Biju Swap Part 1

Aww man! I'm still angry and hungry, I'm gonna write a story how Naruto and Gaara switched Biju...

Naruto and Gaara woke up side-by-side butt-naked, to see Orochimaru and Kabuto hovering over them. They both shot murderous glares at their captors. But that was about all they could do, because both of them were numb, they couldn't feel anything at all.

"Ahh," Said Orochimaru smiling, "Our guests are finally awake." His arms hung limply at his sides, blackened, and dead. He grinned thoughtfully, his voice was as soft, and deceptive as a snake crawling through the grass. "Oh, how rude of me, I'm sure you are curious to know why you are here. Well the truth of it is, I'm bored and I wanted something interesting to do. So you two have been brought here to entertain me." He was walking around the small medical room, "Kabuto and I have been developing a new jutsu, and I needed two demon hosts to test it out on. We are going to make you switch Biju with each other, for a week. You will both be closely monitored of course. I am curious to see how you will both do. Before we begin boys, I want to let you know you know that if you spoil my fun, I will have to kill you the same way we brought you here, it took a lot of Kabuto's skill to keep you both alive. You were both out for nearly two weeks, hovering between life and death."

Kabuto looked over them both, and added "If you don't meet us back here at the end of the week, the demons will tear out of you in order to get back to it's original host, and without me you'll both die! So be sure to meet us at the river, before 3:00 Monday afternoon." "Shall we Kabuto?" Asked Orochimaru congenially, as though this was a casual social gathering of close friends, instead of one of his twisted experiments. Kabuto grinned, and began to gather chakra, he made a set of rapid hand signs, and then slammed both of his hands into Naruto and Gaara's bare stomachs. A line of visible chakra cords connected them together, and they watched as Nine-Tails and Shukaku were ripped clawing and snarling from the other's body, and was sent spinning into the chakra cord and then into the other boy's body. Kabuto then loosened the seals, and seven symbols were locked onto the boys stomachs. Naruto and Gaara felt sick to their stomachs. Kabuto rolled them over to wretch in bed pans. "Well, this is going to be such fun." Said Orochimaru brightly, unable to contain his glee at how successful this new jutsu was. "Tomorrow is Monday and you'll both be set free at your villages. Remember we'll be watching." He said smiling at them. "Well done Kabuto, we'll start off this evening."

Monday (Naruto/Shukaku)

Naruto came to in the woods by the river. He was not happy, his body felt sore inside and out. He stood up slowly on shaky legs, trying to get his bearings.

I, Shukaku, on the other hand, had already had a good look in Naruto's psyche. I was absolutely delighted, taking over the boy's mind would be so easy it was...well pathetic really! I rubbed my massive claws, and was ready to start taking over when I felt the boy start to move towards the village. I decided he would bide his time. It would be even better to take over the boy at the village. I would succeed where Teme had failed! This boy Naruto was unlike Gaara, who was incredibly intelligent, and sensitive. Naruto was definitely not the sharpest weapon in the armory! I felt the boy's stomach rumble, and knew he was headed to his favorite ramen place.

"Hey Ichiraku!" The fifteen-year-old called, slapping money on the table, "Give me three bowls of your best ramen!" There was laughter as Naruto began talking to some of his friends.
I who had been poised to strike, clamped my claws over my ears! I tried again and again to strike, but the boy's preoccupation with talking, eating, and thinking of ramen, training, and becoming Hokage blocked my voice out. I was developing a serious migraine! For the first time ever, I felt sorry for someone. I had no idea how on earth Kyuubi was able to put up with this loud-mouthed, obnoxious, brat! Putting up with this kid would drive anyone to drink! I thought to myself, grimacing as the boy's loud, raspy, grating voice chattered on. "Ohhhh maaaan!" I groaned, "Doesn't this kid ever shut up?!"

Gaara slept like the dead for half of the day, when Temari and Baki found him. They were instantly alarmed. Temari called to him cautiously, Gaara cracked one eye open. He couldn't believe it! He was still Gaara!

"What the-?" He muttered in confusion. Oh that's right! He had forgotten that he was now a temporary vessel of Kyuubi. He was incredibly nervous, as he had no idea how Kyuubi acted. Naruto had never really told him in detail. Gaara suddenly wished he could ask him! There was an idea! Gaara shoved Temari and Baki away, and staggered into Suna, where he locked himself in his room, and began righting a letter to Naruto.

Kyuubi woke up, things were suspiciously quiet out there. Kyuubi often slept because staying awake with Naruto normally gave him a pounding headache. True, he often gave Naruto advice, and talked to the boy occasionally. When he could get a word in, which was seldom. But still-

"Ahh now I recall. Those idiot humans forced me to switch bodies with another Jinchuuriki." Gaara blinked at the voice inside his head. So this was Kyuubi. He could see in his mind's eye fangs sharper, longer, more terrifying then mine. But-also breathtakingly handsome(A/N:No perverts, Gaara's not gay).

"So little kit, you are Gaara of the Sand? The child who has been forced to bear that baka Shukaku all your lowly life?" Kyuubi laughed. Gaara went deathly still.

"You are weak."

"What did you say?" Growled Gaara. Temari was listening outside, she realized that her brother was speaking to the demon inside of him, little did she know that this was not his demon. Now was not a good time to talk to him.

Monday Orochimaru and Kabuto

Orochimaru and Kabuto were monitoring the two boys at the same time. They had placed tiny chakra enhanced-surveillance cameras on both of them. Orochimaru was disappointed and interested in Naruto. "He just carries on like he always does." Observed Kabuto, who was completely surprised, he had believed that Shukaku would cause Naruto some serious problems, perhaps causing the undisciplined and scatter-brained boy to snap. He had no idea that Naruto's scatterbrained ways, and constant chatter was what effectively blocked Shukaku from taking over his body completely. Gaara was also acting a lot like himself. Orochimaru frowned, perhaps this hadn't been such a good idea after all. But he would wait and see what they did, and after all it wasn't like he wouldn't get his show in the end, he was going to make sure that these boys couldn't find them, and watch as the demons wrenched themselves out of their bodies.That at least would be something!

Monday Night (Naruto/Shukaku)

Naruto was used to getting more sleep then Gaara was, so he was more likely to fall asleep. He had to do something to keep himself awake, and then he realized what it was! He leapt out into the night, and came across Sakura and some of her friends.

"Sakura, I need you guys to wait here for a half-hour." He said,

"Why, Naruto?" It's getting late." Asked Sakura superciliously.

"Pleeeeassseee?!" He begged his heartthrob. Sakura let out an exasperated sigh.

"Alright Naruto, but if you aren't here in exactly half an hour I'll beat you to a pulp!"

"I'll be here believe it!" Naruto affirmed with a serious expression. Naruto surveyed the house and snuck in quietly. He heard a noise, and started, but no one came. He tiptoed into the bedroom, and saw a large dresser with five drawers, immediately he began rummaging through and found...Kakashi-sensei's masks! He ransacked them all, and made sure there wasn't one to be had. He struggled to suppress a giggle, and then started sneaking back out, he checked his watch, he had fifteen minutes to show up! But then he spotted it! Kakashi-sensei's mask! Kakashi was busy washing his face! Naruto began to sweat! The plan wouldn't work if he didn't grab that last mask! So he sent out his clone to sneak up on his teacher, and before Kakashi had realized what was going on his head was shoved under the bubbles in the sink!
When Kakashi came up spluttering and choking, he realized his mask was gone! He sighed warily, he would have to put on a new mask before finding the thief! He was sure it was his squad pulling this little stunt. He walked into his room, opened his drawer, and--what the hell!? They were all gone! Now he was mad! He heard Naruto's raucous laughter floating away!

"Naaa-ruuu-toooo!!" He screamed and began chasing the wayward chunin. Naruto ran faster then he, or possibly anyone, except for Lee had ever run in his life! He could see Kakashi-sensei start to get closer. Naruto turned on the steam!

"Where is he? He's late!" Grumbled Sakura eyeing her watch disgustedly. Sakura, Tenten, and Ino started to step out of the Ramen Bar when Naruto rushed past them. She heard girls screaming hysterically.

"Kakashiiiii!" All three girls craned their necks, and saw Kakashi-sensei chasing after Naruto without his mask on! Sakura, Ino, and Tenten all felt like they had been punched in the gut!

"He-he's-he's-gorgeous!" Ino breathed, wide-eyed and staring.

"Kakashi!" They shrieked! Kakashi looked back, Sakura and her friends were staring at him with love-struck faces. They started chasing him!

"Oh shit!" He growled, and continued his pursuit of Naruto and his masks! All around the village the news was spreading, and soon every girl, and a lot of guys were coming out to catch the long-awaited, elusive glimpse of Kakashi's face. Women were cheering Naruto on, and Kakashi couldn't help but blush, as panties, bras, and phone numbers were raining down on him. Perhaps I should take my mask off more often, He thought to himself. His hand reached out and grasped the blonde teenager, and it poofed revealing itself to be a shadow-clone.

"Grrrr! Naruto!" He had the brat now! But he was suddenly knocked back into the wall! He rubbed the back of his head, and much to his dismay, he could hear Sakura, Ino, and Tenten gaining on him. He glared at the retreating blonde's back, and took off after him again.

Sasuke had been sleeping, but it was really hard to get back to sleep after he heard the excited squeals, catcalls, wolf-whistles, and jeers outside. He rubbed his eyes and stepped outside. Naruto rushed passed him cackling like the lunatic that he was, clutching a bag for dear life. Someone else was coming too. It was Kakashi in the distance, screaming and cursing, and generally throwing a Naruto-ish style temper tantrum, and there was something else, something different about him. It took Sasuke several minutes to realize that Kakashi was not wearing his mask! Sasuke blinked, rubbed his eyes again, and stared as Kakashi leaped over him before he could get a good look.

"Kakashiiiii!" Before Sasuke could turn around he suddenly found himself spread-eagled in the dirt. He raised his head as he saw Sakura, Ino, and Tenten charging full-throttle after Kakashi. He felt a stab of jealousy. He couldn't believe he had just gotten run over by two of his biggest fans! To hell with that! He couldn't believe he had gotten run over period!
Kakashi turned on the speed and waiting chasing after Naruto, he almost had him when Ino, Tenten, and Sakura nearly slid into a wall, and pounced on him! All four clones vanished, and Kakashi grinned to himself, after all he was a jounin! But then the real Sakura, Tenten, and Ino came after him. They pounced on him.

"Hey! Back off Ino-pig he's mine!" Sakura squealed.

"What are you talking about billboard brow I saw him first!" Ino shot back angrily.

"Damn! This is a substitution jutsu!" Tenten groaned. Ino and Sakura let go of each other, and stared at the log.

"He won't get away from us next time!" Ino and Sakura swore in unison. The sun was finally coming up, and Kakashi had trailed Naruto all the way back to his house. He glowered as he saw Naruto slip back into the window. The shadow-clone poofed as soon Kakashi grabbed it, and he went inside. There were all of his masks, tossed hastily onto the bed. But it was too late, the damage had been done. The whole village had stayed up to see Kakashi Hatake's face, and cheer Naruto on. Kakashi amd Naruto had made spectacles of theselves. He groaned and eased himself onto the bed, his only consolation was that he didn't have any missions today. He was gonna take the day off, and lay low for a while.

Monday Night (Gaara and Kyuubi)

Kyuubi laughed. Gaara went deathly still.

"You are weak."

"What did you say?" Growled Gaara.

"I said you are weak." He repeated herself. "Your sand protects you, Shukaku strengthens you, but you will not strengthen yourself physically!" He sneered."Even my kit works hard to strengthen himself physiclly!" To be honest, the only reason Kyuubi was going out of his way to taunt Gaara was because the boy's deafening silences were beginning to drive him crazy. They had been a pleasant change at first, after having to deal with Naruto for as long as he had. But he had become so used to his constant chatter, his harebrained schemes, and his endless pranks, that the silence he had longed for was fast becoming a curse instead of the blessing he always believed it would be. Plus he had enjoyed Naruto's childish pranks, and trickery. They had amused him if nothing else, reminding him forcibly of a young kitsune cub, causing trouble the way only kitsune could. This boy had never done anything like that in his life. He was a real stick-in-the-mud!

"Shut the hell up!" Gaara tried hard to suppress Kyuubi, and was surprised to find out how much easier it was then trying to suppress Shukaku.
Gaara sat on the rooftop, his eyelids were drooping, and out of long-standing habit, he was struggling to keep them open. "But why? Naruto get's sleep, I might as well take advantage of it while I can." Gaara worried about his friend though, how would that idiot manage to stay awake when his body was used to it?" Gaara trudged wearily into his room, locked the door, and lay on the bed. The next thing he knew he had slipped off into that elusive oblivion, that had evaded him for fifteen years.

Monday Night Orochimaru and Kabuto

Kabuto had watched Gaara fall asleep exhaustedly after arguing with Kyuubi, but he couldn't help but stare in fascination at Kakashi's face. He never thought he'd see it, not that he had ever made it a top priority, but he had been as curious as every other member of the Hidden Leaf. He roared with laughter at Naruto's antics, and even Orochimaru smiled in amusement.

"What a fascinating way to stay awake." Orochimaru observed, "Perhaps we underestimated the boy."

To be continued...

~Mad Drunk Shukaku