in despair as they fell through a trapdoor.

“…the stage is this way,” Misa finished feebly, pointing to another way.

“Let’s have some quiet people!” Asuma shouted from the set.

The books that the story-tellers were carrying had been tossed into the air and were heading for Misa and Ai. “Watch out!” Ai bellowed, pointing into the air. “Rogue storybooks!” The two tried to avoid them, but smacked them clean in the faces, sending them flying all over the place. Ricocheting to the stage, screaming.

“Five seconds to air!” Might Guy called when suddenly Misa and Ai crashed into two large, red armchairs where the narrators are supposed to sit on the set, a comfortable dark library-type room with an open fire.

“Cue music!” Naara exclaimed.

“And ACTION!” Tsunade shouted, when she suddenly realized that Misa and Ai were in the armchairs and not the readers. “What are those idiots doing there?!”

“Wha-…” Misa groaned as she and Ai groggily looked around. “Oh crud…We’re on the set!”

“Where’s the narrators?!” Asuma whispered.

“Shh! We’re live already, just roll with it! Hey, you two!” Tsunade shouted to the two. Misa and Ai just sat there, staring vacantly and absolutely terrified that they were before a live audience. “Don’t just sit there like idiots! Do something!” Tsunade cried. Misa and Ai continued doing squat, eyes wide as they gazed into the cameras helplessly. “You’re on camera! For crying out loud, say something!”

“Hello…” the two said quietly.

“Tell the story!” Naara silently shouted.

“Ah…ahem,” Ai said, clearing her throat anxiously. “Misa and I will tell you the story of…da…da…da…”

“The story of King Shukaku!” Misa suddenly shouted.

“That story was already invented!” Tsunade snapped.

“Then…we’ll tell the story of…” Ai suddenly spotted her and Misa’s comic book as an idea popped into her head, “The Three Demonteers!” she finished proudly, pulling out the comic. Its front cover displaying three heroes: a boy with red hair, a boy with spiky raven hair and a boy with blonde hair – all wearing fancy uniforms and hats.

“This is our personal favorite version,” Misa said, catching on with Ai's idea.

“The one with pictures!” Ai laughed, pointing at the cover. “And, of course, OUR songs. Ha, ha! Anyway…” She flipped over the comic book to show the pictures. “Our story begins…in the gutter…” In the pictures, it shows the three heroes, but at much younger ages. All lonely in a gutter with nothing to eat except a small can of peas.

“Where poor young street urchins: Subuku no Gaara, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzemaki struggle to survive.”

Suddenly bandits jumped out to attack the kids.

“But, oh no, bad guys!” Misa continued from where Ai left off. “Won’t anyone defend these innocent little children?”
The kids try to defend themselves. Naruto was trying to fight off one bandit by swinging his fists, but the bandit just held him away by arm’s length. Sasuke was scared out of his wits by one. And Gaara was held in the air by the scruff of his shirt.

“Anyone? Anyone?! Anyone?!” Misa cried melodramatically. “Well, anyone?” she asked dully.

Suddenly three figures jumped in…….Ninjateers! Shukaku Ichibi, Kyuubi Yoko and Demon Sasuke stood proudly before them. The kids gawked in awe as the bandits looked frightened.

“Ha! Ha! The royal Ninjateers! Yes!” Ai laughed. “I wasn’t worried for a second!”

The Ninjateers easily fought off the bandits with their abilities that they were trained for, chasing the bandits away. The kids came from hiding behind a corner, Gaara gazed in amazement. Shukaku turned around, spotting him and smiled to him.

“And after the dust settles…a kind ninjateer gave Subuku no Gaara a gift,” Misa said with a smirk.

Shukaku hands Gaara his ninjateer hat. Gaara was excited as he placed it over his head…but it drooped over to his eyes, far too big.

“Ha! Ha! Don’t worry, fella, you’ll grow into ‘em,” Ai assured Gaara.

After the fight when the demons went back into the kids' bodies, Gaara – with his ninjateer hat and with Sasuke and Naruto by his side – they took out toy wooden swords, and stood proudly and attempting to look courageous.

“And from that day on, Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto dreamed of being great 'Demonteers'…”

The three friends are now shown grown up, and in a basement as janitors for the royal castle.

“Ah, but as the years passed……their dream was still as far away as ever…”

To be continued...

FanFictions I'm working on

Okay I wanted you guys to know what Jessica's planning to do in the future. If you want to add any ideas just follow the format below. This format is also going to be used for the summary contest.

Story or movie which it's based on
My rating

Working on so far:

The Tanuki's Money
The Badger's Money
Before Haku met Zabuza, he saved a life of the sister of the Shukaku. How will Misa repay Haku's kindness?
4 Stars

Clay bird
None so far
The nightingale
A long time ago, the ancestors of some of the most favortie characters get to meet a certain clay-using bird.
3 Stars

Sasuke and the Pepperstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk
Does your backyard had a red beanstalk? Did you climbed it and just found a sand castle?? Does a certain redhead giant want to kill you??? Then you must be Sasuke Uchiha.
5 stars

Ninja School Musical
Animal School Musical from My Gym Partner's a Monkey
Kankuro wishes for everything to be a musical. Wrong wish! With Sasuke crashing into toture, Gaara growing for some strange reason, and Kankuro not rhyming in every song, it's up to the untrustworthy, cursed Jessica to save everyone from singing all the time.
6 stars

Saving Daft Punk
GaaJess, ZoloNami, MomiSaku
Daft Punk, at least the band who created 'One More Time' but the band in the movie is called the Cresendolls, has been stolen. The aliens go to different animes and one Original magna to find a replacement band. Now worlds collide and saves all worlds from destruction.
4 Stars

King Shukaku
GaaSakuSasu, a lil' GaaJessSasu
King Kong
Movie director, Sasuke Uchiha, plans to use his best two actresses, Jessica and Sakura, in a movie about a certain tanuki. With music, drama, love, and a guardian angel named Cate, King Shukaku emerges into the streets of New york with 3 lovely ladys.
7 stars

Coming soon:

Fiddler of the Sand and leaf
JiraiyaXTsunade, SasuSaku, TemaShika, NaruHina, OCXOC(Both girls)
Fiddler on the Roof
Jiraiya has the 5th hokage and the five Naruto girls as family but when three certain dauhters love guys that don't seem right, the pervy sage describes his life as two fiddlers on the roof. And to him, the two fiddlers that guide him look strangly familiar...
4 stars

Indiana Naara:The Sound Ark
None so far
Indiana Jones:The Lost Ark
Naara, Jessica's older brother, has a secret that some people know. On the outside, he's just a part of the nortorious Akatsuki. But really, he's an adventure loving demon who takes artifacts for the Ninja Academy museum. But to get to one of the most valuable treasures, the Sound Ark, he has to go to Orochimaru's hideout with Itachi and face his fear, snakes.
5 stars

Gaara, I Blew Up The Twerp
GaaJess, KankTen, TemaShika
Honey, I blew up the Kid
Kankuro has done it again! After the perliminaries, Kankuro was so mad at the annoying Jessica that he used Temari's growth ray to make her grow whenever she touches something electric. What's wrong with that? Jessica thinks that everything is a dollhouse and is touching every electric thing in sight, even lights! The chase is on!!!
10 stars

Shukaku Bear
Winkie by Clifford Chase
After the Save Gaara arc in shippuden, nothing has been the same without Jessica's playful sensai. So Jess makes a teddy bear devoted to Shukaku. What happens when the bear comes to life for some reason and plans something big?
5 stars

The Oddly Mates
GaaHinaNaru, A lil' GaaJess
Villa Incognito by Tom Robbins Part 1
All Tsunade wanted to do was a play. That's all she asked. But when everyone thinks that the play is real, things get scary. With Gaara and Naruto fighting over Hinata and Jessica as the narrator of the story, things should get interesting.
5 stars

The Three Demonteers
GaaJess, NaruHina, SasuSaku
The three Muskateers Disney style
Gaara, the insane yet bravest one, Naruto, the idiot, and Sasuke, the coward, hace one thing in common. Yes, they have demonic forms. But they all wanted to become Ninja muskateers. But do they have the chance of saving Princess Jessica and Sakura from evil forces?
6 stars

What do y'all think?

King Shukaku the Beginning

A long time ago in the island of Suna, a giant baby was born. The islanders thought of him as a King or a god. But while the father is taking care of him, let's look at the baby's siblings.

"Baka!" A girl with 4 buns on her blonde hair yelled at the brown headed boy, "Father told you to watch HIM."

"I don't care about that little brat." The older sibling Kankuro stated(A/N:In this story, Kankuro is the oldest.), "Why didn't Father pick me? I'm the oldest, the bravest, the strongest, the sma-"

"HE'S WHAT!?!" A scream was heard in the distance. The 2 kids followed the cry in the bamboo made wall that seperated the small village to the jungles. They went inside to find their father, the Kazekage of the village, pacing back and forth.

"I can't believe it! The nortorious Sasuke has the nerve of shooting a movie about my secret weapon..." Kazekage muttered to himself. Then, a wail was heard. It was part human and part something else.

"JessSaku...." A raspy voice said with pleasure in the darkness.

"Yes...Those two actors will be sacrifices," the kazekage agreed to the redheaded baby, "But hush, you must be exhausted.


Sleep my little Gaara
Let you're dreams take wing
One day when you're big and Strong
You will be a King

"Good night." The baby said as he laid to rest and started to transform.

"Night, my weapon. In 13 years, you're rein begins" Kazekage said.

I've been exiled, persecuted
Left alone with no defence
When I think of what that brute did,
I get a little tense

But I dream a dream
So handy
That I don't feel so depressed.
Cause it soothes my inner dandy
And it helps me get some rest

Temari and Kankuro watched their father dance and dream of the future.

The sound of Sasuke's dying gasp,

Kankuro made a gasping sound and fainted, representing Sasuke.

His actors squeling in my Grasp,

A shadow of what seemed to be a tanuki holding two girls screaming was just Kankuro, his hands, and a flashlight. Temari punched him on the head.

His Sensai's mournful cry
That's my lulluby!

Kazekage then went into his small replica of the island with alot of dolls. He holds a Sasuke voo doo doll as he sings.

Now the past
I've tried forgetting
And my foes
I could forgive

Trouble is I know it's petty
But I hate to let them live

He then takes Sasuke's arm and rips it apart. Kankuro started to sing.

So you found yourself somebody
who'll chase Sasuke up a tree

Kazekage grabbed baka by the collar, his son smirking.

Oh, the battle may be bloody
But that kinda works for me

The melody of angry growls,

Growling was then heard from the drooling, half transformed child.

A counterpoint of painful howls
A symphony of death, oh my,
That's my lullaby!

Kazekage holds a perfectly framed picture of a smiling woman.

Mom is gone

He throws the picture in the garbege can, and then goes up to the baby's crib.

But daddy's still around
To love this little lad

He kisses the possessed child and then used mouthwash.

Till he learns to be a killer
with a lust for being bad!

Kankuro and Temari stare at Gaara with disgust in their eyes. Kankuro was not at all pleased.

Sleep, you little termite-
Uh, I mean percious little thing

Temari pushes Kankuro aside and looks at Gaara with admiration.

One day when you're big and strong,
You will be a king!

Suddenly, drumming was heard by the villagers outside.

The pounding of the drums of war
The thrill of Gaara's mighty roar

The joy of vengence

I can hear the cheering,

Kankuro waves a small flag with boredom on his face, Temari seems cheerful.

"Gaara, what a guy!"

Payback time is nearing
And then our flag will fly
Against a bloodred sky
That's my lullaby!!!!!

To be continued....

Kyuubi vs. Shukaku Part 2

The ANBU, scared to death, said yes in an instant.

"Ummmm, here!" ANBU gave Misa the box, "A box of sake-I mean grape juice."

"Rame?" Misa asked, wanting to know about her 'husband'. She dropped the rock.


"Misa. Now rive me a roodbye rug." No response.....

"HUG ME, YOU JERK!" Misa yelled at Kyuubi. He hugged her softly.

"TIGHTER!" Kyuubi hugged her too tight. Misa punched him in the middle of the street. Yelling and punching was heard all over the world.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't believe you've got beaten by my sister who is 10 years younger than you.

Kyuubi:Shut it, dobe.

Ya know, that relationship reminds me of Kagura and Kyo from Fruits Basket.

Door:*ding dong*

I wonder who would that be.*opens door*

Misa:Hello big brother. Is Kyuubi-Kun here?

Unfortunately, yes he is here.

Misa:My darling! Why didn't you call me? I-i...I MISSED YOU!*punches Kyuubi*

Kyuubi:AAAhhhhhhhh!*falls outside of my room*

Gaara's voice:Shukaku! What the heck are you doing?

Uuuuhhhhh, nothing?

GV:Is it the same nothing that killed the last priest?

Misa:*grabs Kyuubi by one of his tails and twirls him* I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!

To be continued....