King Shukaku the Beginning

A long time ago in the island of Suna, a giant baby was born. The islanders thought of him as a King or a god. But while the father is taking care of him, let's look at the baby's siblings.

"Baka!" A girl with 4 buns on her blonde hair yelled at the brown headed boy, "Father told you to watch HIM."

"I don't care about that little brat." The older sibling Kankuro stated(A/N:In this story, Kankuro is the oldest.), "Why didn't Father pick me? I'm the oldest, the bravest, the strongest, the sma-"

"HE'S WHAT!?!" A scream was heard in the distance. The 2 kids followed the cry in the bamboo made wall that seperated the small village to the jungles. They went inside to find their father, the Kazekage of the village, pacing back and forth.

"I can't believe it! The nortorious Sasuke has the nerve of shooting a movie about my secret weapon..." Kazekage muttered to himself. Then, a wail was heard. It was part human and part something else.

"JessSaku...." A raspy voice said with pleasure in the darkness.

"Yes...Those two actors will be sacrifices," the kazekage agreed to the redheaded baby, "But hush, you must be exhausted.


Sleep my little Gaara
Let you're dreams take wing
One day when you're big and Strong
You will be a King

"Good night." The baby said as he laid to rest and started to transform.

"Night, my weapon. In 13 years, you're rein begins" Kazekage said.

I've been exiled, persecuted
Left alone with no defence
When I think of what that brute did,
I get a little tense

But I dream a dream
So handy
That I don't feel so depressed.
Cause it soothes my inner dandy
And it helps me get some rest

Temari and Kankuro watched their father dance and dream of the future.

The sound of Sasuke's dying gasp,

Kankuro made a gasping sound and fainted, representing Sasuke.

His actors squeling in my Grasp,

A shadow of what seemed to be a tanuki holding two girls screaming was just Kankuro, his hands, and a flashlight. Temari punched him on the head.

His Sensai's mournful cry
That's my lulluby!

Kazekage then went into his small replica of the island with alot of dolls. He holds a Sasuke voo doo doll as he sings.

Now the past
I've tried forgetting
And my foes
I could forgive

Trouble is I know it's petty
But I hate to let them live

He then takes Sasuke's arm and rips it apart. Kankuro started to sing.

So you found yourself somebody
who'll chase Sasuke up a tree

Kazekage grabbed baka by the collar, his son smirking.

Oh, the battle may be bloody
But that kinda works for me

The melody of angry growls,

Growling was then heard from the drooling, half transformed child.

A counterpoint of painful howls
A symphony of death, oh my,
That's my lullaby!

Kazekage holds a perfectly framed picture of a smiling woman.

Mom is gone

He throws the picture in the garbege can, and then goes up to the baby's crib.

But daddy's still around
To love this little lad

He kisses the possessed child and then used mouthwash.

Till he learns to be a killer
with a lust for being bad!

Kankuro and Temari stare at Gaara with disgust in their eyes. Kankuro was not at all pleased.

Sleep, you little termite-
Uh, I mean percious little thing

Temari pushes Kankuro aside and looks at Gaara with admiration.

One day when you're big and strong,
You will be a king!

Suddenly, drumming was heard by the villagers outside.

The pounding of the drums of war
The thrill of Gaara's mighty roar

The joy of vengence

I can hear the cheering,

Kankuro waves a small flag with boredom on his face, Temari seems cheerful.

"Gaara, what a guy!"

Payback time is nearing
And then our flag will fly
Against a bloodred sky
That's my lullaby!!!!!

To be continued....