The Three Demonteers Part 4

In the laundry room a bit after the accident with the hoist, Gaara was scrubbing the ninjateer uniforms sadly while Sasuke rolled them out and Naruto was ironing them. Gaara sighs and looks at his friends remembering the nasty words Orochimaru said to them before. In hopes to cheer his friends up, Gaara said with a smile, "Come on, guys." Gaara then puts his arms around Sasuke and Naruto as he continued, "There will be a wait to become ninjateer, I promised!"

"You sure about that?" Sasuke asked in doubt.

"Yep! We can all prove the captain wrong. All we got to do is work hard and stick together, right Naruto?"

"Geez, you think so?" Naruto asked Gaara hopefully.

"Come on. When's the last time I ever let you guys down, huh? Come on. Talk to me, am I right, huh?" Gaara asked as he gave Naruto a noogie making him laugh and so did Sasuke.

"Wrong question, kid. You know the answer isn't pretty!" Shukaku said as he rolled his eyes.

Gaara laughs for a while before he calms down enough to say, "I'm sure of it. So what if we don't become ninjateers tomorrow or the next day after. I bet ya Orochimaru will come to his senses one day, come to us, and say..."

"Good work, boys! You've made it!" a familiar voice said. Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto turned to the door confused as they see Orochimaru at the doorway smiling proudly. Holding his arms wide, Orochimaru said, "You've passed the test! After observing you boys closely, you've made it! You deserved to be ninjateers."

Inside the boys, the demon's jaws dropped to the ground.

"Wait, are you sure?" Gaara asked doubtfully. This happens all too quickly.

"Cross my heart!" Orochimaru said innocently crossing his heart.

"Wait, what about those mean things you'd called us before, especially to Gaara?" Sasuke asked the villain in doubt.

"All part of the test. Come on, what kind of captain would insult his new recruits on purpose, I mean honestly?"

"Oh. Well in that case...all right! We're going to be ninjateers!!"

"Really?!" Naruto asked eagerly. "Yahoo!"

Gaara shrugs and looks at the camera, "This sounds too good to be true. I know that this could be a trick since we all know that Orochimaru is the main antagonist of the show. But I will have to follow by the script so whatever."


Orochimaru gave the boys some ninjateers uniforms for them to wear and once they wore them, Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi become ninjateers (unofficially, unknown to them).

Each of them are now wearing purple uniforms with the royal ninjateers symbol on it, white capes, pruple pants, brown gloves, brown belts and black boots. Each of them also wields a katana by his side. Gaara is wearing his lucky ninjateer hat, Sasuke is wearing a blue ninjateer hat while Naruto is wearing a yellow ninjateer hat. As the three new ninjateers stood in the middle of the courtyard, the other ninjateers saluted them, welcoming them into their family of ninjateers.

"I knew we would do it guys! This day has finally come!" Gaara said eagerly.

"That's because we are clever." Naruto said happily.

"And brave!" Sasuke said eagerly.

"Altogether, we will become great heroes!" Gaara laughed taking out his katana out. "How about it guys? All for one..."

"And two for tea!" Naruto said as he takes his katana out and swings it. He pierce Sasuke's hat making him yelps as the boy hides under Gaara.

"Oh bother." Orochimaru groaned while rolling his eyes.

"Well, we can work on it later." Gaara assured nervously as he puts his arms around his friends.


In the throne room, Jessica and Sakura are briefly talking while waiting for Orochimaru to arrive with the new bodyguards the princess has ordered. Sakura asked Jessica, "You don't REALLY trust that guy, do you?"

Jessica answers back, "Definitely not. I'm nowhere near that dumb and I've known him for WAY too long. However, we DO have to stick to the script."

In the hallway outside, Orochimaru leads the three boys to the throne room itself. Sand is following the boys with a royal ninjateer flag flying from his tail.

"Hup, 2, 3, 4." Orochimaru ordered as the boys march in pace, "Hup, 2, 3, 4. Hup, 2, 3, 4. Hup, 2, 3, 4. Hup, 2, 3, 4. Company, halt!" The villain stops but the ninjateers kept going and bump into him making the villain yelp and glares angrily at the nervous three. Calming down though, Orochimaru said, "You three stay here while I go speak with her royal highness herself."

Orochimaru opens the door to the throne room and went in, leaving the three boys alone. Gaara turn to his friends proudly as he said, "All right, guys, this is the moment we have been waiting for. The moment these doors open up, we got to look good for the princess. We are on duty at all times so this place will be crawling with bad guys..."

"Bad guys?!" Sasuke yelped in alarm.

"So stay alert."

"You heard him, Naruto. Stay alert!"

"Aye aye sir!" Naruto said as he salutes. He turns around and comes face to face...with a knight's armor statue, "BAD GUY!" Naruto yelps as he sees the sharp axe in the armor's hand, "AHHHH! You ain't taking me alive!"

"So much for staying alert..." Kyuubi sighed. Shukaku snickered at his rival.

"Uzemaki!" Gaara yelped in alarm as Naruto attacks the fake knight. Gaara groans as a while later, the knight's armor statue fell to the floor like mad. So much for first impressions.

Naruto come out of the pile seeing his friends glaring at him in annoyance. He chuckles sheepishly as he held up an ax protesting, "He pulled an ax on me!"


In the throne room, Jessica and Sakura are listening, while Jessica is sitting in her throne, as Orochimaru was talking. "Trust me when I say, I have never ever have a more highly skilled group of gentlemen that I present to you today..." Orochimaru said in mock pride.

Jessica whispers to Sakura, "Orochimaru is making me fall asleep more than Jigglypuff."

"No, duh. I will get you a snack, okay?" Sakura said bored as she left to do so.

Orochimaru, not caring for Sakura's leave, continued on, "It was thanks to me that I saw their true potential."

"Yeah, well Land of Wind, Japan thanks you very much and whatever you use, blah, blah, blah." Jessica said bored wanting the three men to come in already.

"Without further ado...may I present for you’re safety and whatnot, your 'demonteers'!"

The doors soon open. Outside the throne room much to Orochimaru's annoyance and Jessica's surprise, Naruto and Sasuke are trying to fix the knight that Naruto had wrecked earlier. Jessica raised an eyebrow in amusement while the captain groans and signals the two to salute already. Naruto and Sasuke see the signal and salute causing them to drop the knight suit of armor which fell apart. Gaara is reveal to be behind it saluting as well.

The eyes on Jessica's face widened in surprise as her jaw dropped. What she is seeing is the most handsomest, as well as cutest, boy she has ever seen. Gaara drops his salute as he finds himself astounded by the beauty of the princess before him.

"Hubba, hubba, who is the hot chick?" Shukaku yelped with hearts in his eyes.

As Jessica smiles dreamily, she imagined a background of pink, purple, and white clouds as music is playing. The princess is running to Gaara slowly in her dream. Gaara is running to her as well. "Simple. I'd know." Jessica's words said from earlier that rang sweetly through the girl's head. "He will stride into the room," Jessica smiles lovingly as Gaara runs into the room gallantly with bright light glowing from the boy, "a light will glow from him, I will hear music," Flowers came from Gaara's left hand as he glided towards Jessica. "He will bring me flowers," The couple flew to each other as the flowers turn into purple butterflies. Gaara grins as he takes Jessica's hands resulting in the two looking lovingly into each other's eyes, "sweep me off my feet, and the best way I will know he is the one is when he makes me laugh."

"Princess," Jessica looks confused as Gaara is talking but in Sakura's voice. Gaara's head then turned into that of the lady in waiting's as she said, "Time to cut the cheese!"

The music stops quickly as Jessica was brought back to reality abruptly making her say, "What? Huh?"

"I said it's time to cut the cheese." Sakura said as she holds a plate of cheese. Then she asked while holding up a knife, "Now who wants cheddar?"

"KNIFE!" Naruto screamed horrified as he spies the knife gleaming by the sunlight through a window. A knife counts as a weapon! Sakura must be after the princess!

"Bad guy!" Sasuke screamed in alarm.

"Get her!" Gaara ordered as he, Sasuke and Naruto charged at the girl.

"Hoo boy." Sakura said in alarm not liking where this is going. The three ninjateers then tackled the girl down, attacking her.

Sakura screams while Jessica yelped. What are those three doing? She yelled, "Hey, stop it! Let her go! Are you crazy?! ENOUGH!" The three ninjateers stop what they are doing resulting in them holding Sakura upside down.

"Whoa, didn't see that coming!" Kyuubi and Shukaku said together.

Jessica sighs as she said, "Drop her." The ninjateers chuckled nervously as they dropped the girl looking very VERY sheepish. "That girl is my lady in waiting in case you haven't figured it out."

Sand groans as he slaps his forehead embarrassedly. Orochimaru snickered evilly in amusement, figuring this would be coming. Seeing Jessica glaring at him however, he stops as the villain said, "My bad. Please forgive them, princess. They're like a well-oiled machine that's just a little too tight, you know."

"We'd really sorry. We thought she was a bad guy." Gaara said sheepishly.

Jessica giggled. She figured that was the case here. She said, "It's okay, uh..."

"Subuku no Gaara, madam. These two are Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki." Sasuke and Gaara greet the princess in salute.

"Kyuubi no Kistune, at your service," Kyuubi said, bowing down. Shukaku was still gazing at Jessica. Kyuubi scowled, "Say something, dobe!"

"Something dobe." Shukaku said drooling.

"Sigh, His name is Shukaku Ichibi, believe it.." Kyuubi said, not believing that he just said his host's catchphrase.

Sasuke turns to Gaara who smiled at the princess saying, "Man, she is beautiful."

"Let me guess, you are in love with her?"


"Hate to be the bearer of bad news but, REALITY CHECK HERE. She's a princess and you're a jantior and..." Sasuke said explaining things a bit harshly.

"You mean ninjateers." Gaara corrected Sasuke.

"Whatever, you're nothing but a peasant, she'd never go for that." Sasuke scoffed as he remarked, "Still, there's about much chance of that happening as her lady in waiting falling in love with me. And another thing..." He stops in mid-sentence after he sees Sakura who dusting herself off after what happened. The boy smiled lovingly at her saying, "Man she is so hot." Sakura straightened herself some more looking annoyed. She sees Sasuke going to her tipping his hat to the girl saying, "Hey there. Did we mentioned we didn't know who you were at the time when we...heh heh…you are hot, you know that?"

"What a dork." Sakura stated as she rolls her eyes in annoyance.

"Well, I feel safer already." Jessica said smiling happily. She knew she would be protected with these boys around.

Or so she thought.