The Demon's Bet

Jess:Hey guys, it's good to be here and to write my fanfiction here on Sensai's site. This is about Gaara and Shukaku switching places-

Gaara:Um, R U finished yet? I have a bet to win.

Jess:So to do the disclaimer is the one and Only Shukaku!

Shukaku:Jessica doesn't own Naruto. If she did, I would be free more often.
Gaara coudn't stand it. He just couldn't stand it anymore. Here is just your average redhead teen dealing with an annoying tanuki for 13 years. He couldn't take it any more.

Would you ever shut up!?!

Oooh, SOMEBODY'S touchy today...

I am SICK and TIRED of you trying to take control! You'll never know how much my life means to me.

Wanna bet?

I dunno. Should I trust you?

If I win, you let me out more. If you win, I will let you sleep in peace.

Deal! But don't ruin my reputation. With that said, Gaara went to sleep. A few minutes after some snores...


Temari opened the door and said, "What's going on Gaara-sama?"

Shukaku looked at the blonde sibling, "None of your business woman."

Temari closed the door. Shukaku sighed in relief. The bet is still on. Now all that Shukaku had to do was to live through Gaara's life. He went downstairs to a tired out Jessica and a cookie eating Kankuro.

"Good morning Gaara-chan!" Jessica cheered. She didn't want to look weak to her best friend. Then she went back to snoozing in her chocolate-chip pancakes.

"What's wrong Jessy-chan?" Shukaku said all worried. That's when Kankuro dropped the cookie that he was eating and Temari's jaws dropped as well.

Did I just lost?

No. I always act strange when I talk to Jess so this is normal...

"It's okay. I'm fine, really!" Jessica said, trying not to let anyone feel bad for her. Shukaku raised an invisable eyebrow, then headed straight for the door.

"I really need to find out what's happening to Jess..." Shukaku thought as he came to Suna's gate.

"HALT!" Two sand special jonin said to what seemed like the redheaded Gaara, "Where are YOU going?"

"To Konoha..." Shukaku stated simply.(A/N:Try saying that 5 times!)

"You shall pass." One of the jonin said, the other confused.

"But brother," the special jonin said. "We're were ordered to-"

"SSSHHHHHHHHH! Do ya want to get killed?" The brother whispered harshly as Shukaku ran to Konoha.
(Konoha:Naruto's POV)

Horray, horray, horray! Iruka-Sensai is treating me to ramen today. After that, I can ask Granny to let me look for Sasuke. I was running down the street when I bumped into Gaara.

Kit, Have you heard the news?

What is now, ya stupid fox!

I heard that Shukaku made a bet with Gaara and switched places.

Haha! Like I would believe that junk.

Gaara looked at me like he was gonna beat me up. Just then, his sand ran up to his hand, making claws.

"Shoo, shoo!" I heard Gaara say as he scratched his hands.

As you would say: Believe it!
Jess:How do you like it so far?

Kyuubi:Could use some detail...

Naruto:You know what will be a real bet? If Gaara and I switched demons.

Kyuubi:You idiot! You gave her another idea for a story.

Gaara:Read and Review!