The Three Demonteers Part 2

As our heroes lick their wounds (so to speak), in the throne room, a girl is sitting in her throne smiling happily with a spaced-out look while plucking petals off a flower she is holding. This girl is a 13 year old girl with long purple hair, blue eyes and wears almost the exact outfit as Gaara, minus the gourd. She was known as Princess Jessica, the ruler of Land of Wind, Japan.

"He loves me." Jessica whispered lovingly as she kept plucking a flower's petal off each time. "He loves me a lot! He loves me. He loves me even more! He loves me..." Jessica plucked the flowers causing the petals to fly off landing on a head of her lady in waiting. She wore a red sleeveless zipper shirt, a white skirt, black shorts and black shoes. She also has short pink hair and wears a red headband. Her name is Sakura Haruno.

"Hey excuse me?" Sakura asked, annoyed with what Jessica is doing. Jessica is doing the plucking for a while. The lady in waiting brush the petals off her head as she continues, "You are mangling that flower again. Let me guess, there's someone out there for ya, a lucky guy?"

"Yep. My true love." Jessica said sighing happily. "I will find him someday. He's out there, Sakura. I know he is."

"Right...if he of royalty by any chance?"

"Oh bother. Why would that matter? You aren't dressed to be a lady of waiting."

Sakura rolls her eyes. Again with the comment. She pointed out, "1, I don't like to wear fancy dos. It doesn't go well with me. And 2, someone like you must be courted by gentlemen of royal blood, you know that."

"That stuff gives me a royal headache." Jessica groaned in annoyance, getting up from her throne and leaving the room going into the hallway. Sakura follows her trying to talk reason into the princess.

"I know you don't want to be forced into doing stuff like this but one of these days, you got to pick someone to rule by your side!"

"Not if it's anyone I am not in love with!"

"Right. You want love? Go buy a blue haired ninja boy. Oh wait, that will make things worst, would it?" Sakura asked sarcastically. She sighs in annoyance. "Stuff like that can be ugly. The right guy isn't just going to walk through the door. And even so, how would you know if he is the one?"

"Simple, I'd know. He will stride into the room, a light will glow from him," Jessica said dreamily as she describes what she thinks will happen, "I will hear music," As Jessica continued, she takes Sakura by the hand and dance around with her making the latter looks embarrassed, "He will bring me flowers, sweep me off my feet, and the best way I will know he is the one is when he makes me laugh." The dance came to a stop very soon. Sakura chuckled a bit at the idea. To her, it sounded kinda ridiculous and crazy.

"Forgive me for saying this but I think that sounded..." Sakura begins to say. But soon she stops as she noticed Jessica's face, a face of dreams for love. Sakura sighs then, not wanting to ruin the princess's hopes, she said, "...just lovely."

"Thank you. Trust me, like I said before I will know him when I see him." Jessica cooed as she puts her flower in a vase nearby. The girl leaves the palace to take a walk into the garden. The flower loses one more petal. Upon landing, it seems like the petal is resembling a certain red-haired boy...


As Jessica walks outside, stepping down from a small staircase, she sees Ai and Misa sitting on the rails. Misa is playing a harp while Ai is playing a violin. "Hello. Good music. And what are you doing here, Misa?" Jessica said happily as she headed to out to begin her walk.

"Ahhh...young love." Misa said smiling at the look on Jessica's face. "I remember that well, right Ai?"
"You got it." Ai said kissing her friend on the cheek making her blush. "I think a romantic princess like her deserves a romantic song." Misa smiles as she and Ai get the harp and the violin ready to be played. Before the song begun, Misa suddenly grabbed Kyuubi by the neck and kissed his lips. Kyuubi went to the bathroom to wash his mouth.

The two gals plays a slow and sweet song for Jessica as they sing while Ai begins to sing first.

Ai: Just around the corner seeking you,
Puppy love is tripping lightly into view…

Misa: Hiding in the hedgerows,
Sneaking up on tiptoes…

Ai: Love’s first kiss is blissfully,
About to capture you…

As they sing, Jessica smiles as she wonders through the garden happily. She sees the gardener, Ino Yamanaka, who waves hello to the princess. Jessica greets her as she goes on.

Misa: Just around the corner waiting close,
Love is creeping nearer than you might suppose…

Ai: So sit still and wait now,
Let love choose your fate now…

Misa: Take a pause don’t run because,
It’s right behind you,
Let love find you…

As Jessica goes under a hollow, heart shaped hedge, the couple singing the song sang together happily.

Both: Young love!!
It’s love, love, love, love, love…
Love so lovely…

Jessica took time to peek around a bush and grins as she sees Ino going to a cottage where her husband, Chouji Akamichi, was waiting for her. She smiled happy to see a couple in love. Unknown to the princess though, three bandits are following her planning to strike.

What can you say to love,
But love…

Jessica shakes her head happily as she goes back to the palace still unaware of the following three figures. Only Misa and Ai saw the bandits and although they couldn't interfere, they sing out hints in hope that Jessica could at least hear them.

Ai: Maybe on the rooftops climbing high,
Somewhere just above love is hovering by,
Love is in a rush to,

Misa: Smear you, SMASH you, smush you,
Love will CRUSH you into mush,

Both: When you’re the bull’s-eye you get hit by,
Young love…
Your first, your only love…

Jessica returns to the palace and sat down on the stoop. The bandits that were following her looked over them on the roof. They are three nasty looking ninjas.

The first ninja is a boy with white hair, white robe and weapons on his back. His name is Seimei.

The second ninja is a boy who wears a black shirt, black pants, a black hood and has purple tattoo markings on his face. His name is Kankuro, also known as Gaara’s brother.

The third ninja is a girl with pink hair, a sound village headband and a flute in her hand. Her name is Tayuya. The three shinobi looked at the princess from where they're at smirking evilly.

"Hey Jessica? Your grace," Sakura called from inside the palace calling the princess for something. The princess smiles as she is about to go into the palace.

Love so lovely
How can you stand it so…

Without warning, a safe crashed right into the ground hard. In fact, it was next to the same spot Jessica was at! "Jessica!" Sakura yelled as she runs out worried. "Princess, are you okay? Geez, someone almost crush you with a safe! What kind of psycho would do just a thing?!"

On the roof, an annoyed Seimei hit Kankuro in the face making Kankuro yelped, "Ouch!"

Seimei makes the comment, "You idiot! You dropped the safe BEFORE we even knew if the boss actually wanted us to drop it. On top of THAT, you missed."

Sakura and Jessica heard some noises making them look up. Of course the three shinobi disappear in the nick of time. Jessica turns her attention back to the safe. That thing almost killed her! That is insane. She can't be safe if something tried to drop a safe on her. She knew what must be done.

To be continued...