Kyuubi vs. Shukaku Part 2

The ANBU, scared to death, said yes in an instant.

"Ummmm, here!" ANBU gave Misa the box, "A box of sake-I mean grape juice."

"Rame?" Misa asked, wanting to know about her 'husband'. She dropped the rock.


"Misa. Now rive me a roodbye rug." No response.....

"HUG ME, YOU JERK!" Misa yelled at Kyuubi. He hugged her softly.

"TIGHTER!" Kyuubi hugged her too tight. Misa punched him in the middle of the street. Yelling and punching was heard all over the world.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't believe you've got beaten by my sister who is 10 years younger than you.

Kyuubi:Shut it, dobe.

Ya know, that relationship reminds me of Kagura and Kyo from Fruits Basket.

Door:*ding dong*

I wonder who would that be.*opens door*

Misa:Hello big brother. Is Kyuubi-Kun here?

Unfortunately, yes he is here.

Misa:My darling! Why didn't you call me? I-i...I MISSED YOU!*punches Kyuubi*

Kyuubi:AAAhhhhhhhh!*falls outside of my room*

Gaara's voice:Shukaku! What the heck are you doing?

Uuuuhhhhh, nothing?

GV:Is it the same nothing that killed the last priest?

Misa:*grabs Kyuubi by one of his tails and twirls him* I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!

To be continued....