FanFictions I'm working on

Okay I wanted you guys to know what Jessica's planning to do in the future. If you want to add any ideas just follow the format below. This format is also going to be used for the summary contest.

Story or movie which it's based on
My rating

Working on so far:

The Tanuki's Money
The Badger's Money
Before Haku met Zabuza, he saved a life of the sister of the Shukaku. How will Misa repay Haku's kindness?
4 Stars

Clay bird
None so far
The nightingale
A long time ago, the ancestors of some of the most favortie characters get to meet a certain clay-using bird.
3 Stars

Sasuke and the Pepperstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk
Does your backyard had a red beanstalk? Did you climbed it and just found a sand castle?? Does a certain redhead giant want to kill you??? Then you must be Sasuke Uchiha.
5 stars

Ninja School Musical
Animal School Musical from My Gym Partner's a Monkey
Kankuro wishes for everything to be a musical. Wrong wish! With Sasuke crashing into toture, Gaara growing for some strange reason, and Kankuro not rhyming in every song, it's up to the untrustworthy, cursed Jessica to save everyone from singing all the time.
6 stars

Saving Daft Punk
GaaJess, ZoloNami, MomiSaku
Daft Punk, at least the band who created 'One More Time' but the band in the movie is called the Cresendolls, has been stolen. The aliens go to different animes and one Original magna to find a replacement band. Now worlds collide and saves all worlds from destruction.
4 Stars

King Shukaku
GaaSakuSasu, a lil' GaaJessSasu
King Kong
Movie director, Sasuke Uchiha, plans to use his best two actresses, Jessica and Sakura, in a movie about a certain tanuki. With music, drama, love, and a guardian angel named Cate, King Shukaku emerges into the streets of New york with 3 lovely ladys.
7 stars

Coming soon:

Fiddler of the Sand and leaf
JiraiyaXTsunade, SasuSaku, TemaShika, NaruHina, OCXOC(Both girls)
Fiddler on the Roof
Jiraiya has the 5th hokage and the five Naruto girls as family but when three certain dauhters love guys that don't seem right, the pervy sage describes his life as two fiddlers on the roof. And to him, the two fiddlers that guide him look strangly familiar...
4 stars

Indiana Naara:The Sound Ark
None so far
Indiana Jones:The Lost Ark
Naara, Jessica's older brother, has a secret that some people know. On the outside, he's just a part of the nortorious Akatsuki. But really, he's an adventure loving demon who takes artifacts for the Ninja Academy museum. But to get to one of the most valuable treasures, the Sound Ark, he has to go to Orochimaru's hideout with Itachi and face his fear, snakes.
5 stars

Gaara, I Blew Up The Twerp
GaaJess, KankTen, TemaShika
Honey, I blew up the Kid
Kankuro has done it again! After the perliminaries, Kankuro was so mad at the annoying Jessica that he used Temari's growth ray to make her grow whenever she touches something electric. What's wrong with that? Jessica thinks that everything is a dollhouse and is touching every electric thing in sight, even lights! The chase is on!!!
10 stars

Shukaku Bear
Winkie by Clifford Chase
After the Save Gaara arc in shippuden, nothing has been the same without Jessica's playful sensai. So Jess makes a teddy bear devoted to Shukaku. What happens when the bear comes to life for some reason and plans something big?
5 stars

The Oddly Mates
GaaHinaNaru, A lil' GaaJess
Villa Incognito by Tom Robbins Part 1
All Tsunade wanted to do was a play. That's all she asked. But when everyone thinks that the play is real, things get scary. With Gaara and Naruto fighting over Hinata and Jessica as the narrator of the story, things should get interesting.
5 stars

The Three Demonteers
GaaJess, NaruHina, SasuSaku
The three Muskateers Disney style
Gaara, the insane yet bravest one, Naruto, the idiot, and Sasuke, the coward, hace one thing in common. Yes, they have demonic forms. But they all wanted to become Ninja muskateers. But do they have the chance of saving Princess Jessica and Sakura from evil forces?
6 stars

What do y'all think?