Biju Swap Part 2


Kyuubi was nearly bored to tears. He would never have admitted it to a single soul, but he missed Naruto's pranks, and trickery. But-wait a minute! He was a Kitsune after all! This boy's mind had been used to that big lug barraging him all the time with his verbal mind games, in some ways, the boy was easier to manipulate, in other ways his will was like iron. He was positive that Gaara would be defenseless to his illusions. He grinned, now was he was finally going to have some fun!

Kankuro walked silently into the room to see Gaara in a deep, dead sleep! He yelled at the top of his lungs for Gaara to wake up! Gaara woke up! He heard the sound of crashing waves, and his skin got goose bumps from the salty sea air. There was a puppet that looked exactly like Kankuro, being manipulated by his dead father. Gaara snarled in warning, and the puppet-Kankuro stopped.
Kankuro stopped, he had heard Gaara make some frightening noises, but he had never heard that one before. It sounded like an amplified, metallic, rabid dog whose snarling reverberated around the room. Did Gaara's body finally just give out and fall asleep? Kankuro wondered. Did Shukaku finally take over at last? Gaara's demonic snarling got louder and louder. His eyes turned a deep scarlet, with a black slit as a pupil, and fire erupted around him, in a malicious canine-like grin. His mouth was wide, and looked like it could swallow ten people whole without even chewing.

Gaara screamed in anguish...

"You sick bastard! Look what you condemned me too for the rest of my life!" Gaara gathered the sand from the beach, it destroyed Kankuro the puppet and sped towards his father, half of it holding him down, and the other half already rising up like some gruesome monster wave, ready to pile drive into him, and destroy the man who had made him a monster. The sand killed him instantly, and as Gaara stared down, he realized that this man was not his father, but his friend Naruto!

"No! What have I done?" The sky went a horrid shade of electric green, and hail began to rain on him, as he screamed in agony, his body began melting because of the acidic hail, and his lungs began to disintegrate as the putrid green sky filled his nostrils with his death. Gaara woke up drenched in a cold sweat. Kankuro had stood stock-still in the doorway, listening to the demonic, dog-like snarls that Gaara had been emitting in his sleep.

Gaara had to get out of the house! As he walked along the streets of Suna, a plan began to form in his mind, suggested by the Kyuubi, who grinned. Gaara went into the shadows and began forming hand signs he had never made before.

"Sexy jutsu!" Gaara said, and transformed into a stunning, slender, redhead girl. Clouds barely covered his ample bosom, or his shaved crotch and Gaara caught sight of Baki.

"Mmm, hello their strong and handsome." Baki blinked when he saw the young red-head, with the little mouse voice latch onto his arm. Baki couldn't believe what he was seeing! It was like he had stepped into an alternate universe to see a female Gaara standing there with his-no-her leg draped over his shoulder. Baki got a hard-on at that perfect little body, just barely concealed by circling clouds. He shook his head, shoved Gaara away from him and ran screaming into the sunset! Sure he had lost his mind, and disgusted and ashamed that he would pop a boner over any of his students. Sexy-no-jutsu-Gaara went into a fit of tittering giggles. Then Kyuubi let Gaara out.

"Wasn't that fun?" He asked with a grin.

"If you ever do that to me again! I will stab my own heart out and take you down with me!" Kyuubi's only response was his demonic laughter sounding almost merrily (well as merrily as a Biju could sound) in Gaara's head.

Naruto had run to the grocery store to stock up on soda, chocolate, coffee, and caffeine pills as a last resort. Anything to keep him awake! His heart was racing, feeling like it was gonna thump itself right out of his chest. He couldn't stop moving, and he was gasping for breath, I felt like I was being jostled very roughly inside the boy. Shaking, and clanging and making my head pound, making my migraine worse! If that was even possible! A hawk flew into his open window, with a scroll attached to it. It was from Gaara, asking him to write back ASAP to explain Kyuubi to him, and offer advice on how to keep her from possessing him completely.

Naruto was jittery, but forced himself to sit down, and wrote as rapidly as possible, not giving a damn about spelling mistakes. As soon as he the hawk headed back towards Suna. Naruto got up and ran for the bathroom, and puked up the six caffeine pills he had just popped. Naruto felt like shit, and decided to go to the training grounds to work off excess energy. Because he felt so bad, he didn't notice the lunch sack on the ground and stepped on it. Ino began shrieking at him. Naruto growled angrily, and his eyes turned yellow, with circling stars surrounding the pupils. He slammed her into Shikamaru and Choji, who had just entered the training grounds with a sand whip.

"Stop screaming at me, or I'll kill you!" He snarled angrily, then shook his head, and his eyes turned sky blue again, "Hey you guys I'm sorry!"

With that he stalked from the grounds. I glared, it would have gone much better then it did if it wasn't raining, and bogging down the scant supply of sand there was. Naruto ran back to his apartment, he was shaking really hard! He knew he had to watch his temper or else I might get hold of him for good!

Tuesday (Orochimaru and Kabuto)

"Hmmm. Now that's interesting." Observed Kabuto as Orochimaru was coming back to see what his test subjects were doing. "It seems like they're taking in each other's personalities, in their own unique way." "Really?" Asked Orochimaru thoughtfully, "That is interesting. Tell me Kabuto, what did I miss?"

Tuesday Night (Gaara/Kyuubi)

Gaara was sitting out in the moonlight, trying to will himself to relax enough so he could sleep.

"You could always try tiring yourself out boy." Kyuubi suggested slyly. His low voice a mischievous rumble in Gaara's head.

"Will it get you to shut up?" Gaara grumbled murderously.

"Perhaps." Said Kyuubi. "Look down there, I see a statue of your father." Gaara smiled twistedly, he needed little urging from Kyuubi, as he leapt down, towards the statue. He whipped out his sand, and began wringing it out like a wet wash cloth. Blood drizzled down from the sand, splattering the statue. Then he used his sand to lop off the statue's head, as he used his blood-soaked sand to carve and paint the words, 'worthless waste of flesh' at the base, finally at Kyuubi's urging, he unzipped his pants, and pissed on the statue giving it a mock salute, while blushing hotly. Even Kyuubi had to admit that it was the finest bit of vandalism he had seen in a long time, and that was saying a lot, coming from a 900+ year-old kitsune. After all was said and done, he and Kyuubi sat down for a while, the blood splattered on the decapitated head of the last Kazekage looked black in the moonlight. Gaara began to laugh, it was an odd, twisted, sadistic sort of laugh, the kind of laugh that paralyzed people in fright. He sat there for hours, before finally falling asleep in the light of the full moon.

Tuesday Night (Naruto/Shukaku)

Naruto was still jittery from all the crap his body had been forced to take. It made me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Naruto was sort of bouncing and jiggling up and down, and my migraine was getting unbearable! This kid better not go anywhere near a beach! Or even a sandbox! I thought angrily. Cause if he does I'm gonna beat him within an inch of his life! No wonder he and his container didn't recognize him on sight. Kyuubi must have been in a miraculous coma that whole time...out of necessity!

Naruto caught sight of Jiraiya just then, he frowned and walked over to him. I decided to have a look-see for himself. There were five beautiful women, skinny-dipping in the moonlight. I began whistling. Jiraiya sighed, he was expecting Naruto to start lecturing him, or worse purposely blow his cover. What he did not expect was for Naruto to start wolf-whistling and cat-calling in a voice that was not his own!

"Hey babies! Wanna bring those hot young bodies over here? It's been centuries since I've gotten any action! Weeeehaaaa!!" Jiraiya froze, not only had his cover been broken but there something wrong with that seal!

"Wait here Naruto!" He growled in his ear, and in a puff of smoke he disappeared. Naruto looked down and saw a leather-bound book. He picked it up, and walked over to the ramen shop, not seeing Tsunade and Shizune in the corner.

"Hmm, I've never read one of pervy sage's books before. Maybe this'll help keep me up for the night." Shizune had heard him, and had walked over to confiscate the book.
"Oh Naruto you're too young to read that smut-"

"Auugghhh! Ewww! Gross! Gross!" Naruto yelped cutting her off. "Pervy sage is having a menage a tois with-" With that, Shizune grabbed the book, and was about to toss it in the bin, when two names caught her eye.(I who had been reading the book with great interest sighed angrily)

"Lady Tsunade, you need to have a look at this!"

Jiraiya was headed for the ramen shop in search of Naruto, when he heard two ear-splitting shrieks from inside. Fearing the worst he ran to the ramen shop, to see a very angry Shizune, and Tsunade with a book that looked horribly familiar. Jiraiya gulped, it was his own private Icha Icha book that would never see the light of day, due to imminent death by Tsunade, and quite possibly Shizune. (Which was kind of a pity, because it was the best he'd ever written.) The two outraged women glared daggers at him, and even TonTon was giving him an offended and indignant look on behalf of her mistresses. Tsunade cracked her knuckles menacingly, and Jiraiya, who was nobody's fool ran for his life.

Naruto ran after him, and sent out shadow clones. Ignoring my protests that was getting jostled around, in Kyuubi's elaborate, dank, yet elegant over-sized cage. Jiraiya gulped as he realized that Tsunade and Tonton were gaining on him, he was sure he was done for, and it was all because of that little brat Naruto! Ohhh! If he survived-but before he could finish that thought, two sets of hands reached out from the bushes, and jerked him in.

"C'mon pervy sage." Whispered the two Narutos, "I'll get you outta here!" With that Jiraiya ran with the Naruto shadow clones. Shizune caught up with them, and swung at Jiraiya, but the clones disappeared.

"I've got you now!" Growled Tsunade. "Damn! They were Substitution Jutsus!" Naruto and Jiraiya ran for half the night. But this time, Naruto was not having fun! Granny Tsunade was scarier then Kakashi-sensei!

"He's gone this way Lady Tsunade!" Called Shizune.

"Uh-oh! Said the clones, and tried to run the other way, but they were tackled by Tsunade. One clone disappeared as Jiraiya and Naruto took a serious beating.
"If you ever put us in your books again Jiraiya I'll kill you!" Tsunade snarled really going to town on Jiraiya, "How dare you try to help him Naruto!"

Finally she dusted off her hands, and walked away with Tonton.

"You're lucky boys!" She called back to them, "I went easy on you!" Naruto groaned.

"EASY!! Who does she think she's kidding?" Jiraiya didn't even answer him. It had been a long time since he'd been on the receiving end of Tsunade's fists.

Tuesday Night (Orochimaru and Kabuto)

Orochimaru was laughing at the sight of his former teammate getting thrashed.

"It's interesting to note, that the lack of sleep caused Naruto to lash out, and bring out Shukaku."

"But Shukaku still doesn't have as much effectm over the boy as I'd like. We'll have to try and do something about that." Orochimaru groused. Kabuto scratched his head,

"But Kyuubi and Gaara are beginning to work together, that would be a real sight to see the two of them start transform as one."

"Ohh yes." Agreed Orochimaru, "I'm looking forward to that myself. Imagine Suna's surprise if Gaara attacks, and they see Kyuubi instead of Shukaku." The two men laughed at that.

To be continued...