The Three Demonteers Part 6

Later, Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara arrived at the tower. This must be where Jesssica and Sakura are being taken, they could hear the screaming. Gaara charges at the door only to be knocked back. Naruto gets up and frowns, "Man, the door is too durable!" Gaara then tries to open the door but it won't budge. He pulls on it yelling, "Oh man! This thing won't open up!" Meanwhile Naruto conjures some Kyuubi chakra.

"Allow me! This sounds like the job of a strong guy like yours truly!" Kyuubi/Naruto said bravely. Kyuubi/Naruto gets ready to make a big run at the door. Gaara took a step back to allow his friend some move. Gaara then sees a sign on the door. It said 'push'. Gaara smack his forehead. Duh! Gaara then opens the door easily with just a finger.

"Okay, Naruto. I got it...whoa!" Gaara yelped. He was too late as Naruto rush by him and run into the tower. In the tower itself, Seimei, Kankuro and Tayuya walk up a flight of long (and I mean LONG) circular stairs carrying Jessica and Sakura. This is it. They are sure they have succeeded this time.

"Let us go, you rats!" Sakura yelled only to get smacked by Seimei.

"We're villains, kid! Get it right!" Seimei snapped annoyed.

"Of course, if you behave, we may consider keeping you comfy." Kankuro said making a flirting smirk. Jessica and Sakura just punch Kankuro, knocking him back, "Or not."

Suddenly Naruto rush by so fast, the shinobi and the girls have no idea what just happened. Tayuya asked confused, "Did anyone feel that?" Naruto did not realize what's happening. In fact, he went so fast, that when he reached the top of the stairs, he couldn't stop himself as he crashed into a closed glass window in a room up there sending him flying out of the window. Naruto screams while falling through the air. He slammed into an old tree near a cliff that sent him back flying over the tower and right towards a meadow. He goes crashing into a cow, slamming into his behind. Naruto fell back looking dazed.

The cow glares angrily at Naruto and kicks him so far sending him flying into the sky screaming. Naruto collides into a blade of the windmill. The wind spins very fast sending the guy back into the window he crashed out of. Naruto then find himself rolling down the stairs that he came up of, going by Seimei, Kankuro, Tayuya, Jessica and Sakura who looks at him confused.

At the bottom, Naruto groaned as he landed on his face. His friends are waiting for him below looking patiently. As Gaara and Sasuke helped him up, Naruto said with an Anime like look, "The door's open."


"Looks like the ninjateers are here, Seimei." Tayuya coughed as the shinobi continued climbing up the stairs with Jessica and Sakura. "What shall we do with them?"

"Come on! We're 42 floors up. They can't catch up before we get to the top and lock the door up there. So how..." Seimei was interrupted when he noticed his team is looking shocked at something behind him. This made Seimei turn around. To his surprise, Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto are arriving, tired after all that time climbing. "...did they catch up to us so far?"

The three heroes breath in and out as Gaara said, "," Naruto soon passed out as Gaara added, "you bad guys!"

"Put the girls in the cage!" Seimei yelled quickly. Tayuya throws Jessica and Sakura into a cage nearby and locks it.


"Hee hee hee. Let's fight!" Kankuro laughed as he, Seimei and Tayuya get their weapons out. They are so going to enjoy beating up the heroes. The heroes get their weapons out, ready to do battle.

"Okay...Sakura is it for her..." Sasuke mumbled to himself trying to fill himself with confidence. Sasuke make the bravest look he can get and points his katana at Tayuya snapping, "Let the girls go!" Tayuya pauses then gets a multi-barreled gun out from out of nowhere. Sasuke yelps in alarm as Tayuya open fire like mad making the boy run around to avoid being hit. Tayuya soon stop firing, having run out of bullets. That didn't discourage her to pull out another weapon: a Spartan Laser! (A weapon from Halo 3)

Sasuke screams like a girl as he run down the stairs. Sakura rolls her eyes as she remarked, "And they made him a ninjateer?"

"Come on! Anyone who played the Halo game series know better than to deal with someone who has a Spartan Laser!" Sasuke yelled as he kept on running. Naruto and Seimei clashed weapons, with Naruto’s katana against Seimei's sword. It looks like Naruto has the advantage over his enemy. "Look! It’s Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid!" Seimei yelled as he points behind Naruto.

"What?! Where?" Naruto said while turning around. But that was a bad move. When Naruto turns around, Seimei whacks him over the head sending Naruto to the floor.

Gaara managed to do well against Kankuro this time. He charges at him but Kankuro punches him back knocking Gaara down to the stairs, making him fall.

"Listen to what you're big brother tells ya!" Kankuro yells.

"Geez whiz," Gaara groaned as he got up trying to recover. Naruto reaches for his cork in his gourd but realized something. "Hey, where's my gourd?"

"Looking for this, kid?" Kankuro said with a smirk as he drops Gaara's katana and gourd over the side to the bottom. Gaara is now weaponless!

"No way past cool." Gaara then sees Seimei, Kankuro and Tayuya cornering him and Naruto, who got back from the stairs, at the stairs' top. "Not even way past cool."

"Give up, boy! We got you surrounded!" Seimei said evilly. It's true. With Sasuke running away, Gaara's weaponless and defenseless, and Naruto...well, I don’t know, the situation looks hopeless.

"Like I said, we're all doomed!" Kyuubi yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Now what? We got to do something or it's all over." Gaara whispered to Naruto hoping to find a way to save Hinata and Sakura. But how?

Naruto looks nervous then sees the same window he crashed through before behind the bad guys. Naruto rubs his temple with a left hand as he said, "My head must be hurting because I got me an idea!"

"In other words, you got a plan coming?"

"You sure you wanna hear it? You got to trust me on this."

"Way past!" Gaara said eagerly.

"Are you sure? Your life will be in big danger if we go through with this plan." Naruto said in a serious tone of voice.

"Well, actually..."

Gaara didn't get the chance to finish as Naruto grabs him and charged at the villains laughing, "Two demonteers coming through!" Seimei, Kankuro and Tayuya moved aside thinking Naruto is going to charge at them making him miss. Unknown to them, that isn't what Naruto was planning on doing. Naruto and Gaara suddenly go right through the window and jumped out screaming.

"Uh...weird." Tayuya said confused. What is that all about?

The two ninjateers outside fell like Naruto the last time. And once again, the whole thing happened like last time. The two fell onto the old tree that send them flying at the cow's behind again. The cow, growling in annoyance, kicks Naruto and Gaara into the sky and right into the windmill. The thing spins around and sent the two heroes back into the tower.

Seimei, Kankuro and Tayuya weren't expecting what is about to happen until it was too late. Gaara and Naruto crashed into them sending them all out the window screaming. They kept falling until they crash into a river below safely. They are wet, but okay.

As Seimei, Kankuro and Tayuya swam back up to the surface, shocked at what happened, Kankuro said happily, "Wheeee!" Let's do that again!"

"Shut up!" Seimei snapped as he pushed Kankuro back into the water angrily. It's official. The kidnapping plot has failed thanks to the sudden luck of the misfit ninjateers.

To be continued...